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2023-08-06 16:10:09

How to Kiss Cut & Die Cut Stickers With Cricut

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Hi guys , it's Crystal with design bundles today .

I'm gonna show you guys how to make these awesome stickers here .

So these are some Fall stickers that will be perfect for the end of October all the way through November .

So I'm gonna show you guys how to cut them all the way through here on some sticker paper as well as doing a kiss cut and making a sticker sheet like this .

So you'll be able to simply just peel it off like so , so let's go ahead and get started over here on design bundles dot net .

This is the file that I'm gonna be showing you today .

There is , there's a ton of stickers to choose from .

This one is one of my favorites right now .

So I thought I would show you it would be perfect for the end of October and heading off into November .

So this would be perfect for your planners .

Um It will be perfect for like I said , packaging or anything like that .

If you have an Etsy , I just love these .

They're really cute .

So I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how to bring these over in cricket design space and do a print and cut .

I'm gonna show you how to do a kiss cut as well as cutting these all the way through .

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So let's go ahead and get started right now that we've uploaded these to Cricket design space .

I've brought them all in .

So these stickers right here were individual and I just brought them all in over here .

One thing to note some files come in really large .

So when people make these files , they like to save them really big because I do the same , it really keeps them looking nice and crisp .

So when you get frustrated and you think , why is this image so big ?

It's totally worth it .

So all you simply have to do is what I do is I hit select all and then I simply come up here and I change a size .

So I know that I want them all to be about two inches high .

So I'll do that and then I can go from there .

So I've got them all down and now I can just go through here double check like this one .

I need to go back , add it to two inches .

Scoot that over .

Click the next one , click the height , two inches and so on and so forth , right .

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So now that I've got all of these sizes down to the two inches , the next thing I'm gonna do is figure out how many I can get per page So for example , let me show you really quick , I'm gonna make this one big just so I can show you how can you get that exact size to know how big your sticker sheet will be for the printing cut .

So all you have to do is when this first comes in , you'll see it , but I forgot to show you guys .

So I'm gonna go over here and I'll change this to tin high and immediately we're gonna get this little , um you know , warning over here .

So if you click on it , it's gonna tell you , your image is too big and you need to stay within 6.75 by 9.25 .

So this is what I do .

I come right over here to shapes .

I'm gonna get a square and I'm gonna come over here and unlock this 75 by 9.25 and then just like that come down here and walk that back .

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So this is going to be our uh template through this process so we can fit as many as we can on here .

So , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna resize this again to two inches .

So first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on our background here and I'm going to arrange it to the back .

So that way each of these will just come right on top and you guys can see now that they're off that you can see that outline there .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna strategically , if you will kind of place these on here .

So that way I can get the best fit possible , you can either get them .

So that way if you want your sticker sheet to look a certain way you can sit here and strategically do that and then I can sit here and select them and hit attach so they all cut in the same spot or I can let cricket decide that for me .

So what we're gonna do is that right now , I'm just figuring out about how many I can possibly fit on here just like them .

And then I'm gonna start duplicating these things .

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So that way I can have two of each , right ?

And I can fit two more .

So I'm gonna go ahead and just add a couple more in here just like .

So , so now what I can do is click on this and just hide it so that if I don't want to use it later and I'm gonna hit , make it and there you go .

So you can kind of look around on this .

I filled this as much as I could .

Um If you wanted to , you can move these around even over here .

If you wanted to , to kind of switch it around to make your sticker sheets look more uniform or like I said , you could have done that over there .

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So the next step is you can either cut these all the way through and have them as one whole sticker where you peel off the back or you could do a kiss cut to where they're gonna stay on this sheet and you can simply peel them off .

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna hit continue and the first thing we're gonna do is hit , send a printer .

So , what I'm gonna do is I'm using my HP Desk jet and then I'm gonna leave my a bleed and hit print to cut these all the way through .

I'm simply just gonna set the dial to porch stock on my Cricket Explorer two and then to do the kiss cut where they're gonna stay on the sheet .

I'm gonna simply change my dial to the custom dial and now you can see that it's gonna pop up like this .

I can hit browse all material and then I can start to type in sticky and I'm gonna choose sticky note .

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This will give the perfect kiss cut for any sticker paper and then I'm gonna hit go .

So I've got my sticker paper loaded and as you can see , it's just simply gonna go all the way around leaving that little bit of a white border .

So I'm gonna go ahead and let this get it cut out first and I'll meet you back over in the craft room and show you what we got .

How adorable are these stickers .

So , as you can see this is just a kiss cut .

So they just simply pop right off .

And then for this one here , you can see we're gonna pull that hole outside and these are individual stickers .

The easiest way to get these off your mat is simply just bend it over like this and just peel them off one at a time .

This will help to prevent them from curling .

So I'm just gonna quickly pil all of these off .

And I love these , especially for my Etsy .

I like to throw them in the bag .

You can stick them on the outside of the bag .

You can stick the on your tumbler cups .

They are a ton of fun and these ones are super , super cute .

So they just simply peel off just like that .

So just another great way to make stickers , tons of different options here .

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Now on the other sticker sheet , I wanted to show you guys really quickly to take your paper trimmer and trim all the way around , especially if you're going to sell these on Etsy or if you're going to store them , they just kind of look a lot better and just trim away all the way around and you will have a nice sticker sheet .

So I hope you guys enjoyed this .

I hope you found it helpful .

If you did , please hit the like button down below and subscribe and I'll see you on the next one .


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