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2023-08-07 14:37:55

The Snipping Tool - Windows Screenshots Tutorial

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So in this video tutorial , we're going to take a look at the snipping tool and the snipping tool really is I think one of the best features that's buried in windows .

10 , a lot of people don't even know it exists and they would use it a lot .

I think if they knew it did exist and what the snipping tool is for is it's for taking screenshots .

It's for taking snapshots of things that you have on your computer and saving those for later so that you can use them , let's say in a powerpoint presentation or a word document or whatever .

So let's look at it to activate the snipping tool .

What you need to do is go down to the lower left corner of the screen and click on the search windows button and then just type in snipping .

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When you do that , you should get a result that appears next , just click on it , it opens up and it's just this little bar , uh this little tool bar that appears once you see this toolbar , what you need to do is arrange the screen the way you want it to be to take your screenshot So let's say I want to take a screenshot of part of this article .

OK ?

I would just make it look the way I want to make it look .

And that might include using control minus control plus to make the text bigger or smaller .

It might involve using this scroll bar to get the part of the article I would like to capture .

But once I have it the way I want it to be , I use this toolbar from the snipping tool to click new and notice that the color of the screen changed a little bit .

It went kind of milky white .

And my mouse cursor has turned into a plus sign at this point .

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All I need to do is click and drag around what I would like to capture and then just let go of the mouse button and the snipping tool has taken a screenshot of that web page .

OK ?

There's the screenshot .

And now if I want to , I can annotate on this , I can use a pen to draw on it .

I can use a highlighter to highlight different parts of this image .

I can delete if I need to delete and then I simply click save snip , I can save it to the desktop if I want to or to pictures and I can change the type of image that it's saving as if I want to .

I could save it as a PNG .

Yes or I could save it as a JPEG or one of these other options .

I am going to stick to PNG and I'll click save if I want to , I can change the name , but I'll just click save .

And there on my desktop now is an image that I have taken as a screenshot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , if you really like the snipping tool , if you think you'll use this over and over , I highly recommend that next time you start it up to use it , you go down to the task bar , right ?

Click on it and choose pin to task bar that way .

Once it's closed from then on , you should have access to the snipping tool , quick access here on the bar and you can just click on it to open it up .

So I hope you'll enjoy using the snipping tool .

Thanks for watching and please consider subscribing to my youtube channel for more videos about technology for teachers and students and watch for a new video .

At least every Monday .


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