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2023-08-07 14:15:32

How to Tie a Bakery Box with Twine _ Nashville Wraps

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This is a great way to tie up a bakery box using bakery twine .

It's sturdy and it'll hold together .

But it's also very easy to untie when you have um a delicious cupcake inside .

For example , you don't want to spend a lot of time on tying the box .

So it just pulls off very easily .

Start with your twine in front of you .

The box in the middle of it , take the cut side and pull it across the front , then take the spool side and just kind of drape it across that corner , then pull the cut side toward you like that .

You're gonna create a little loop just like that , pull the tail toward you and then this little loop that you see , you're gonna take the tail and bring it through that loop .

Um and then tighten it .

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So it ends up looking like that .

I'm just gonna pull it real tight .

Once that loop is tightened , you should be able to um pull on the package side here and tighten it up on the center .

So if I pull on the side that's still attached to the twine , I can tighten that up and this becomes a self tightening knot , which is really cool .

You can get it really nice and tight on the package just by pulling on the here that's still attached .

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So then you're gonna take the end of the twine that's attached to the rule , just kind of figure out how much longer you want it to be leaving enough length to cut , um , to tie a bow and trim it .

Then since this box doesn't have anything in it , I can show you what the bottom looks like .

Um , I'm gonna wrap the twin around the bottom string just once .

Um If you had a cupcake or if this were a bigger box with a cake in it , you would just wanna do that , holding the box up .

Um , obviously you would not want to tip the box up , sit down .

Um , then you take this little end and pull it through like that .

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All you have to do now is just tie a regular bow very easy and I'll trim the ins and I'm all done .


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