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2023-08-09 09:57:41

Caring for leather sneakers - Here’s all you need to know _ (4K)

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White leather sneakers became a staple in every person's wardrobe .

Today , I'm sharing my tips on how to care for leather sneakers to prevent them from creasing , looking unattractive and to help them last longer .

The first step I have for you revolves around re lacing your sneakers straight out of the box .

The standard lacing on most shoes puts a lot of pressure on the bottom part where the eyelids are and that causes creasing similar to the photos you saw earlier .

The method I'm about to show you is called the Saw tooth lacing method .

So what you want to do is unlace your sneakers , make sure both ends are of the same length and re lace your shoes by following the pattern in front of you .

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What this lacing method does is relieve a substantial amount of pressure where the sneakers fold as you walk here and here , thereby minimizing shoe crease .

My next step is around investing in a proper cleaning kit .

The best products I found on the market were by Jason Mark .

I'll put a link to their website in the description box .

This right here is Jason Mark's quick wipes , traditional wet wipes tend to contain harmful oil or chemicals that might alter your shoe color cause cracks in the leather .

Jason Mark's quick wipes are dual textured .

On one side , it's got these slightly raised dots for stubborn dirt or rough surfaces and on the other side it's smooth .

I make sure I pack a few of these when I travel and keep some at the office .

They're perfect for a quick clean .

Every now and then you need to deep clean your sneakers .

I'll upload a step by step video on that .

But I just wanted to give you overview about the various points to keep in mind when cleaning premium delicate leather or fly net , use a soft bristles brush , always brush your sneakers first to get rid of small dirt that can be rubbed into your shoe and cleaning this premium cleaning solution by Jason Marks works by adding only a few drops on a wet brush .

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Then after dipping it in water and shaking off the excess liquid foams up nicely as you brush your shoe in a circular motion .

It's important your shoes do not get too wet while cleaning .

This is why you should never place them in the washing machine .

With this solution , you simply wipe the foam off with a high quality microfiber towel and you're done .

If you're cleaning the top part of your shoe , always remove the laces .

And speaking of which a fresh pair of laces immediately elevates your sneakers .

Look the third tip is wear them properly for this .

Always make sure to use a shoehorn .

You don't want to be barbarically shoving your foot inside .

The sneakers , never wear them without socks to prevent odors from forming .

No show socks are the way to go .

Also be mindful where you're wearing them too .

If it's raining outside or if you're going to a cramp party where people tend to step on each other's feet , avoid wearing white leather sneakers and finally don't wear them every day , allowing your leather shoes to quote unquote reset , helps the leather relax and last longer .

My fourth tip is around storing your sneakers the right way right after taking them off , I use these freshening shoe inserts .

I recommend these rechargeable fresheners by Jason Mark as they're reusable .

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And last long our feet naturally sweat and these are perfect for absorbing the moisture from your sneakers to prevent odors the next day , remove the shoe fresheners and replace them with trees .

Leather stretches over time and your sneakers can lose their original shape to prevent that from happening .

Use shoe trees .

One thing to note is that these are not one size fits all .

So make sure you buy your size and invest in decent ones .

The ones I'm using here are made of cedar wood .

Do not buy plastic wooden shoe trees are more expensive but worth the premium at home .

I like to store my sneakers in their original box and when traveling , I use shoe bas since I don't always clean the bottom part of my sneakers , I like to insert them in a plastic bag before using the shoe ba this is just my preference .

Shoe bas are important because they act as a separator between your shoes and clothes in your suitcase and also prevent the delicate leather from getting scratched .

If you feel the shoe trees add a lot of weight to your suitcase .

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You can always exceptionally replace them with paper and last but not least when packing your leather sneakers , place them last at the very top to avoid the weight of your other belongings from pressing down on them .

And that's it for my tips on how to care for leather sneakers .

I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful .

If you did , please like comment and subscribe , it helps a lot .

Thanks for watching and until next time .


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