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2023-08-08 07:07:49

3 Manly Scarf Knots _ How To Tie Scarves Like A Man _ Tying Parisan Reverse Drape Scarfs

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Gentlemen , Antonio here today , I'm gonna give you three ways to wear a scarf like a man .

Yes , like a man .

I know a lot of you guys are out there searching , you wanna wear a scarf but you want to wear it in a masculine way .

You wanna wear it the right way and to start off guys .

Number one , when you're wearing a scarf , focus on the function .

Number two , focus it maybe on the looks , but function is first , always comes first .

Now I'm gonna give you three ways to wear a scarf .

Now , I've got a lot more than that .

I've got an entire infographic right here .

Go check it out 11 ways to wear a scarf .

But I know that you guys are looking for .

What are the three best ways ?

The three maybe uncommon ways that actually it's going to keep me warm .

It's not gonna come undone .

Uh Guys , I'm gonna go over that right now .

So let me dive right into it .

Number one , the Paris Knot .

Ok .

So a couple of things that go into when you're choosing a scarf for these ties , I'm about to go into the length the width and the material all is going to have a factor .

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I'll go into more of that at the end of this video .

But for this one in particular , I went with a longer scarf .

This scarf is about 80 inches long and you need a longer scarf for the Paris knot .

Pretty simple way to tie though .

You simply fold it in half .

Got that right .

Go around and you're gonna tuck right into here .

Pretty simple .

All right , guys , if you missed it for any reason again , go check out the infographic .

I've got a very simple step by step guide , but this is one of the easier ones .

I find that this does a great job of keeping my neck warm .

It's great for longer scarves and it's something that for some reason , a lot of guys aren't out there using , they're gonna go with the simpler ones .

They see maybe the once around , the twice around , they may not even know what they're actually tying .

But guys , the number one on my list , let's now do the reverse drape tuck .

So a little bit fancier of a sounding name .

I think this one is pretty rare .

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Now , for this one , I do have , this scarf is about , I don't know , I would say this is about 64 inches in length .

Uh It could probably use something a little bit longer , maybe 70 inches to get the same knot .

You definitely want to use a longer scarf .

But one thing I really like about this scarf is the width of it .

So , as you can see , this is a good , about what , 12 inches right there .

Ok .

So the reverse drape tuck , I'm gonna start like this right over here .

I'm gonna go around and then very simply I'm gonna tuck it in on both sides .

Pretty simple .

Huh .

Again , I like this one .

Functionality wise .

It's gonna keep my neck warm .

It is not gonna become , I untied .

It's , you know , just , it's a very functional I can tight it just a bit and it's just gonna stay there for as long .

So if I'm out walking for an hour , two hours , this is gonna work very well .

The third knot is the foreign hand .

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Now , the foreign hand very simply , I'm gonna go in half just like the Paris knot .

When I go around one end is going to go through , then I'm going to twist the loop right like that and put it in here .

I'm gonna , now I'm going to adjust pretty simple .

All of the knots .

I've shown you here today .

Work with longer scarves .

If you have a shorter scarf , let's say something like 60 inches long .

Then in that case , you're gonna wanna maybe just look at the once around .

You're gonna want to look at the drape , you're gonna want to maybe look at the uh the fake knot .

Again , I'm gonna link over to these right here in an infographic or you can go check out an older video that I have out there and I go over seven other knot styles that you can check out right here on youtube .

I would love to hear from you down the comments below .

Which of these three is your favorite ?

Which one do you consider most masculine ?

And uh let me know I'll go down there and I'll check it out .

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And if you haven't already make sure to go grab our app over here at Real Men Realty , the reason you want to grab the app , all of these knots I just showed you .

We have very simply laid out in the app .

You can just thumb right through it and check out all the , the stuff there in the infographic part of the app .

I think you're really gonna enjoy .

It allows you to get that information very quickly .

Gentlemen , I'll see you in the next video .

Take care .


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