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Next thing I'm gonna do is put a little bit of our advanced solution into the bowl and then I'm gonna start with our soft bristle or suede brush .

You would think after cleaning 500 pairs of shoes , I would know to take out the laces first .

So let's just go ahead and do that now and we'll just set those aside for later .

We'll come back and clean those .

Let's get back to it .

So , starting with the soft bristle brush , we're just basically loosening all this dirt .

Um , since this is a mesh , it's a delicate material .

You definitely want to use the soft bristle brush , as I've mentioned before .

In other cleaning tutorials , you want to let the brush do the work .

There's no need to apply a ton of pressure on these brushes .

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The brushes have different bristles on purpose to , to help you clean , um , you know , the materials correctly .

So , all right .

Now that we've done the initial pretreating with the soft bristle brush , I'm gonna go ahead and grab the all purpose brush hit the mid .

So while this soap is loosening up the dirt on the upper mesh , ok .

Now I'm gonna move on to the sole brush .

This is our super stiff bristle brush .

Um It's labeled as the hard brush .

This is gonna allow us to get a lot of the , you know , stubborn stains and dirt on this Mitzel .

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All right .

So now that that is mostly done you can see it worked pretty good , but there is definitely some yellowing on the back section and it's all brown back here still .

So it is definitely a huge improvement , but it's definitely not white .

So I'm gonna use that sharpie to clean that up a little bit .

But before I do that , I'm gonna go ahead and use the shoe and foot deodorizers , same as I did on the other one .

So it smells pretty good .

Actually , you've never used it super simple , but definitely nice to be able to deodorize old sneakers like these .

So let's go ahead and get into the fun part .

This is the sharpie .

It is a white oil based um paint marker .

You basically take the tip and you dab it down like this and then eventually the white stuff will start pouring out the top .

It does say to shake this thing well , before you start applying it , so you gotta shake it up .

So now that it's all shaken up , you can go ahead and try to apply it to the shoe and I'm just gonna rub it along boost like this .

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So I basically , I just cleaned the heel of the sole with the Soul brush .

I'm not gonna go crazy on the entire soul .

I'm not gonna sell these shoes or anything .

This is really just for display .

So just to show you the difference with using the proper brush , um , clean versus not clean .

Now that I've finished with this sole brush , I'm gonna go ahead and take the all purpose brush or the medium bristle brush and I'm gonna take this dip it in the solution and I'm gonna go one direction on some of this mesh to try to get some out these to try to get out some of these hard stains , some of these lines here .

Again , I'm just using the corner .

If you use the entire brush , it starts snagging the material .

So I'm just using the corner here .

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So now that we've done the pretreat , we're gonna take this dirty shoelace and just gonna clean it up a little bit .

Ok .

Last thing we need to do , take our handy sneaker laundry bag here .

Take one shoe , drop it down inside there .

Shoelaces right in the bag .

Pull us down , block the mechanism and you're good to go .

All we gotta do is go put these in the washing machine and see how they look in .

About 30 minutes .

Come through the office .

We put our washing machine in the men's room .

Um , it's the best place for us to do it here , I guess .

But here we go .

So you can see we're gonna turn it on .


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