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2023-08-08 06:54:58

How to Improve English Communication Skills-PSYCHOLOGICAL & SCIENTIFIC SECRETS To Learn Any Language

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Hello and welcome everyone .

This is Pep Talk India Studio .

Well , today we are on a mission to get your perception changed or to alter it in terms of language and learning .

And today you're also going to see some site of master class , master class of pep talk India .

So let's get started .

Hi , Mr Rocky .

How are you ?

I'm fantastic .

Just feeling sleepy because I had really heavy lunch .

Biryani .

I promised them for a master section .

Oh my God , you made a big promise .

Promise .

Ok .

Let me get back to my senses .

Yeah .

The hell is that any this ?

Oh , this is magic .

All right .

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This thing is the most powerful thing in the world .

I hope this is nothing weird , right ?

This is the most powerful thing .

The smartest thing .

Do I have to be cautious ?

No , you don't have to be cautious .

But if somehow we learn to use this properly .

Oh my God , we can do wonders .

Yes .

Done it .

You bought human brain in the studio ?

Yes , that's human brain .

Uh By the way , what is it going to do here in the , in the studio of India ?

Look , as I said , this is the most powerful thing in the world .

This makes us Saint , this makes us entrepreneur , this makes us criminal .

This makes us fluent English speaker .

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This makes us fantastic public speaker .

This , this makes us do innovations .

This makes us do everything .

Sin grimes , good deeds .

Human brain is the most powerful thing .

Oh And I've got this because I know of course the human brain is the most powerful how it is connected to language learning .

Oh , yes , that's a good question .

Can I start with the history first ?

I won't take much time , right ?

Two things that changed the entire course of mankind .

First is language .

Second is fire .

OK .

Let's talk about fire .

First , after the discovery of fire , we guys started cooking .

We humans , homo sapiens , right ?

We started cooking .

Now as a result , our brains got better because food was more hygienic .

It was more nutritious brains got better .

That's the first important thing .

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Second language , we started communicating .

Now these two things changed the entire course of mankind .

Now you would say animals can also communicate , right ?

Well , yes , I mean , see and monkeys , dogs , they also have their own sounds to communicate with their , you know , fellow mates .

That's true .

Animals can also communicate like monkey can tell monkey lion is coming .

But we humans , we can tell stories , we can share our imagination , we can discuss future , we can discuss past , we can discuss present all because of this beautiful thing part of our brain , amazing human part of tiny , tiny part of our body .

But the most powerful thing of this planet I must say of this universe .

I'm so sorry .

But I just imagine how would monkey tell story to each other ?

That was ridiculously funny .

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And it was more like the sign , you know , guys when I get to more of these doors .

But after short commercial break , well , we have talked enough about human brain .

Now let's get going .

I'm really sorry .

But today's video is about English language learning .

How is it connected to human brain ?

Can you just demystify it ?

Yes , I'm going to demystify a few things .

I'm going to debunk a few myths uh since we were talking about brain and language , now you have asked this question , this video is about language , right ?

But everything is connected to this .

Look at this beautiful thing .

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OK ?

No , no , no , no , no .

I'm just going to tell you a few more scientific facts .

There's a purpose behind this .

Please don't go away .

There's a purpose behind this famous cognitive scientist , Steven Pinker said that we humans have innate ability to learn and speak any language .

We humans have this innate ability to learn and speak any language because of this beautiful thing .

Human is the only species who has been blessed with this right to learn and speak any language .

Yeah .

Yeah , for sure .

Then you know , most of the guys still if we see they've watched so many videos , they join different institutes , they want to improve their English .

They want to speak fluently .

They want to be an artist but still they are not able to speak because most of the guys here , they have created a abominable mess while learning English , they want to speak English overnight .

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They want to be super overnight .

They they , they want to be gym dandy of a person just overnight .

As I was saying in the other video , a baby takes nine months to come in this world .

You got to be patient .

But the good news is our brain has been designed in such a way that it can understand and speak any language .

Which part of our brain is responsible for language learning .

Can we show them this picture on the screen ?

OK .

Have a look at this picture as you can see different regions of human brains here , Broca's area which is an important part of language formulation .

Yes , Broca's area .

OK .

Then you can see angular gyrus , this assembles information to help us understand words and concepts .

Then we have insular cortex , then we have we area now you see and multiple things .

Yes .

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So the way your brain has been designed , it can understand and speak any languages .

Let me tell you one more thing .

Uh animals have level one consciousness , right ?

Yes .

But monkeys have level two consciousness .

That's what my next question was that all the animals are just of , you know .

Yes .

Uh If , if you just keep these monkeys aside , animals , most of the animals have level one consciousness .

Monkeys have level two consciousness .

We humans are lucky level three consciousness .

