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2023-08-07 14:36:33

Caramel Nut Popcorn _ One Pot Chef

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One of my favorite things in the world is movie night inviting some friends round .

We have a few glasses of wine , have some really naughty snacks and just sit around trashing the horrible movies we choose to watch .

It's a lot of fun today .

I'm gonna show you one of my all time favorite movie night snacks .

Let's make some caramel nut popcorn .

I'm the one pot .

Chef , step one is to pop our popcorn .

So , into a large saucing or a big pan , I'm going to pour in some vegetable oil about a quarter of a cup .

You can use any plain vegetable oil you like .

I'm just using some canola oil .

I'm gonna heat the oil over a medium heat .

Now , we've got some popping corn here .

You can buy this from the supermarket quite commonly .

Now , we've got half a cup here .

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And what we're gonna do is we're gonna put a couple of these bits of corn into the oil like that and when they start to sizzle and spin a little bit , we'll know the oil is hot enough .

Our popcorn is starting to sizzle .

So we're gonna put in the rest of our popcorn .

Lovely .

Put the lid on .

Make sure it's a tight fitting lid and we're gonna watch the magic happen .

A popcorn started to pop .

So what we're gonna do ?

Oh , there , there's another one .

We're just going to give the pan a gentle shake just to make sure all the popcorn is covered in that lovely oil .

And look at that once the popcorn starts to slow down and isn't popping as much .

Simply turn off the heat and let it finish .

Should be no more than about a minute or so away .

We've got a nice big crop of popcorn here .

I think we're just about done there .

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So we're gonna transfer our popcorn into a large bowl and just discard any little popcorns that didn't pop .

Let's make our caramel into a sauce pan .

We're going to add in 100 and 25 g of butter , three quarters of a cup of white sugar and two tablespoons of beautiful rich honey .

And we're just gonna stir this together over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved and the butter is melted .

It should be about five minutes or so .

Roughly once the butter is melted and the sugar is dissolved into the mixture , we're gonna bring this mixture to the boil and allow it to boil for about five minutes or so .

Don't stir it while it's boiling .

Just let it boil for about five minutes or so until it goes a nice deep golden color a very quick tip .

Make sure you are very careful with this caramel while it's boiling and once it's done because it is extremely hot .

If you get it on your skin , it will burn your skin off .

You will be scarred for life .

So just be very careful .

Don't get it on .

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You don't try and put your finger in it to taste it or anything like that .

Just leave it alone .

Trust me , treat it like lava .

Look at that beautiful golden color .

Right .

Turn off the heat and we're gonna completely remove the pan from the heat .

I'm gonna add in some crushed nuts .

Now , about a cup full of crushed peanuts and just gently stir them through .

I'm gonna pour our peanut caramel mixture over our popcorn and just using a spatula .

We're just going to gently toss our popcorn to make sure it all gets nicely coated .

Uh , caramel popcorn is looking sensational .

We're just gonna transfer this onto a tray lined with baking paper .

That's it spread out on the tray .

Now , we've just got to let this sit aside on the counter to cool .

Once it has , it'll be stuck together .

But then all you have to do is break it up and put it into bowls and here is some of our completed caramel peanut popcorn .

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My dentist will have a fit if he ever sees this video , but I'm going to have a little taste .

Oh my God .

Oh , there's No denying that .

That's downright naughty .

Mm .

You've got the beautiful taste of that popcorn .

You've got that rich , almost creamy caramel flavor .

And you've got those little explosions of peanut all through it .

Yum .

Oh , don't tell my dentist .

Well , I hope you enjoyed this recipe .

Check out my videos at one pot chef show dot com and until next time , see you later .


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