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2023-08-09 10:31:19

Korean Fried Chicken - CRISPY Fried Chicken Recipe + Pickled Radish (치킨무) 후라이드치킨 레시피

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Today , I'm gonna show you how to make super crispy Korean fried chicken .

And I'm also going to show you how to cut a whole chicken into pieces that you can fry .

And I'm also going to show you how to make pickled radish .

This is called chicken moo or it is super refreshing and it is a must when you have Korean fried chicken .

Cheers .

Hi , everyone .

This is Helen and welcome to modern pepper pepper .

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So for those of you that are new to modern pepper channel , modern Pepper channel offers instructional Korean cooking lessons for authentic Korean dishes as well as Korean fusion dishes .

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So here is our star ingredient .

I'm using a young bird .

It's slightly less than £4.5 .

And I highly highly recommend using a young bird that's less than £5 because anything that's a bit too big , it tends to be drier but young birds on the other hand tends to be sweet and taste and very tender .

So that is my recommendation .

I'm also gonna show you how to cut your whole chicken .

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The reason why I recommend buying a whole chicken and cutting it yourself is one .

It's cheaper than buying precut pieces of chicken .

Two .

You could control that .

You are buying a very young chicken that's gonna be sweet and tender three .

It's so good to taste all different parts of the bird as opposed to just the drumstick and the thigh and the , and the chicken breast .

I mean , there's just so much more and today we're gonna use the entire chicken , we're gonna use the back where we're gonna keep the two oysters .

And if you don't know what oysters is , I'll show you that is like the best part of the chicken , in my opinion .

Now , for those of you who are not interested in seeing me take this chicken apart , then just skip to the timeline that you see right here .

So before you start , you always want to make sure that the knife you're using is super sharp .

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You're gonna give yourself more probability of making accidental cuts or perhaps even hurting yourself .

If you are using a dull knife , make sure to sharpen your knife like so literally just pick up the wing , just cut around it and then you flip it back and you'll see where the joint is and you just cut right through it .

Busy as that , you could keep the tip on .

But I like to cut mine off .

Some people like it , but I don't like it .

So there you go .

And then we're gonna cut our drumstick just cut along just a skin like that .

And it kinda is already precut basically for you .

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And then same thing on this side , you just cut the skin and then just open like that , pick up the legs and then just flip it back like that .

Now , the oysters are right here .

This is the best part of the chicken .

In my opinion , we're gonna use the entire bird and , and basically fly the back .

If you don't wanna do that , you need to cut this along with the thigh , but we're not gonna do that .

So we're basically just gonna cut the thigh off and just basically , it's all precut for you .

You just have to kind of follow in this excess fat .

I always like to trim off and this is the backbone .

So we're gonna cut right by the backbone .

You see the line here , this is the fat line and you wanna cut on the side of the drumstick right here like that easy as that .

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So there's your thigh and there's your drumstick and then taking your scissors .

This is the chicken breast and you see the fat line , you just follow it like so and same thing on the other side , follow the fat line here with your scissors and then I'm just gonna snap this off like that .

This is the oyster part right here .

The lucky purse is gonna eat this .

So I'm just gonna cut it right down the middle .

Any time there's excess fat or skin just cut it off .

Same thing here and this is the butt .

This is gonna get extra crispy and yummy .

So pick up your breast , turn it over and you'll see this hardened part of the bone .

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And what you wanna do is take your knife and just go down the middle and then just split it open like that and take your knife and it just like divides itself for you .

It's that easy then just cut the skin .

Think so .

And now again , this is the extra fat .

I like to cut it off and just cut it off .

So it's important to keep the bone on your chicken breast when you're deep frying them .

And this is a little too big .

So we're gonna cut this in half .

So we're gonna go in from the top , cut it in half or maybe into thirds , even if it's that big .

And then from the side , there you go like that .

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We wanna go in from the top down the middle , cut the flesh off , put the bone on the side and they just kind of go in like that and that's it .

So here we have the chicken thigh and drumsticks right here and then we have the back bone .

This part is gonna be so good .

And then we have the chicken breast with the bone attached and the chicken wings and the tips are right here .

You can leave this on if you like .