Come on , man , you can speak , you can learn , you can , you can do anything with any language .

So why do you think that you cannot speak English fluently ?

That's the point .

So how can they learn English better understanding this these scientific facts ?

OK .

Uh They just need right kind of strategies they need right kind of motivation .

All right .

That's it .

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Well , I will stop you here because we're gonna take a short commercial break for a reason that we don't want them to go away that soon .

Are you going to talk about the strategies next strategies that what strategies they can use ?

That's it .

Well , this is a damaged brain but yours is not .

So if you're human and your brain is not damaged like this , you have got enough of scientific proof that you can learn any language you want , be it English or any alienated language .

So yes , Mr Rocky , you were to talk about the strategies .

There was a mind blowing for their mind boggling strategies to learn English language .

You know , at pep talk India , we we try to make it simple , right ?

It's , it's really really simple speaking , learning , understanding English language is not difficult , it's really simple , especially in today's modern era .

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We have internet , we have youtube because of internet .

We , we have TV , we can watch so many things , we can listen to so many things .

OK , since your question is , what kind of strategies we can use to improve our English communication skills , right ?

So the first thing I must say , we got to start small like we go to gym if , if suppose somebody has to build a body .

So you are supposed to lift light weight in the beginning , then gradually you reach to the heavy weight , right ?

Uh Can I show one more picture again ?

Just one more ?

Just one more ?

I have a look at this picture again .

Now , this guy is Milov Carton , one of the greatest wrestlers of history .

This is how he started his training , he started lifting car first .

Now I have a question for you .

What's gonna happen if you keep lifting the same car for months and years ?

No way I am not gonna do that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if somebody else does for sure , it will become a bull one day .

Yes .

So eventually the car became a bull and Milo became stronger .

That's the magic of starting small .

Milov Cotton started small .

Eventually he ended up lifting a bull .

So let , let me ask one question from Kushi sing .

She trained so many people in terms of English language , how to start small .

Well , it's very simple the way you started learning Hindi or any other language , whatever your mother tongue .

Is you started listening people around , right ?

You had environment of your parents , your sibling , you heard them speaking , you spoke incorrectly many times like you , you know , stand up , you fall down .

So you practiced , I mean , it wasn't practice for you back then .

It was just like you wanted to communicate the curiosity , right ?

So you learned , you made a mistake and you spoke .

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So in terms of English language , as we do not have an environment of English at our home .

Of course , your parents would not go London and come back learning English language to teach you to give you an environment , right ?

So in terms of English , you can get started small just by imperative sentences , let's say right .

Absolutely .

Like come here , go there , do this .

Can you help me ?

OK , help me please .

So these are such some small sentences , imperative one , trust me to speak all these small imperative sentences you don't need really training .

It's just the willingness within you .

So start small .

OK ?

That's interesting .

So , so we can start by one vocabulary word by , by speaking one vocabulary word , then then then imperative sentences , then perhaps wh family question .

That's right .

Where are you going ?

What are you doing ?

What's new with you ?

How was your day yesterday ?

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Then eventually this start a small start is going to be a big one , right .

Right .

That's right .

So what is the second strategy , Mr Rocky , of course , since we have discussed the first and the most important strategy that the magic of starting small .

So second strategy is I believe , practice it , right ?

Know why I'm saying that we we we joined so many different institutes to practice our English , right ?

We watch hundreds and thousands of videos on youtube .

So many trainers are giving different suggestions .

Like some of the trainers are suggesting read newspaper .

Oh my God , I really hate that .

I really hate that .

I don't like reading newspaper .

So how can I learn English by reading newspaper ?

Because I don't like it .

Same question a lot of people ask .

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So the point is you're gonna understand your own psychology accordingly .

You're gonna decide the ways to practice your English .

Like I like watching English movies , right ?

I like watching documentaries and I've learned so many things from , from , from movies , from documentaries .

I like asking questions from different people the moment I ask question I listen , then I observe , then I repeat later .

If I find something interesting .

If I find new vocabulary word , new kind of sentence , you gotta practice it , right ?

Whatever you enjoy the most whatsoever for , right ?

Don't just blindly follow the suggestion , try understanding your own psychology to tell you in one of the sessions .

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You know , uh this one guy comes up to me and tells that , you know what it's been now a couple of years that I have been following the instruction of my friends , by the way , who are really good in a good speaker in English language .

I said , all right .

So may I know what were those suggestions ?

So , he said , uh , one of them , I can tell you that I have been practicing for the last two years .

Really ?

Seriously .

I was like , what's that ?

He said , I watched a lot of TV , series , English TV , series , a lot of Hollywood movies .

I said , well done great job .

He said yet , I don't understand .

I was like what he said , I don't understand .

I don't enjoy watching that .

What the hell I have watched throughout my life .

