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2023-08-08 12:47:55

How To Tie a Tie Trinity Knot for your Necktie

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And then I'm actually adding a quarter of a teaspoon , 1 g of baking soda .

I know we have the yeast but the baking soda , why I use that is it add , it actually gives a little more lift to our waffles .

So there'll be a little more lighter and fluffier , but it also helps with browning the outside crust and then making it nice and uh crisp .

So I'm just gonna whisk those together .

Now you want to use a fairly large bowl and I'll tell you why later .

So that's our dry for our wet ingredients .

You will need two large eggs , which 100 g of eggs and I just have them at room temperature .

And to that just whisk those .

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So by the time I adjust it , it's sort of right above the belt line where it should be .

All right , let's have a close look at this .

So we're gonna take the big end , we're gonna pinch it .

This is gonna be our dimple that's gonna be , uh , coming out the bottom of our knot .

We're gonna take the little end , cross it over the front .

Now we're gonna feed it up through the back of your neck , tie knot and back down .

And I wanna keep this fairly tight and taking the little end , we cross over the back like that and now we're gonna feed it up through the front and down through the back of your not , not keeping it tight .

We're gonna pull the little end crossing the back so you can see our pattern here where we're sort of crossing uh the back here every time we feed it up and through .

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Now , taking the little end across the front , now , we're gonna keep this a little bit loose for now because we're gonna feed it down through , uh in just one step here .

So take the little guy up through the back of your neck tie and going crossing the front .

We're gonna feed it down through that front loop and it's gonna come this way across , but now I wanna tighten up this .

So I'm pulling on with my thumb , the back of the part of the tie we just brought through .

So now I'm gonna take this little end and I'm gonna wrap it around the big end and it's gonna come up this way .

So the part we were just trying to tighten up the front end with our thumb , we're gonna end up having a loop here and that's the part where we're gonna fit it through .

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So now what I'm gonna do is just add , are wet too , are dry and whisk or stirred altogether .

So , as you can see if you've made waffles or pancakes , not with yeast , but with baking powder or soda , it's very similar batter , but that yeast adds a really nice , not strong but a like a nice mild yeasty flavor which I really like .

But the best part , the thing I really like about this bat is , uh , you make it the night before .

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So you , if you were say having guests or something or just , you don't feel like doing it in the morning , you can just make this and then , and then I'm just going to , uh , put that there , then you just cover it and put it into the refrigerator like that's it .

And what happens overnight it will rise .

You'll get like a slow rise if you've ever made like no knee bread where you just kind of mix everything together and then just let your , let it sit .

So you'll get a slow rise .

And then what's also good is that develops the nice yeast flavor because if you let it sit , you know , it's going to uh do that .

You can actually refrigerate this for two , maybe three days .

So you can kind of bake your waffles on demand .

Now , if you wanted to like you kind of go .

No , I don't want to do it overnight .

What you can do is just let this batter sit at room temperature for about an hour .


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