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2023-08-06 16:01:10

Learn how to tie the perfect bow tie in just a few simple steps by Harry Rosen

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Hi , I'm Shannon .

I'm a buyer at Harry Rosen .

I'm here today to show you how to tie the perfect bow tie .

A lot of men consider tying a bow tie to be a difficult task , but I'm going to show you how to make it very easy .

The first step before you put the bow tie around your neck is to ensure that it's adjusted to the correct width of your neck .

And you can do that by either adjusting the buttons or the slide on the back .

You want to make it a little bit bigger just in case you can always make it smaller .

So first step is to place the bow tie around your neck and you want to have one end of the bow tie longer than the other , let's say about 1.5 to 2 inches next .

You want to cross the long end over the shorter end .

And this next series of steps is very similar to tying your shoes .

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So keep that in mind , you wanna bring that end up and simply make a tie just like the first step of tying your shoes and then let's place this end over your shoulder to get it out of the way for a moment .

In the next step , you want to fold this end over to make a loop .

And you'll also notice that the shape of the bow tie is beginning to become evident .

You're holding this loop with your forefinger and your thumb .

This is important because it really assists you in the next step .

So hold it quite snuggly .

You then want to bring this end back down and it sort of bites sex the end of the bow tie that you have down here .

And you'll notice that a small hole or a loop has been created that you're going to push this through .

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So you want to take it like so , and with your other hand , push it through and pull out the loop .

When you're pulling out this loop , you need to be pulling on the other loop .

If you pull on the non looped ends of the bow tie , it will fall apart .

So at this point , you just want to very gently continue to pull on each loop to tighten it and to adjust your bow tie into the desired shape .

Now , the nice thing about bow tie that you tie yourself , it doesn't have to be perfect .

It's actually a little bit nicer when it's slightly imperfect because it has a lot of life to it .

Once you're satisfied with the shape of the bow tie , you can simply flip down the collar of your shirt and you may need to adjust the bow tie one more time and there you have it a perfectly tied bow tie .


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