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2023-08-06 15:54:23

Protein Waffles with Simple Ingredients _ Easy & Healthy

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It's been a minute since we've used this thing .

So today we're back with some delicious protein waffles made with five simple ingredients probably already have on hand .

So let's jump right into that .

Start this one by taking out either a blender or food processor .

Add into whatever you're using .

Half a cup of rolled oats .

One large egg and one large egg white , half a cup of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese .

One scoop of a good tasting protein powder , half a teaspoon baking powder and optionally for some flavor , one teaspoon of a sweetener and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract mix and match your Greek yogurt and protein powder for endless variations .

Go ahead and process or blend all those ingredients together until smooth like this .

Next .

Take out your waffle maker , turn it on and coat it with some non-stick cooking spray .

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Yeah , I'm still using this cheap waffle maker that takes forever to clean , pour your mix in once it heats up and let it cook for a couple of minutes or until your waffle maker says it's ready depending on the size .

You should be able to get around two waffles with this recipe while those are finishing up cooking .

It's time for the tip of the day .

Did you know that to make homemade old flour ?

All you need to do is blend or process your rolled oats till they look like flour .

This would come in handy today and allow you to mix this recipe out without having to process or blend it .

Now , let's see how they turned out .

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Couple of tips for these .

Number one add into or on top of your waffles , some fresh chopped up fruit nuts , chocolate chips or anything else you want .

Number two , they taste great cold and or can be reheated in the microwave if you make them the night before .

And number three AA triple the recipe to make enough for the whole family using the link below or on the protein chef dot co .

Before we end this one .

Let's do another one of these pancakes , waffles , French toast or cereal .

Let me know in the comments below with that said , thank you all for watching .

Subscribe if you haven't already inching our way to 400,000 , hit that thumbs up button .

If you want some more healthy breakfast recipes , follow us on socials at the protein chef and of course , stay ahead .


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