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2023-08-08 07:03:46

Perfect Homemade Waffles (Mochi Vs. Belgian)

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So many of us think that there's only one kind of waffle .

Boy , you could not be more wrong .

And today I'd like to introduce you to the magical world of the perfect waffle .

OK .

So today we're making waffles but not just any waffles .

We're making the three best versions of waffles that I can think of .

We have the traditional sort of quick little baking soda .

You throw it in the pan and it's done .

Then we're gonna make a classic Belgian liege waffle , the one that you rise .

OK .

A lot of people don't make this because they're like , oh my gosh , I had to put the yeast and wait for it to rise .

That's so .

No .

Listen , Sharon , I'm , I'm joking .

Any Sharon's out there .

All right .

My point is that you just have to wait for like 40 minutes to do that .

It's not that bad .

And then the third will be a classic mochi waffle .

I wanted to originally do these mochi ones with UBE , but I couldn't find any in the amount of time because they're really hard to find .

But I will do another guide that's further in depth about mochi laters .

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But despite all that , we're gonna make these three waffles and then we're gonna decide if there is a perfect waffle of all time .

So with all that said , let's make this , shall we ?

Ok , folks .

Although we can enjoy Shrek , as much as the next guy , we won't be making any donkey references in this video .

Instead we'll be making Mr Easy peasy quick waffles .

Classic Belgian liege waffles can last but certainly far from least mochi waffles with whipped cream and bananas .

Foster topping .

We're getting real .

No , with that one , let's start things off with the easy more Americanized waffles serve with a medium sized bowl and add two cups of all purpose flour , three tablespoons of granulated sugar , one teaspoon of fine sea salt , one tablespoon of baking powder and give it some to that .

You'll add half a cup of butter milk , which looks alarmingly thicker than normal .

One cup of whole milk , one teaspoon of vanilla extract two eggs plus an additional egg yolk .

Start whisking that together .

Then once it starts to form a batter , slowly stream in three quarters of a cup of gently melted unsalted butter .

Then once all of that is incorporated homogenous , then you have your lovely batter .

That's really it .

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Now , all you have to do is preheat your favorite waffle iron spray with cooking oil , add enough batter to fill out the iron about three quarters of the way round , gently close it completely and let it cook flipping almost immediately after you've closed .

Assuming it can flip and allowed to cook until it reaches a beautiful golden brown and is cooked through which could be anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes , depending on the size of the waffle iron .

Now , pop that bad boy out of your iron .

And that's a gosh , darn beautiful waffle .

If I'm being honest to serve this , you'll give it that good classic pat of butter .

A generous glug of pure unadulterated high quality maple syrup .

Something about these syrup drizzles activates a carnal desire , part of the human brain and my body is ready for it .

But before we do the taste test , let's move on to our Belgian liege waffles .

This is a classy yeast ri batter which gives it its undeniably special flavor .

So first start with one cup of whole milk heated to around 95 °F .

Then whisk in two teaspoons of instant yeast and let that sit for five minutes at room temp in a separate medium sized bowl , add a quarter cup of granulated sugar , 1.5 teaspoons of fine sea salt .

Two room temp eggs , one egg yolk , start whisking it together .

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And once that's combined stream in six tablespoons of unsalted butter that's been gently melted .

Emphasis on shrimp .

Don't get all excited on me and get your butter piping hot unless you plan on making scrambled eggs in the bowl .

Be sweet to the butter gently coerce it into liquid state by seeing it hymns from an ancient self-help book .

Now in a large bowl , add 3.5 cups of all purpose flour to that .

You'll make a small , well , add your yeasty milkman , your egg mixture , then start mixing that by hand until a shaggy dough forms .

Then begin needing that for about five minutes giving it a few slap and folds here and there until you get a smooth Yes , it will be sticky .

Don't worry .

Now , lightly shape that into a bowl place in a grease bowl covered with plastic wrap , of course , and give it a classic personality .

Then just let that rise at room temp for one hour or until doubled and then just punch all the gas out of your dough and add in 1.5 cups of pearl sugar to your dough .

Need that all in until it's evenly dispersed throughout the entire dough and it's been completely absorbed .

There shouldn't be any remaining in the bowl from there .

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You'll divide your dough into 6 to 12 pieces again , depending on the size of your waffle maker .

Cover them with a grease , plastic wrap and let them rest for 10 minutes .

Sure .

The dough looks like it's been rolled in crumpled styrofoam , but I can assure you that it's gonna be very yummy .

Not the sru foam part , don't do that .

Now , the last bit is as easy as the other heat up your wall iron , spray it with cooking spray , add in enough of your dough to fill out about three quarters of the iron .

Close it firmly to disperse and let it cook for about 20 seconds .

Give it a flip if you can and let it cook until a beautiful deep caramelized golden brown , then just carefully remove it from the iron for not to burn yourself .

Serve that topped with the sordid berries of your choice .

Here .

I have strawberry blackberry and blueberries .

Although I'm not really a huge fan of blueberries .

Sorry to the uh blueberry hums optionally hit that with a light dusting of powdered sugar .

And then is your beautiful lie waffle ?

Now , we have our last final and arguably most exciting one of the day .

The mochi waffle in a large bowl , add one egg whisk that together until you guessed it .

Now , while constantly whisking stream in three quarters of a cup of whole milk , two tablespoons of gently melted unsalted butter .

