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2023-08-06 16:02:12

How to Tie-a-Tie - Half Windsor Knot (slowly mirrored) - Easy!

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Now , I've taught almost a million people on the Internet how to tie a tie , but apparently some of you still cannot grasp it .

So today I'm gonna use this bad boy in my mirror , and we're going to make it as simple as possible to learn the half winds are not .

All you're gonna need to do is to put your phone next to the mirror and just copy me .

Exactly .

And seriously , if you can't do that , maybe you should just get one on a rubber band or something because , seriously , it's probably not worth trying anymore .

OK , guys , let's get straight on with it .

You're probably late for a wedding or court .

Maybe , uh , so let's do it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

By the way , let me know the comments where you're watching this video from , because these are going all over the world , and it's really interesting for me to know how far they're being spread .

So let's do it .

OK , so this image is now mirrored .

All you're gonna have to do is copy it exact as I do the thin end of the tie known as the tail .

You're gonna need that quite short .

The thick end of the tie known as the Blade .

You're gonna have that quite long now .

This will vary from tie to tie and neck and body size , so you will just need to work out after a few goes how long you need each side .

But you cross the thick end over the fin , squeeze the middle just to keep it together and bring the thick end around the back of that knot .

Then we're gonna tuck this blade through the middle , that loop through the middle , give it a little tug , and your tie should be hanging directly behind and back to front .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then we're gonna cross it to the opposite direction , bring it over the front , and that is going to produce that little the front of your knot .

And then we're literally just going to tuck the thick end of the blade from behind through the loop and tuck it through that just the front of that little knot .

And then the trick to making a good knot is to give the blade a little pull , Then squeeze the bottom of this knot to get to start getting a nice triangular shape , and I would not just pull it straight up .

I would always be squeezing that knot .

So you get a really nice shape , Pull your collar down .

And there we are , guys , we're all done .

The half wins are not .

Should be pretty simple .

OK , so that is it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Please tell me you managed it .

If you managed it , leave the video A like tell us in the comments below .

Uh , so we can know that we are helping people if you didn't manage it .

Hm ?

What's wrong with you anyway ?

Thanks for watching guys .

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Might not be .

It doesn't really matter either way .

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And we will see you next time .

Cheers , guys .


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