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2023-08-07 14:18:10

How To Correctly Tie Down Your ATV and UTV

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This video is all about the correct way to tie down your ATV or side by side .

Now , if you're tying down in an enclosed trailer and the tie downs come loose , the machine is going to bounce around and cause some damage .

And if you're tying down to a flatbed trailer , the machine can actually come off the trailer .

So for those reasons , we're going to show you the correct way to tie down your ATV or side by side , some trailers aren't going to give you the option .

But when you drive your machine onto the trailer , the first thing you want to do is make sure a lot of the weight is centered over the axle with a little more weight towards the front of the vehicle that's going to help with towing stability .

Once you have the machine in the correct spot , then you can apply the parking brake or just put it in park .

So for most machines , the tie down points are going to be at a low spot on the frame .

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So this machine , we have them right and left side right here .

It's going to be in a similar spot on the front and we need to have a secure point on the trailer to tie down to as well .

So if you don't have a secure spot to tie down to , we do have options for you on our website that you can add to your trailer .

Our trailer , it already has these hooks .

So we will hook our tie down here and this is just the rider cargo tie down .

We're using , it has a soft tie built into it .

And that way you're not going to scratch up your frame .

It also makes tying down the machine a little bit easier .

So once that's all set up , we're just going to take the slack out of the strap .

You want the strap to be straight or as straight as possible .

A little twist is fine .

But if you have a ton of twists in there , you want to take those out and then we're just going to ratchet this down a couple of clicks .

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So at this point , we're going to attach the other three tie downs and once they're all attached , we can start tightening everything down evenly .

And we do recommend always using four tie downs per machine .

A few things I want to point out are when we are tying everything down , we avoided any sharp areas that could possibly cut this strap while we're transporting the vehicle .

And we also did a tie down point that's going to be a straight shot to our machine that's going to hold this thing secure .

And if you have any leftover length on your strap , you want to make sure you tie this up , whether it's just tying a slip knot by the ratchet or if you have enough length , you can actually run this down to the bottom of that hook and then tie it up down here .

But the main point is you just don't want a ton of strap flapping around in the wind while you're driving .

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And one last thing , it's a good idea to rock the machine side to side and make sure everything really is tied down securely before you lift up your gate and drive off .

So we're going to check that this thing is looking good .

So we're ready to go ride .

Now , if you're tying down multiple machines , your tie down points on the machine might look a little different than what's in your owner's manual .

But usually if you go from the frame , it's going to be a safe bet .

You just want to avoid any sharp edges , pinch points or any wires that could be damaged .

And just like the first machine we showed you on each machine , we're going to use four tie downs .

And you also want to avoid tying down from any suspension components and you don't want to be the guy that loops the tie down over the roof and tightens it down .

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You want to try to keep the tie down on a low point on the frame and then tie it down to a secure spot on the trailer .

As I mentioned earlier , tying down your machine in an enclosed trailer is going to be the same process .

The only difference on this trailer we have the E track installed makes it really simple to change your mounting locations .

The last thing we want to talk about is loading your ATV into the back of your truck .

The biggest mistake people make with this is hitting that rear window and breaking it .

So just make sure you don't go too far forward again .

We're going to be using four tie downs .

The difference is going to be , we're going to use the same hook up point on the front , but we're going to run those tie downs to the back and then same thing on the back .

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We're going to hook those tie downs up back there , but we're going to run them to the front and they're just going to be in a criss cross pattern and that's going to hold the machine securely .

You might have to choose different mounting points on your machine .

Just go to the frame if you can try to avoid any suspension parts or sharp corners , that's it for the correct way to tie down your TV or side by side .

If you need the tie downs or any other trailer accessories , you can find those on our website and be sure to leave your tips and tricks down in the comments below .

Maybe you can help somebody else out and for more helpful content like this .

Subscribe to our channel .

I'm Charles .

Thanks for watching .


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