See , that's gently again .

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All right , we're not slapping the butter around once combined , half a teaspoon of fine sea salt , 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder and three quarters of a cup of granulated sugar once combined and creamy add in 1.5 cups of mochi sweet rice flour link in the description for that whisk that together until you get a thick almost paste like batter , then pour that into a piping bag and stick it to the side while we make our fast for the people in a large pan .

Add a quarter cup of unsalted butter heat that over a medium heat until it's melted .

Then add three quarters of a cup of light brown sugar .

So that to disperse and as soon as it melts and begins to simmer , add in three bananas that have been sliced into half inch thick coins .

Try to keep them evenly separated and let those cook in the simmering buttery sugar mixture for about one minute or tilt caramelized on the underside .

Give them all a little flip and yes , it's tedious to flip each and every one , but we like it to be precise here .

Ok .

It's almost like you're giving each little banana slice of kiss by flipping them into .

Now , hit that with a small pinch of salt , a light sprinkling of ground cinnamon , two teaspoons of vanilla extract and finally a quarter cup of good quality rum pump the heat up to medium high .

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And as soon as that liquid comes to a simmer , ignite the steam using a kitchen torch and uh do me a solid and stand back if you want to keep your eyebrows .

Now , once that ignites , give it a good old classic fla hotman and constantly shake the pan to stir and emulsify the sauce as it forms into a beautiful glaze coating each banana lovingly just as we flipped each lovingly as soon as the flame goes out , cut off your heat and that right there is your rum caramel Banana Foster .

Now , back to our waffles , you've heard this spiel before ?

Heat your waffle iron filled with your batter , which by the way , if you want more than four of these mochi waffles , you'll likely need to double this recipe .

Just a heads up .

Anyway , close your waffle iron and allow that to cook until a beautiful almost cloud que looking waffle emerges from your waffle iron .

Something about this waffle looks almost cartoonish and special at the same time .

But to take it even further , we'll add a fat quelle of a Chantilly Cream , which is literally just a slightly sweetened whipped cream optional but very yummy .

A generous helping of your Banan Foster followed by a drizzle of the rum salted caramel and Lord have mercy .

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The double caramel whipped cream drip is gonna have me singing to the moon about my sorrows for I , I'm about to Bush and let's find out if there's a true king of waffles here and begin the taste test .

Wow .

Look at these .

Hell yeah .

We have three different kinds .

We have Belgian , we have did .

It's kind of Americanized this version .

It's fast and last but not least is the , I wanted to originally do this with UBE , but we didn't get the UBE here in time .

So let's start with Mr traditional .

OK .

It's like an upscale adult ego waffle .

Is there a problem with that ?

Hell no , there's a certain beauty to that and it's easy and fast to make what's wrong with that .

The waffle don't forget to buy my book .

By the way , the link is in the description preorder today .

All right , the preorders are very helpful .

You're just gonna let that happen in vain .

Wow .

Look at all the content in that .

So the outside's crisp , but the inside is , I like a chewy waffle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's almost kind of brioche like I would say .

It looks like a bread , which is nice .

Oh Yeah , this is good .

That's good , bro , Cody .

I'm sorry , you didn't deserve this at all .

Shout out to Kelsey too .

It's essentially like ultra chewy crispy caramelized on the outside brioche version of a waffle .

That's what I'm detecting from this .

Do I need to say more ?

Because if I do , you just shouldn't be here .

Sorry .

Last but not least is this mochi waffle ?

Now , there's a whole lot of other things about this that look , which is the bananas Foster on top .

The whipped cream come out texture .

This is insane .

Oh Wow .

This is the best by far easily .

I didn't even get any of the toppings just texturally as a waffle .

This is what every single waffle should be .

Period in a story .

Yes .

Caramelized to perfection .

It's a little crunchy .

The whipped cream provides richness like we always do .

All right vic , I'm gonna give you the perfect bite .

Do you fit this in your mouth .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Crazy .

Like I'm actually blown away by how good this is .

It gets better as you go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like you start and you're like , oh , this is really good and then it sticks in your mouth and the Banana Foster comes in , the whipped cream comes in all coming together .

One good , best one , best waffle I've ever had .

It's not always about , it's better because this isn't a but better .

First off , my personal preference leans towards the mochi .

You've never made this before .

This is just as easy to make as this .

Just go get some freaking rice flour put it together and you might just have one of the best waffle experiences of your gosh , darn life gone .

Get .

You want to know what else has Papa's surp drizzle stuck in your mind all day long , be roll .

All right guys .

And that is it .

So we made our three waffles and you know what a beautiful story developed .

Isn't that nice ?

And that story is that well , really any waffle is delicious .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It all comes down to the eating experience that you want despite all these different versions and ways that you can make it .

I personally felt that the mou was the most interesting in texture and flavor and it still retained the beauty of what a waffle is .

I would eat that more than the other waffles that were there and it doesn't require that much more prep really actually any at all .

Though , whatever .

And I'm not just talking about the bananas on top , I'll get the bananas real good .

The Le H Waffles classic with on the outside .

And then of course , there's our sort of more Americanized quick version .

That's kind of like a giant ego which hey , can't complain about that either .

The choice is always yours .

Don't overthink it .

Now , with all that said , if you enjoyed this video or you learned something , leave a like , subscribe and I will see you stuff .


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