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Youtube family .

Welcome back .

If you're brand new here , I'm Devin on deck .

I discuss fashion and tech and today we're talking about how to clean every type of sneaker .

A few weeks ago when I showed you guys my entire sneaker collection .

One of the questions I got numerous times is Devin , how do you keep your shoes so clean ?

So , in this video , we're going over what cleaning tools I use when I use them and how often and how to do it quickly and efficiently .

Now , real quick as we go through this video , if you see a better way to do something , please let me know this is my process .

It's worked for me for years successfully , but I'm always open to learning more .

It's a two way street I learned from you .

You learn from me .

So if you see anything that can be done , better drop a comment down below while you're watching the video , I appreciate it .

Ok .

Now here's my setup , a small to medium size towel that I don't mind getting dirty two bowls .

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We're gonna put water in those later .

I'm gonna use a small scrub , a medium bristle to you know , get the dirt off a lint roller and I'll show you how to use that in a second as well as a clothing detergent pot .

It does not matter the brand , but I use this because it's good on rubber , on leather and fabric .

Now , as far as how often you want to clean your shoes if you want to make it easier on yourself , do it the day of , but if you don't really have time or you're feeling lazy , do it at the end of the week .

Ok .

Do not wait any longer in a week because as long as the dirt stays on the shoe , it soaks in more and it's gonna be hard to clean off later in my experience .

Now , the shoe for today's video is the shoe of the day by PS 8 21 .

As you can see it is suede , it is leather and there is fabric there as well .

So we're gonna be able to cover all the bases without having to switch a whole bunch of shoes around .

And if you like this shoe , I will link it down below for you .

If you wanna check it out .

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Now , quick disclaimer cleaning multiple shoes in one session .

Make sure you start from the lightest shoe to the darkest shoe because you wanna make sure the water is fresh and it's super clean at the very beginning .

And as you get to the end , it's gonna get a little Murkier .

So it just makes more sense to do it with the darker shoes .

Last right now .

First things , first you wanna prep the shoe by dusting it off for the dry towel is getting all the extra dust off , especially as it's been sitting out for a week .

It kind of knocks off the surface dust and then follow up with the lint roller , especially if you're dealing with a suede shoe or a fabric shoe .

The towel isn't really gonna get everything off , but the lint roller will literally pull off any dust , any dirt that's on the surface .

So you can really focus on the deep stain and real quick before we get to the next step .

If you haven't put a thumbs up on this video yet , please do it real quick .

I know you forget .

Sometimes I do too .

Just help your boy out .

Thank you .

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The next thing you wanna do is fill both bowls with hot water , but add detergent only to the one bowl and make sure you mix it in really well till it fully dissolves and then you're ready to start scrubbing the sheet .

Now you wanna focus on the fabric portions .

You wanna focus on the sole , you wanna focus on the leather but then avoid the suede .

Ok ?

Now , if you notice I also dip inside the clear water sometimes as well and that's really just to rinse my brush off when I see a lot of dirt getting on it or if I want to dilute the mixture because it is a very highly concentrated amount of soap in that first bowl .

So you really got to figure out the SUD level you want or how concentrated you want it to be as well as leave it sitting in there .

So it can kind of clean itself out as you kind of switch in between shoes .

So it's a great way to put it in there without making your soapy water , the dirty water after you do a first round of washing , go ahead and dry the whole shoe off , examine it .

And usually if it's a white sole , it's gonna still be a little dirty .

So I do it one or two more times and after that , you're good to go .

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That's basically my entire process .

Now , if your shoe laces look dirty to you , you got to make a judgment call .

If you want to wait a little bit longer to maybe the next wash , it usually takes me maybe about three or four wears usually before my laces get super dingy , but then I put them in the washing machine , especially if I have a whole bunch of them to do .

Now , if your shoe is all leather , it's really easy to clean exactly the same way as this video .

If it's entirely suede , you want to use an eraser and a dry brush , I literally just run out of my eraser .

So I don't have it anymore , but it's like a big blocker that's really hard and it gets a lot of the stains out on your sweat and gets it back to clean .

So I will link down a few below for you if you want to check out some ones that I found on Amazon .

If the shoe was all fabric like chucks or vans or Nike Prestos , I literally just throw them in the washing machine on cold with colors that are the same , usually like towels and stuff like that , let them air dry overnight and then they're good to go .

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Make sure to give this video video , a thumbs up , hit that button right now if you enjoyed this video and if you haven't subbed yet , this is the perfect place , the only place on youtube , you're gonna find the balance between the fashion side of stuff and the tech side of stuff .

So you're gonna learn how to take better outfit photos , how to be more successful on social media as well as how to dress , better , smell , better , have more confidence , all that good stuff .

So if that sounds great to you , make sure to sub thank you so much for your time and I will see you on the next one .

Yeah .


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