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2023-08-09 09:56:20

How to Remove Odor From Shoes PERMANENTLY

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Today , I want to talk about how to remove odor from shoes .

If you're an active person or you've just worn the same shoes for days on end , I'm sure you run into the problem of smelly shoes .

I've been testing out a lot of different methods over the last month and today share my favorites with you , but there are a lot of bad methods out there .

So I'm just going to mention them and then we'll move on to the good methods .

If this is your first time watching my channel , I'm to , I love to make these uh type of uh c and cleaning some packing videos for you .

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So let's get into it .

Uh So I have been testing out a lot of different things like baking powder and dryer sheets , uh deodorants , active coal , but even freezing them in a plastic bag overnight .

But to be honest with you , none of these methods are very effective , especially not over the long term .

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Some of them works out a little bit in the beginning , but after a while , the shoes just start smelling again , but I found one thing that works really , really well .

And today I want to share that with you .

So let's get into it .

Uh What I found works really well is uh alcohol .

And the reason why alcohol works so incredibly well is that alcohol kills the bacteria that makes your shoes smell bad .

That means that you could use some kind of disinfecting uh type of liquid .

You could use uh vodka if you have that on hand .

Uh or you could even use some kind of anti first brand spray .

That's my favorite because you don't really need to take the these things out of your shoes before you spray them .

But uh for the sake of this video , I will take them out and I will show you how to do this properly .

All right .

So in principle , this is really easy to do .

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Everything you really need to do is to take your uh desired alcohol spray uh to your soul and you just really just , just start spraying .

Now , this is the spray method if you have some other type of uh uh rob alcohol , for example , or vodka , uh the same principle would apply , but you would need to get in there a little bit in with your finger .

Um Like I mentioned , just do this for a while and I found that using this method uh since I started doing it about , I think it was about a month ago , I did it with the first pair of shoes and none of the smell has come back yet .

So , so far it's a really good sign in the past I've really been washing my shoes a lot , um , just with soap and water and that's been pretty effective as well .

But , uh , I really like this rubbing alcohol method .

It's super easy .

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It takes about 30 seconds to do an East shoes .

Uh , you could even , uh , uh , rub it in the , in the bottom of the shoes under the sole if you really wish so .

But I think it's unnecessary .

But yeah , so let me just uh rub in this other shoe as well and I'll get back to you .

All right .

So as you can see , it's pretty , it's a pretty quick and easy process .

Like I mentioned , it's done really quickly .

I'd say you have to use about uh 10 to 15 mL of uh al rubbing alcohol on each uh sole of your shoe .

So you should uh calculate for that .

And really , I do recommend using this method over all the other ones .

Just skip over them .

This is what works the best , just do it and you'll be set if you like this type of videos .

Head on over to the next one where I compare all the best men's shoes .

I'm sure you will like that .

I also have a bunch of videos on how to dry your clothes that you're gonna like .

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Thanks for watching this one .

Subscribe if you like these types of video and I'll see you in the next one .


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