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2023-08-06 15:51:11

Easy Waffle Recipe _ How to Make Homemade Waffles

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Get ready .

I'm gonna show you the secret to super fluffy waffles and you don't have to separate your eggs .

Plus you'll love what else you can use this batter for .

Hey , hey , everybody .

It's Natasha .

Natasha's kitchen dot com .

Homemade waffles are easy peasy .

You probably already have all the ingredients to make these .

They come together in one bowl and our tip is a genius check this out .

Let's get started in a large mixing bowl .

Add two large eggs and you can get these right out of the fridge .

There's no need for room temperature ingredients in this recipe .

Oh , you know what ?

Don't worry , we can still use this for breakfast .

All right , right now in with the eggs , we're gonna add two tablespoons of granulated sugar .

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Use an electric mixer to beat those together on high speed for about three minutes or until the mixture is fluffy , the air you incorporate into the eggs and sugar will help the waffles rise and it is the key to super fluffy waffles .

Next , add half a cup of oil .

I'm using a light olive oil , but you can also use canola or vegetable oil .

Also add one in 3/4 cup of any kind of milk , whether it's low fat or whole milk and two teaspoons of real vanilla extract .

And I love using my homemade extract that has just two ingredients and I will link to it in the notes .

Now , in a separate bowl , we're gonna quickly whisk together the dry ingredients .

You'll need two cups of all purpose flour , four teaspoons of baking powder and a quarter teaspoon of salt .

Whisking the dry ingredients together ensures that you don't get any clumps of baking powder .

Now add your dry ingredients into your wet ingredients and mix on low speed just until it's well combined and fairly smooth .

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You should still see some small lumps in the batter .

You can see what the consistency looks like .

The lumps in the batter are totally normal and you want them to be there .

You don't wanna overmix your batter over mixing will develop the gluten more and will create tough and rubbery waffles .

So having those lumps in the batter will ensure your waffles are super soft and fluffy .

You can use the same batter in either a Belgian waffle maker like this one or a classic four square waffle press like this one from all clad .

This one's my favorite .

I love its non stick surface and that it makes four waffles at once .

Preheat your waffle iron depending on how crisp you love your waffles .

We set ours to about 3.5 grease the waffle iron if needed and add enough batter to barely fill the grooves of the waffle press .

You don't want to overfill your waffle maker or it will leak out of the side .

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Now , cover and cook until the timer goes off or until you reach your desired doneness .

I love when they're golden in color .

This ensures the outside is a little crisp and the center is still soft .

Transfer those to a serving platter or to a wire rack repeat with the remaining batter to make more waffles .

If you want to serve the waffles all at once and keep them warm , place them onto a baking sheet and pop them in the oven at 100 and 75 °F until you're ready to serve .

Now I'm gonna show you our favorite mix ins and flavor variations to keep your waffles exciting .

You can add fresh blueberries right into the batter and stir it to combine or if using frozen blueberries , make sure to toss them in a teaspoon of flour .

First .

You can also make chocolate chip waffles .

This is my daughter's favorite mix in some mini chocolate chips right into the batter .

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This last one is my favorite .

It adds subtle but really nice flavor to zest some lemon into your batter .

Let me know if you have any creative ideas for flavor mixing and variations .

I would love to hear from you in the comments .

I'm gonna cook up the rest of these fun waffles to show you what they look like .

Once they're done , the blueberries burst inside the waffle making every bite memorable .

And you'll love how the chocolate chips just melt into every waffle groove .

It's like having dessert for breakfast and the waffles with lemon zest make my kitchen smell so good .

That is a boat load of waffles .

But this is good news because these are freezer friendly .

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It's like the ultimate breakfast meal prep and they reheat so well , you can pop them in the toaster or the air fryer directly from frozen , which is awesome , so quick and easy for breakfast .

My kids love these in the morning .

So just stack them in a freezer .

Safe bag , boom , boom , boom , zip them up and into the freezer .

They go OK .

We're gonna taste test now because I am so hungry and I'm totally craving these waffles .

OK ?

And now decisions , decisions .

Which one shall I taste test ?

This is really difficult .

There's so many OK .

We're gonna go for the classic .

Although they are all so good .

We're just gonna hit the classic , OK ?

And my favorite way and the classic way to serve waffles is just to pile them high with berries .

OK ?

Just pick your favorite berries or whatever fruit in season .

Stone fruit is so good with waffles .

Super delicious .

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You can even use frozen fruit , strawberries .

OK ?

That is a temping , temping , OK ?

And then last but not least some real maple syrup to finish these off .

Maybe I needed a bigger plate .

Ok .

I eat with my eyes , you know , a common problem .

All right , here we go .

Oh , you can hear that little crunch .

What I love about homemade waffles is they have that little crunch crisp on the outside .

Airy and soft on the inside .

Got some berries on there .

Oh .

Mhm .

Mm .

These are so satisfying and at the same time they're really light and fluffy .

Oh , I could eat these every day for breakfast and not get tired of them .

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Especially when you change things up .

I mean , the blueberry , the chocolate chip and that little bit of lemon zest .

It's our secret ingredient .

Also in our lemon ricotta pancakes .

Just a little bit of lemon zest .

Just really takes them over the top .

It makes them taste fancy .

But it was easy .

I love that .

And you can even use these same waffles to make savory waffles .

Try this , pile it high with sliced avocado , then top it with a freshly cooked poached egg where it has that runny yolk and put a little bit of paprika on there .

Slice through it and it is the most incredible breakfast .

My husband's favorite .

I hope you guys try that .

And one more thing if you don't have a waffle press , it doesn't even matter because here's a little secret .

This batter works perfect for making pancakes .

All you need is a good nonstick skillet and some butter and just cook them as pancakes .

I hope this becomes a new favorite .

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Go to breakfast for you .

We'll see you in our next video .


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