Those Hindi serials where I understand the jokes , the fun in the English channel , even if they have some fun , I am poker face , right ?

So it's not working out .

The truth is it did not work out for him , doesn't mean the idea was wrong .

It's just that he never enjoyed doing so he was not a watching person .

He was not at all a watching person .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , you're absolutely right .

Some people like watching things , some people like reading things , some people like both , some people like reading newspapers .

Some people don't like reading newspaper .

So you gotta figure out the ways the ways are supposed to suit your psychology , your brain , right ?

If English learning or speaking is your task , I'm sorry to say this is going to be a task forever .

It has to be fun .

Like you shared a video , right ?

English speaking has to be fun .

English learning has to be fun .

What are the ways you have decided for yourself ?

These ways have to suit your brain .

Simple .

Now , I had coffee .

You had coffee .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes , I'm still having the seconds .

All right , can we ?

Yeah , for sure .

Third strategy .

Uh Let's make this English language permanent part of our brain , right ?

Have you ever thought about it ?

That how come so many people around the world ?

They remember holy books .

Yeah .

Some guys remember Koran .

Some guys , some guys remember Holy Bible .

Some guys remember some guys remember they remember their holy books .

How come , how come I mean first strategy .

Yeah .

The first , the first and the foremost secret , they use repetition , repetition , repetition , repetition with short intervals , repeat with short intervals , repeat short intervals , repetition , short intervals , repetition , sentences , doubles family questions , couple of sentences , more than a couple of sentences , repetition , short intervals .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is one of the most important to know what strategy my mother uses against me .

You know , she tells me , look at me , my memory is still sharp .

I can remember all entire thoroughly and I'm like , OK , fine , short intervals , right ?

Yeah , I mean , she worships every single day .

So yeah , this is , this is a first strategy .

Uh first step in a third strategy .

Second is what I use , of course , I do the repetition with short intervals .

Second one , since I understand that brain likes pictures , right ?

The way our brain has been designed .

It , it understands , it likes pictures .

That's a picture worth 1000 words precisely .

That's why we say that .

So that's why I watch so many movies .

I watch so many documentaries .

I watch these series , these episodes , like friends , like other episodes .

Right .

Yeah .

Sort of move on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And you know , the point is if you are taking this English language as a task , your brain is never gonna take it forever .

You got to find some ways that how your brain remembers .

I've just told a couple of ways , repetition with chart intervals since brain understands pictures .

So try watching all these things , right ?

Or , or perhaps there's one thing called picture perception .

If you're reading a newspaper and you come across any new picture , look at picture and start talking about the picture , picture , perception , picture description .

Yes , precisely .

And what one more thing I do , I like to discuss with people .

So what , what so many people around the world they do , they call a few guys like we see so many comments in the comment section , right ?

OK .

This is my number .

Let's practice English on whatsapp .

This is my number .

Let's practice English on whatsapp .

Come on , dude , this , this is not enough .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you're simply calling people for practicing English after 5 , 10 minutes , so many people are gonna say I got the grab , I've got bored .

Yes , you need absolute genuine reason .

So what I do in that case , I like to discuss with people .

I don't tell them , let's practice English .

I tell them , let's discuss something really interesting in English language using English .

I've been doing with me .

That's what I've been doing with you with so many people .

So you gotta figure out the ways that how your brain can remember this beautiful language forever .

Yes , that's what I do .

So , these were some quite interesting strategies .

Yes .

Would you summarize that ?

I'm going to summarize .

But before that , let me tell you one thing , uh going through all these things has become the part of my habit .

This is my habit now , basically .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if English learning English speaking is your habit is your habit .

Of course , this is going to do wonders for you .

So since we are supposed to summarize , we have that the magic of human brain and of course , all of them who are there watching this video , they are humans , right ?

With sanity .

So I guess , and they are humans sane or insane , but they are humans .

Uh So if you are humans as because she was telling you if your brain is not damaged , you are born to understand , you're born to speak English , that's the way your brain has been designed .

Yes .

So start small practice it , right ?

And figure out the ways what always suit your psychology .

And we have just discussed how brain remembers .

Yes .

So this was a big deal where you heard the science , the art and rusting ways to practice the same .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I hope now they're going to work faster .

They take it seriously .

Yes , please take this seriously .

Work upon your English language .

Become fantastic communicator .

By the way , he also included bitch of the tips .

What he discusses in the master class .

Generally , not all for that .

You gotta meet him , you gotta pay him .

Yes , you gotta pay him so that he can give you another two hours to make that two hours worthwhile .

Not just for the day , but that is going to help you your lifetime .

I bet upon that .

And one last thing do not forget to subscribe .

What the hell are you doing so far ?

Subscribe it now .

Just , just do it now .

Do it .


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