And this is the excess fat that we trimmed , rinse your chicken under running cold water .

And then especially the back part , make sure you kind of wash out any of this red bloody muscles and just continue washing your chicken .

This part you have to do .

You have to pat down your wet chicken that you just rinsed off .

Make sure that the water is off the chicken .

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We're gonna make the dry spice rub for our chicken just enough for a chicken .

That's £5 or less .

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So we're gonna make a wet marinade that we're gonna add our chicken into one critical ingredient you must have is Korean red pepper paste .

So we're kind of making it similar to Southern style fried chicken where you add beaten egg with hot sauce .

But instead we're gonna use Korean red pepper paste and no , it is not going to taste spicy at all .

The is just gonna bring the chicken to life .

So the is literally just gonna give it flavor and take the games away .

Any Korean supermarket will have these guys .

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521.32 --> 582.109

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Our chicken radish in Korean , it's called chicken or is radish and chicken in Korean is .

So it's a very simple pickled radish that you eat sort of as your palate cleanser because , you know , you're eating greasy fried chicken and also it's supposed to be light and refreshing , not at all salty .

Um , just slightly vinegary and just slightly sweet .

So easy to me .

So , so easy .

So , what you want to do is use Korean radish .

Now , if you live in an area where you cannot get Korean radish , you could also just always get those round radish that you could find at any local supermarket .

So that'll work to just peel the exterior skin off .

We're gonna peel with our peeler .

We're gonna cut about enough to make three cups of half inch cubes of cream radish .

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This is optional .

It's more for color all together .

This is a three cups , two do Korean radish and then mix with our hands to coat the vinegar mixture , transfer this to an airtight container , put it in your refrigerator and let it rest for 24 hours .

And I have another one that I prepared yesterday .

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So what I wanna show you is when you open it , you're gonna smell this like kind of um strong radish smell .

Don't worry that's all gonna subside .

That's just the gas of the radish kind of pickling in there .

As you can see , there's a lot of water that extract it from the radish and we're gonna have a taste .

Mm .

It's so good .

Every time I go to eat Korean fried chicken , I'm one of those customers that ask the waitress or waiter at least 3 to 4 refills of this chicken .

It's that good .

It's that good .

Ok .

So here is our chicken that's been marinating for 12 hours and before we go any further we need to make sure our chicken comes to room temperature .

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So let it hang out for about a good 15 to 20 minutes .

There are a couple of tools that I highly recommend when you are frying your chicken at home .

One is a deep fryer thermometer .

It's also called a candy thermometer that is to ensure that we start our oil at 370 degrees because when we add our chicken , the temperature is gonna drop and we want to make sure we maintain our flying oil temperature at 350 degrees so that your chicken comes out crispy on the side and cooked on the inside because no one should be eating sort of cooked chicken or medium rare chicken .

That is a no , no .

Another item that I highly recommend is a fine mesh ladle to scoop up all the residue of batter in between your 1st and 2nd batch meat thermometer to make sure that your chicken is fully cooked to at least 100 70 degrees internal temperature .

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And another item that I highly recommend is a cooling rack .

So that when you pull out your chicken from the hot frying oil , it's gonna properly drip off all the excess oil so that you end up with super crunchy chicken .

Instead of just putting your deep fried chicken on a plate with like , then I'll just soak and sit in that .

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So while our oil is heating up to 370 degrees , we're gonna now start so exciting .

Start breading our chicken .

What I like to do is kind of move all the batter mix to maybe like two thirds of this side .

And then here's our chicken .

Pull one out , shake off the excess liquid , pat it down and make sure you get all in between the crevices .

Everything on this chicken needs to be coated .

So what I like to do is kind of shake off the excess and leave it on this side and continue dusting your chicken .

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I know some of you are asking what is the best frying oil for frying chicken ?

I think in my opinion , it's peanut oil .

I can't use that in my household because we have peanut allergies .

So I'm using soybean oil , also using a cast iron pot that's gonna retain the most amount of heat .

Now , if you don't have a cast iron pot , make sure that you are using a pot with a very , very heavy bottom .

So , what I like to do now is just let these guys rest for about five minutes as is just like let them be , let them hang out .

Now , the other thing is if you don't want that extra super crunchy , crispy fried chicken , this as is is good .

