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2023-08-07 14:17:03

The Valentine Knot - How to tie a tie

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Hello , everyone .

It's Lynnwood here and today I'm going to show you how to do the Valentine Knot .

Yes .

Valentine is in for Valentine's Day .

Why ?

Because it looks like a heart and who doesn't want to have something that looks like a nice heart on Valentine's Day .

And I know last year a little after Valentine's Day , I did the open heart knot and this one here is a little bit more of a heart shape for my slightly more conservative followers .

And um I just , I really like the shape that it takes on because it almost looks like a swelling heart that comes out almost like those hearts on the emojis that you see .

Um But I just like the shape of it and hopefully you guys like it too , but I'm going to go ahead and show you how to achieve this today .

So stay tuned and thumbs up if you like it .

Um Thank you guys so much for subscribing and if you want to see more videos like this , please subscribe to see my last video .

Click right here now , let's get started .

Ok .

So let's get started .

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I've got my blade on my right , the tail on my left , the tip of the blade is sitting right at my pants line .

I'm just going to go ahead and take my finger , place it right in the middle and pinch both sides right on into the center , bring it right onto the middle and cross the tail and over the top of the blade , bring it up around and through the center just like .

So now from there , I'm gonna go ahead and take my tie and fold it in half to where my outside edges meet .

So it's folded in half and I'm just going to go ahead and come around back and up through the center .

So now it should be on the other side .

We're gonna do the same thing on this side here .

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So you guys can kind of see the shape that's taking place already and this is gonna create our first set of uh loops for our heart .

Now , let's say you're somebody where , you know , you don't really want something extravagant , you could just stop here .

Um I don't think that it has the same type of appeal if you stop there .

So I'm going to keep going , but of course , you guys know I'm over the top .

So do your thing .

Now , from here , I still have this .

I wanna make sure I've got everything uh nice and comfortable .

All righty where we are here , we are .

So I'm gonna take it and turn that tie to the smooth side , facing out , bring it up , around and through , up , around and through .

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And when we do this portion here , I'm going to actually take a bit of my tie and pull it down and create like a little loop back here .

And what I'm going to do is actually pull that right on through this piece here .

So I just pulled this bottom loop down and place it on in there .

And I know for some of you may be wondering why exactly I did that and you'll see in just a moment because it really helps to reshape the look of your tie .

And so while I'm doing that , I'm just gonna lightly pinch off down here , I'm bringing my collar down some .

Alrighty .

So we've got are two sets there just like so and then here we're just gonna take and shape that just a bit right around where we tuck to that in the back .

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And so when we finish it should have a very nice heart like shape to it and I'm just kind of taking and tucking some little minor details and you guys can kind of see there .

We've got our heart shape knot .

We should nicely hold its shape for you because we've got that little extra back there just as a reminder to it like , hey , don't go anywhere .

Uh You're gonna stay this way all night because I want to make sure that uh this keeps its nice heart shape for me just like that .

So hopefully you guys like it .

Let me know what you think in the comment box below .

Girl , I'm sorry , I'm having to address this just a bit .

There we go .

Ok , so hopefully you guys like it , let me know what you think in the comment box below .

Um As you guys can see , it takes a little bit of playing with to get it just right at first , but once you get it in place , it's not budging , it doesn't go anywhere and it's just a matter of getting it nice and smoothly adjusted .

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So you've got your loops around your heart and when people look at it , it looks like a double layered heart there .

So hopefully that was helpful .

I hope that you guys enjoy it .

Give it a shot before Valentine's Day and that way you can see how it works for you .

So that way when Valentine's Day comes , you are pro at it .

Take care of you guys and until next time uh just thank you so much for subscribing , for watching and for sharing these videos with your friends .

Uh Take care your fancy now .

Bye .


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