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2023-08-08 07:04:55

Healthy Waffles DIY - No Flour, No Sugar !

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Hi guys , this is Claris and welcome back to my channel .

So this video is actually already looking so different because I'm filming with my Samsung S six edge camera phone and I don't have my Ds LR with me right now and I did not want to prolong making this video any longer because I actually had my hard drive fail on me and I had my computer fixed for about two weeks .

So you can only imagine how that feels for somebody who makes a youtube video .

I just wanted to share with all of you , one of my favorite breakfast foods that I make .

And it's honestly the most healthiest thing ever .

Breakfast is honestly the most important meal because it just gets your metabolism going and it gives you all of the energy that you need to start off your day .

So these healthy , awesome delicious green waffles actually hits all of the food groups that you could ever want in your meal .

It has your lean protein , it has your complex carbs , it has your healthy fat , it has fruit carbs and it also has your fibrous carbs .

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And I actually doing the bikini bod challenge through my girlfriend Annette and she is an Ifbb pro athlete .

So if you want to check her out , I'll put her link down below .

So let me know and comment also if you are going to be using this recipe and let me know how it goes .

Always remember that it's never really a diet because those don't ever work .

And it's all about just choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and also choosing to move every single day to keep your heart strong and also healthy .

All right .

So the first thing that we're gonna need are oats .

Of course , these are the main ingredients and these ones are awesome because they are gluten free .

I got them from London Drugs here in Vancouver .

So we're gonna put two cups of this in a blender and we are going to blend that until it turns into a flour like mixture .

If you need to stop your blender and then shake it up so that all of the powder will go down at the bottom , then you can do .

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So my vitamins actually has a specialty blade that turns things into flour .

So I've had to transfer that into the normal one where we can blend all the rest of the ingredients .

So now you can start adding one cup of water and it might just need a little bit more than that .

It just totally depends on the consistency of the mixture .

So this is just for the sole purpose of showing you how the water mixes with the oats .

But please don't ever take your lid off because it might be a great big mess in your kitchen .

And once in a while , turn off your blender and also mix the bottom so that it doesn't get stuck in there with a spoon or a spatula .

Now , you can put a handful of spinach in there and make sure that you mix that well , all together .

Lastly , I'm gonna add my protein powder , which is gonna give it a little vanilla flavor .

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Now , coincidentally , I got this waffle maker from my white elephant Christmas gift exchange that we did a couple of years back , which was actually from Annette .

So thanks girl .

However , if you don't have a waffle maker , like this one , you can just use it just like any other pancake batter and just cook it in a pan .

This is honestly one of my favorite breakfast foods ever .

And you can totally customize it and add blueberries inside when it while it's cooking or even some chocolate chips .

And I like to spread a little bit of almond butter and peanut butter and then just add some fruits on top .

That is the way I like it and it's so perfect and you can make actually a whole batch .

If you are a person who's just always on the go in the morning , you can freeze them and then toast them whenever you want them , this easy recipe made five whole waffles .

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more awesome Diy S and I'll see you guys next week .

Take care .


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