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But what we're gonna do next , my secret tip , we're gonna pick up half a cup of our liquid mixture and then we're gonna pour it on or bad right here and then just break up the crumbs like so with your hands and lightly coat this , shake it off and then bring it back here and then press it down , press it down like that and then shake off whatever doesn't stick doesn't belong on this chicken .

Find them with other dark meat and then just keep on going drench it lightly and cover with our crumbs .

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That's that you want to do this right before it goes into the fryer and we're gonna cook the dark meat first .

OK ?

So this guy is our first batch of dark meat that we're gonna cook .

This is our second batch of white meat .

We're not gonna do our second coat on our second batch until this is already cooked .

And whenever you add your chicken to your fryer , make sure to shake off any excess and don't drop it in here .

You wanna make sure it goes in like that about two thirds and then you let go and you should see that kind of bubble around it .

If you don't , your oil is not ready .

It's also important to not overcrowd your pot .

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So you always want to make sure your chicken has enough room to kind of swim and move around .

If the pot gets too crowded , instead of frying your chicken , you're gonna have steamed oily chicken .

Ok .

So as soon as we added our chicken , the temperature dropped to 350 degrees and that's the temperature that we want to maintain to fry .

Our chicken , turn down your heat to medium and adjust accordingly so that your heat remains at 3 50 .

Now , as far as how long it'll take for the chicken to cook is somewhere around seven minutes .

It could be a little bit less or more depending on the size of your meat .

And again , like I said earlier , dark bee will take longer to cook .

So what we're gonna do is take it out and use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature .

And if it's at 1 70 then it's ready .

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This is the part that no one tells you , especially when you're defying , you have to clean in between each batch of fry .

If you don't do that , the residue will continue cooking and you'll end up with blackened specks of batter on your second batch of fried chicken .

And who wants that ?

Right ?

If you look here , kind of , our crumbs have disappeared .

So we just need to make a little more .

And this time maybe just less than maybe a quarter cup and then pour it in here like that and just make the same kind of crumbs again for our second batch until you have crumbs like this .

This is our second batch going in our chicken breast and two back pieces .

Make sure to space out the fried chicken on the cooling rack .

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So they're spacing between and let it rest for at least five minutes before consuming all right .

Time to eat .

Why don't we do drumsticks ?

What do you think ?

You want ?

Drumsticks ?

Ok .

I know that's your favorite .

Go ahead .

Take it .

I'll do a drumstick .

Cheers .

All right .

So we're gonna bite into it .

Hm .

It's so moist and the batter is so crunchy .

What do you think ?

Yeah .

All of I can't talk right now .

So I add a but it doesn't taste spicy at all .

Does it taste spicy to you ?

It does not taste spicy .

Mm .

Mm .

It's like perfectly seasoned .

So it's like slightly salty .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Well , let's eat one of the big pieces .

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Cut it open .

We will look at that piece .

You .

Hm .

The extra crispy batter .

This is amazing .

Mm .

And the inside is so still moist .

I'm eating the chicken breast right now .

Mm .

I mean , I don't really have a favorite part .

They're all so good .

I love the white meat for , it's sort of cleaner juicy taste .

And then I love the dark meat for it's like extra juiciness .

We have people right now standing over there in my house , they're very jealous of you that you get to eat and then they're just like staring at us .

So , because they want to eat this .

But anyway , before we go , I wanna taste the radish .

You wanna try one .

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So this chicken mou is a must that's always served at any Korean chicken restaurants .

It's a pallet cleanser .

It's just so refreshing and it goes so well with fried chicken .

Another one .

I mean , I could snack on this radish all day .

So good .

Of course , when you have fried chicken , you gotta have some lights here to go with it .

Another palate cleanser .

James .

Slow down .

You're eating so fast .

No , no , no .

Happy Korean fried chicken at home .

Everyone cheers .

Oh It's really yummy this together .

So you drink a little bit of this and then take another bite .

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OK .

I wanna thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed today's video , I would totally fully appreciate it if you would click on that like button .

So I will see you in one of these videos .

Everyone .

So petite and Happy Fried Chicken at home .

All right .

You guys to come and eat now .


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