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2023-08-07 14:40:54

Make 5 Meals In 35 Minutes With This Lemon Chicken Meal Prep

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this episode is all about lemon chicken .

It is a fantastic recipe to make .

It's being served with some pan fried vegetables and , of course , soft , fluffy rice .

And all we conversions , ingredients , substitutes and nutrition values are listed in the description .

Starting out .

We're gonna get the most out of two heads of broccoli .

We're gonna use a sharp paring knife and just run it around the stem just to remove the florets into nice bite size pieces .

You may have some pieces that are bigger than the others , so we're just gonna trim them up , making sure that they're all the same size .

And this will just ensure that everything cooks at the same time and temperature with the stem .

Definitely .

Don't throw this away .

This is packed with sweet flavour and obviously a lot of nutrition .

We can just remove the outer layers because these can be a little bit Woody .

I prefer to use them old .

You can throw them away .

Some people do find them bitter , and then we're just gonna trim this up into bite size pieces , preferably the same size as the florets .

If you didn't wanna use these in this recipe , you can also save them , freeze them and use them in soups in the future with the bottom of the broccoli stem , though I do recommend throwing this away as it's really bitter and quite hard .

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But other than that , this is all that needs to be done .

Next is 250 grammes of washed green beans .

All we need to do with these is remove the top and tail of them .

They can be a bit hard .

Obviously , it contains the stem , too .

It's up to you how you wanna do this , and you can leave them whole or chop them in half .

Now , with the veg out of the way , we're gonna need two lemons for our sauce .

These can both just be sliced in half and then juiced on a Citrus juicer or by and just make sure no seeds decide to hop in , because it's definitely not nice having seedss in your sauce .

Last but not least , swap out your board to a board that you dedicate to chicken .

Slap down 1 kg of boneless and skinless chicken thigh .

Slice this into nice strips , then dice into bite size pieces .

Obviously , this right here isn't 1 kg of chicken , but this right here is now to make our sauce .

Add 125 millilitres of chicken stock to a small mixing bowl , along with three cloves of garlic that can be run along a micro plain to create a paste , and you can also put this along a fine box grater .

Next , we're going to add in the juice of both of those lemons 80 millilitres of honey , which I put in the microwave for about 20 seconds just to loosen it up .

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2.5 grammes of onion powder for a strong concentrated flavour .

30 millilitres of soy sau for a salty umami flavour .

10 millilitres of sesame oil for a strong nutty flavour .

And 12 grammes of corn flour , which will help thicken this up once it reaches the heat .

Let's then get in there with a whisk and mix this up just until everything is combined and that corn flour is broken down .

Test it for seasoning and adjust if necessary , with sea salt flakes and cracked black pepper .

10 cracks worth .

Get back in there again with the whisk and mix this to combine .

As for cooking place a large sauce pan over high heat , adding 350 grammes of washed basmati rice , 700 millilitres of cold water , which is a 2 to 1 ratio , and sea salt flakes to taste .

Then just give this a mix around to prevent any clumps from forming and bring it to a boil .

Once boiling , place on a lid and lower the heat to low and cook for 14 minutes undisturbed .

In the meantime , place a large pan over medium high heat .

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Add in 30 millilitres of olive oil and then dump in the broccoli as well as the stems , a pinch of sea salt flakes to taste and saute this for 3 to 4 minutes , just until the broccoli starts to gain a nice little golden brown colour .

You also don't have to use broccoli .

If you're not a fan , you can use a whole wide range of all of your favourite different vegetables .

Now , after four minutes and our broccoli's softened up and starting to gain nice colour .

Let's add in the green beans and continue sauteing for about three minutes , just mixing it through regularly .

We can also add in some cracked black pepper at this stage .

Follow that up with 80 millilitres of water .

This is going to allow it to steam .

We can then place it on a lid and allow it to cook for two minutes before removing the lid .

Mix it around , and what you should have is perfectly cooked vegetables , which are soft but still do have a nice bite to them .

Remove this from the stovetop and transfer the veg into a bowl or plate or whatever you have .

And we're going to reuse the pan to save dishes .

And this right here is the macros for five individual servings .

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After 14 minutes , we can go back to the rice , turn it off the heat and leave the lid on for a final four minutes before removing it and fluff it up with a fork or a spatula , leaving us with this perfect soft , fluffy rice .

And these are all of the macros for five individual 210 gramme servings .

Now the best part is the honey chicken , So place the same pan back over a high heat .

Add in 20 millilitres of olive oil and slide in your thighs .

Spread them out evenly across the bottom of the pan .

This is going to ensure that they get really nice colour all over and cook evenly .

Season to taste with sea salt flakes , then mix and cook regularly for 10 minutes , which will cook the chicken all the way through and gain really nice colour and flavour .

After 10 minutes , give it another mix through to ensure nothing is stuck and that chicken is cooked through and has nice colour .

Add in all of the sauce mixture , and then again , mix this for 1.5 to 2 minutes , and during this process it will come to a boil and the corn flour will react to the heat and thicken the sauce , coating everything really well .

This is completely optional , but I'm adding in five grammes of both white and black sesame seeds for a nice pop of colour .

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Also checking it for seasoning with sea salt flakes and cracked black pepper .

Then mix this through just for about 20 seconds , just until that sauce is completely thick and preferably don't set your tea towel on fire like I did here .

Also , this is all of the nutrition values for 200 grammes or five servings of the lemon chicken with serving .

If we look back throughout the video on those nutrition cards , I've put it down as 200 10 grammes of rice , 130 grammes of the veg mix and 200 grammes of the honey chicken .

But you might want to lower those amounts and get six or seven portions out of this .

I am also going to Sprinkle over some black sesame seeds on the rice to give it a nice pop of colour .

But with all of that done , we have just created these absolutely incredible lemon chickens that are perfect for pretty much any occasion .

As for storage , we can place on the lid and get these in the fridge as soon as possible , where they'll last four days and four months in the freezer .

But if you're using the meal prep containers that I have , you can use the vacuum sealed pump to make these last five days in the fridge .

This is the complete dish nutrition values for all of those weights that I said just before .

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But with all of that done , we can then dig in now .

I made this a couple of times .

The sauce wasn't as good in those previous times , but this is absolutely perfect .

The consistency is just right and coats the chicken really well .

And obviously the flavour is incredible , too .

The vegetables are obviously just vegetables .

You can swap and change , and I'll leave a few things about that in the description .

And the rice is super soft and fluffy .

Overall , this combination works absolutely perfectly , and I really hope you enjoy it .


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