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Chicken Tikka Biryani _ Eid Special _ Chicken Dum Biryani _ Biryani Recipes @HomeCookingShow​

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Hello everyone .

Welcome to home cooking with me Raman .

When it comes to Biyani , I've made a number of Biryani .

I'll give you a couple of links in the description .

Please go and check it out .

I'm sure you all will enjoy it today .

I'm going to share another fantastic Biryani recipe .

This is chicken Tikka Biryani .

Now there are a couple of steps that I've shown .

Please follow all the steps .

It's actually very , very simple to make .

So let's get started and check out the recipe .

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So now I'm going to mix the marinade for the chicken pieces to a bowl .

Add one cup of fresh curd , one tablespoon ginger garlic paste , half teaspoon turmeric powder , one tablespoon Kashmiri chili powder and one tablespoon regular chili powder , 1.5 teaspoon of salt , one teaspoon masala powder , one teaspoon cumin powder , one teaspoon coriander powder , one teaspoon of pepper .

Next , add the juice of one small lemon .

So just mix everything nicely .

So I'm adding a pinch off the coloring agent .

This is the case powder or the orange color powder .

Now , this is optional .

If you don't want to add it , you can also do it without it .

I'm just adding it because it's going to give a nice color to the chicken pieces .

The marinade is done .

Now , let's marinate the chicken pieces for the chicken Tikka Biryani .

I've taken about 1.5 kg of chicken with bone .

Make sure you cut them into medium size pieces .

You don't want it too large .

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So the reason I'm taking it with bone is because it's gonna add a lot more flavor to the biryani .

Pour the marinade over the chicken pieces .

So just mix the marinade so that all the chicken pieces are coated well .

So you can see just rubbing the marinade onto all the chicken pieces .

So I'm marinating the chicken just for about an hour because we're gonna make the recipe now .

But you can marinate it for about 2 to 3 hours or leave it overnight when you plan to make the chicken Tikka Biryani .

So I've taken two cups of long grain basmati rice for this recipe .

It's a 2 50 ml cup measurement .

Wash the rice a couple of times , pour enough water and soak it for about an hour .

So now I'm going to cook the rice to a pot and enough water to put the rice once the water starts boiling , add the soaked parity rice .

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Next , I'm going to add a few whole spices .

So this is going to make the rice all the more flavorful .

Add cinnamon cloves , cardamom shahi jira , whole peppercorns , maize and bay leaf .

Next .

Add a teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of geep .

Mix everything together , cook till it's about 95% done .

So once the rice is cooked , strain it and keep it aside .

Next , I'm going to make the masala to a pan .

Add one tablespoon of gee and add about half a tablespoon of oil .

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Add a few whole spices , a piece of cinnamon , some cloves and some cardamom .

Once the pan is hot , add two medium sized onions can be sliced three large green chilies .

Slit saute the onions and green chilies for about 3 to 4 minutes .

So I'm sorting the onions on high flame .

So once they've turned to a nice light golden color , add the sliced tomatoes , sorry , the tomatoes for about five minutes , remove the sauted onions and tomatoes and keep it in a plate to the same pan and about two tablespoons of oil .

Now I'm going to cook the marinated chicken pieces , cook the chicken for 10 minutes , remove it from the pan and keep it aside .

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I'm cooking the chicken in batches .

So after removing the first batch , I'm adding the second batch of pieces .

Cook the pieces for 10 minutes , remove them from the pan and keep it aside .

After 10 minutes , I'm going to remove the chicken pieces from the pan and I'm gonna keep it aside .

So once you've removed the chicken pieces , add the saute tomatoes and onions back into the pan .

So we're gonna continue to cook this .

So you can see you have this nice gravy here after about five minutes , add some fried onions .

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So these are really nice , crispy fried onions , add a few chopped coriander leaves , add a few mint leaves , add some fried onions , close the pan and cook for about 10 minutes on low flame .

After 10 minutes turn off the stove .

So the chicken is cooked beautifully along with the gravy and the masala .

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So next we're going to layer the biryani .

I've taken a nice deep pot with good height because when you place it in layers , you need a nice deep pot .

The first layer is gonna be rice , add the cooked pars , rice and spread it out evenly .

Next , add the cooked chicken tikka spread it out evenly .

So you can do this in three layers or two layers .

So I'm doing it in two layers .

Each top , the chicken pieces with a few fried onions , some chopped coriander leaves and a few mint leaves .

Now add another layer of rice on top , spread it out evenly and gently press it down .

So you can see it's nicely packed .

I'm topping it with a few fried onions , some chopped coriander leaves and some mint leaves .

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So the final layer will be the layer of chicken .

I'm adding the remaining chicken pieces spread out evenly .

And finally , I'm finishing off by adding a few fried onions , a few coriander leaves and some mint leaves close the pot .

So I'm sealing the pot with an aluminum foil to retain the heat inside .

Now that we've layered the rice and the chicken , I'm going to place it on them for about 15 minutes .

Heat the tuba .

Once the tava is hot , place the pot on the hot tub , keeping the flame on medium .

Leave it in for about 15 minutes .

After 15 minutes , turn off the stove , remove the pot from the and leave it aside for about five minutes .

So after five minutes , I'm going to open the pot .

So let's see how the Viani is .

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Oh , wow .

Look at that .

So just gently mix it .

This delicious chicken Tikka Biryani is ready to be served , serve it nice and hot immediately .

You can enjoy it as is with some nice or some nice gravy by the side .

Here is this absolutely delicious and fantastic chicken Tikka Biryani ?

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So I was actually meaning to make this for a very , very long time and there were a lot of requests for this particular dish .

So finally , I made it , I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe .

Please try it at home .

You can enjoy it with some nice Raita and some salad by the side .

And I've made the chicken Biryani with bone .

But if you do like to make this particular chicken Tikka Biryani boneless , you could also do that .

So to try the recipe , enjoy and share it with your family and friends


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