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2023-08-08 12:49:49

Uncover the Secret to Creating the Perfect Fat Knot!

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Hi , this is Charles with Total Menswear and thank you for joining me for my first video in style discussion today .

What I'm going to try and teach is how to tie the fat knot tie .

And if you can tell that for those who've been around for a while or who have known me for a while , I love what's called the cutaway collar .

The cutaway collar is a more widespread collar that you see that I'm wearing now it's best worn with the fat knot tie .

So let's get started without further ado .

It's very simple how to tie the fat , not tie .

The best way to do it is you're gonna have one short end and you're gonna have one long end .

All right , for those who are right handed , cross over your short end or your left hand , you're gonna be over under and through , over , under and through just like you would with your single knock tie .

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All right , and then you're gonna go under the short end over the right side of your tie and it's going to form a Y here .

This is your beginning of your fat knot .

This is what's gonna help you spread that knot out .

All right .

And then from there , you're going to cross over this y right here with your tie over , under and through , over , under and through with that .

Now , what you're going to do is you form that loop in front , bring your fat in through that loop and began to form your fat knot .

All right .

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Now , as you can see , just like a regular tie , the best way to form your fat knot is to get it onto your collar , spread the back of your knot and form your fat not to tie very simple .

And there's your fat knock again .

Thank you for joining me .

I'm Charles Fr Total and men's men's wear , we always remember a well dressed man is more confident and a confident man is more productive .

See you next time .


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