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2023-08-06 15:27:42

How To Download Valorant On PC For Free (Full Tutorial) _ Valorant Download Guide

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how to download valour on PC for free .

It's the topic of today's video .

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Right now , I really do appreciate it .

And then go and leave a like It does mean a lot , and it just means if you get more people so today I'm going with a full guide of being able to access that on your computer and play it from downloading it to installing it to then getting ready .

And , yeah , I've got a bit of tips at the end as well .

Um , just any sort of tool shooting issues you may have .

And I hope you found this useful or any further ado .

Let's jump straight into this .

I'm now in the tutorial part of the how to download valour on PC and laptop and pretty much any device .

So the first thing we're gonna do is simply just search up riot games so quickly on quickly cover .

Essentially , you can't just get valour on , you know , games on systems like steam , um , and other sort of game , um , shops and , you know , game stores you have to actually download a specific installer for this .

Um , because they are the developers of the game .

It's not like they've uploaded it on steam .

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So yeah , What we do is come to Rio games home and we can hop into here .

And as you can see , right games do loads of games .

We've got valour here .

But you also got a league of legends and a couple of others .

So here's what we do is come and click on it .

Click here and now it's going to take you to the valour site .

So we are now here .

So the first thing you wanna do is click on play now , of course , because we want to play it again on our computers .

So click there .

Now , as you can see here , you've got two options .

I don't have a riot account yet .

I have a riot account , so I'm don't have one .

I'm gonna click make now .

But if you have one , you click here and come and sign in .

Um , as you can see , you're just going to sign in .

So I'm gonna come back and actually go and register and I'm gonna click .

Make one .

I've already run through this right now .

So the first you want to do is enter your email , so I'll type that in quickly now and then we can go to the next step .

So then you've got the option here to receive occasional news .

Personally , I'm not going to , um But if you want , you can take it there .

Then you're gonna enter your date of birth .

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So I'll enter that now and we'll get to the next one and then you choose your user name .

So for me , I'm gonna use tutorial Tucker as that is my user name .

Then click next and here .

You got to enter your password , so make sure it's secure and something you're gonna remember , So I'll do that now .

And once you've done that , it's now gonna load .

And you should have successfully created your account and you'll be on this page here where you can go and download valour .

Make sure you keep watching so you want to click in and click download and you've got the option in here .

So you've got to go and verify your date of birth .

And once you've done that , you can then go and click , download , download , valour and click download .

And as you can see , we've now got this installing down here .

Now , there , 65 megabytes .

This isn't the whole game , of course , because otherwise that would just be way too small .

So you can see it's downloading .

It's almost there .

I'll quickly wait .

And now we're done .

So then I'm gonna go and click on it .

You're probably gonna get a window security pop up in a minute .

Yep .

There we go .

Sorry .

Basically , most recorder blocks that out , so I can't show you that .

But it's simply something where you click yes or no .

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Anyway , we've now got this here as you can see it , right games .

We've got the options here to click Install 8.6 gigabytes .

But quickly , if you click on the advanced options here , you can go and change the install .

Pass the person I'm going to , and I've just changed that now and I'm now gonna click Install .

So as you can see , it's now installing .

It's preparing , and it's just doing this .

So you essentially going to wait .

It will take a while .

Um , there There's a few steps you have to complete , but it's all pretty straightforward .

From now on .

Like I said before , I am going to show you the quick troubleshooting thing at the end as well .

If you have an issue with being able to access valour .

But I'll quickly show you this .

There's a few sort of different , um , Softwares and bits to files .

It has to be installed .

So you just got to sort of wait it out and it gives you a little timer down here , which is pretty easy to reuse .

Um , as you can see , it's now finished and it's actually disappeared .

Um , but it will .

Probably something else is going to appear in a minute .

So as you can see , you've now got to go and sign in .

So I'm gonna quickly sign in and then I'll be back .

So I've now entered my details .

I'm gonna click sign in .

And as you can see , actually , it's already downloading here .

