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2023-08-08 06:58:57

✔️How to make Delicious Biryani from Leftover Chicken _ Quick and Easy _ TLSL

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Hi guys today , I'll be showing you how to cook delicious biryani from the leftover chicken .

So for this , I would be taking some rice that I soaked for 30 minutes .

So this is basmati rice .

You can take whichever rice that you want .

Then of course , the star ingredient , the leftover chicken , this is kara chicken .

You can use whichever chicken that you have at disposal .

Uh For the flavoring of the rice , I'm just chopping some onion .

So I've taken just half of an onion because the chicken is already cooked thoroughly .

So I need not make it more spicy .

Also the other ingredients that I would be using in the tempering of the rice uh are some bay leaf , actually just one bay leaf , one big cardamom , uh uh two cloves , then uh some black pepper and also cumin .

I would be adding all this at once .

Now into a heated pan .

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I'm adding some refined vegetable oil .

When the oil is hot enough , I would be adding the whole spices like .

So the pit patter of these spices is just so satisfying .

Now , into this , of course , I would be adding uh my chopped onion and so they eat for a while .

I'll cook it till it's beautiful golden brown in color , such a divine aroma .

So this is what it should look like .

Perfect golden brown .

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Now into this , I would just toss in the chicken and add the soaked rice , mix everything very , very gently .

Now add some salt to it .

After this , I will add some water .

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It has to be double the amount of the rice and then mix everything once again , very nicely .

Add more water if you wish to mix and mix and then just close the lid after mixing , just close the lid and allow it to cook for 3 to 4 minutes on a moderate flame .

So this is what it looks like .

Now , I'll just open the lid and stir it once again so that the ingredients are mixed properly .

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Finally , I will put the lid back on and let it simmer for 5 to 6 minutes so that the rice is cooked after 5 to 6 minutes , just switch off the burner and allow the Biryani to be on rest for some time .

This way , all the aroma and flavors are beautifully infused into the rice and the magic moment .

This is how delicious and inviting the Biryani looks , serve it with or chutney and enjoy with your family and friends and thank you so much for watching .

Have a very good and delicious day .

Bye .


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