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It's done about 150 megs so far , so I'm gonna quickly read through these and then go and accept them .

So I've now read through them , and now I'm going to accept .

And we're now here so as you can see new player and I'm currently downloading it and it's going to take 11 minutes and then once it's finished , you can go and get valour .

Now this is so , so easy and it's absolutely insane .

And I just think it's so so good and yeah , it's really , really awesome .

You just have to wait for this .

And if you've got slow Internet , I'll give you a few tips in a minute as well .

But yeah , let's jump into the trouble shooting part of the video .

So here is some gameplay my brother actually recorded .

Oh Valer is super , super good and really fun .

Put it on his PC simply because while we're recording this mom , we're still downloading .

Um , as you did see , it is quite a big download , and I want to quickly give us some tips of in in basically increasing your download speed .

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So a few tips of increasing your download speed to be able to access these games faster is basically the first tip is not going on your PC while the download is occurring essentially because anything else on your computer like going on chrome going on any of the Web browser will decrease the download speed , which would just make it even longer to go and download , which it would just take it longer to access the game right .

And another tip is I would recommend doing that overnight .

It speeds the whole process up a lot .

And you you have those , like , eight hours while you're asleep .

Or how long you asleep , Um , for the games download in .

No matter what the speed of your Internet is , they like the main tips .

But yeah , I bought at least this game play playing .

I hope you do enjoy just sort of watching through the game play , getting idea of what it is like .

Essentially , as I know , a lot of people you know , when they have some Internet or even if they don't even know what Internet they have , it's nice to be able to see what they look for downloading it , because it may not be to your style .

Um , so , yeah , I hope you do enjoy this bit of gameplay .

I'll just hope running for a few more minutes and then you can go and download it yourself .

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Or basically I won't put a link down below , but you can see where it is , and I did describe how to get to it on Google , so that won't take two minutes .

But if there's any other more how tos you want to see on the channel , please do let me know .

I really do like making content , which you actually enjoy seeing .

And uh , yeah , I think that's the main tips I wanted to cover .

If you want to see any other specific downloads as well , I think is the main thing I want to say .

You know , there's obviously how tos , but you can go and be able to go and download specific games and do keep watching the whole channel .

I'm making so many how tos daily content is coming .

Other tutorials , mainly more Tik Tok based that we very soon so do keep watching , but quickly a huge thank you for 18,000 subscribers .

We hit it just a couple of days ago , and the child is going so so fast .

I appreciate it so much .

The channel is doing absolute bits , and I obviously this channel wouldn't be here without you guys watching .

I do appreciate share that a lot , and if you're still here , drop a like right now and subscribe and There's a lot more content coming , so make sure you turn that notification Bell on should provide every time I drop a brand new video .

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But if you're excited for the next one , make sure you comment them below as well .

And if there are any other issues , you run in any other questions you have drop them below and I'll try my best to reply to them .

And often , actually , people in the comments as well will end up replying to you as well .

Um , you know , replying and saying if there's something they can do or something they've encountered managed to troubleshoot .

But if you have any sort of like more like specific stuff , I do always recommend putting like an error code into Google .

That does help a lot , and you can essentially Google the error code and it will list them .

You could maybe a few forums or the actual developers site where they've come across this issue and and a fix for it .

Um , otherwise , you know , doing it yourself can take a while , and I'll try my best to reply to the comments .

But obviously you know , the more videos to upload , the harder it is to get to reply to comments .

I'm trying to reply to as many as possible .

Especially more like question specific , um , comments .

You know , if they have a specific question , which I know I can give a good answer to , I will be definitely trying to reply to that .

Um but yeah , there's a lot of comments coming in which I do really appreciate .

I appreciate all the support so so much so please do keep it up .

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The channel is growing so well and I appreciate it .

And yeah , I think that's the main topics I wanted to cover .

But anyway , thank you so much for watching this insane valour video .

If you're interested in more content just like this , consider subscribe down below right now .

And I look forward to catching you in the next one .

Have an awesome day .



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