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2023-08-07 14:16:10

How To Tie A Bow Tie - The SIMPLEST Bow Tie Method Ever

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another additional .

Um , in this episode , we want to talk to you guys about bow ties .

And , um , one of the things that we often get asked is , how do you do a bow tie now , for some of you guys out there , you probably only wear ready made bow ties .

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Um , however , we feel that in order to get that real impression to get people to see that you put effort into your wear a self bow tie , a self tie bow tie is the best option to go for because it allows you to , You know , um , again at the end of the night , even undo it , have that cool look where he's just drunk or , you know , over your chest .

Um , even though some guys kind of walk into parties looking like that , see him smiling a bit more because he's done it before .

Haven't done it .

Um , however , we want to show you guys the best way to do your bow tie .

What I tend to do is now because because I'm looking straight into the camera .

That's my left , and that's my right .

So you want to have your left side as low as possible .

not as low as possible , but longer than the right hand side .

Now , what I tend to do is I tend to get this point of the right part of the bow tie up where I want it to be tied .

So right there , up there .

So I take the left hand side over the right and up and under right through the main hole .

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Now the whole point is to get that point of the bow tie as closest to my neck as possible .

Now , once I've tied it as tight as possible , I take the left hand side .

What was the longest and left hand side over my shoulder There .

It's gone .

Put it out of the way .

So now it's gone .

It's back , it's gone .

So what you now do is you take this bit , which should remain in the right hand side and see this bit there .

You wanna make put your hand there to almost create a bow just like that .

Hold it in place .

Now , you take the bit that you put over your shoulder and wrap it back over the top and let it sit just like that .

All right , simple enough .

So It's just sitting on top of that that they take both sides of your bow and you fold it across .

Take the bow , I turn it to one side and if I turn it to the side , you'll see there's a small hole created right there .

You see that ?

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Now ?

That hole is where I'm gonna push this part of fabric straight through , right .

It's gonna go straight through there .

So what you want to do is take the large part of this bow here and push it through that hole .

So that's exactly what I'm gonna do now , A bit tricky , but this is probably the most difficult part of tying the bow tie is getting that through there .

So now what we have here is two sides Now I've pushed the the large end through the back only halfway through .

So I've left the other side in the other through the other part of the hole .

If I let it go , I've pretty much got a bow tie tied there .

Now , the key thing , what I need to do really now is just to play with it .

So what I'll do is I'm gonna pull on the two loop ends to make sure that knot gets tighter .

Reason being why you push this loop through that side through the right hand side is because you want to have the loops on opposite sides .

If you had them both on both sides , then the tie would just fall apart .

Really ?

So there we go .

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We've now played a it It's now tight .

Look at that .

See ?

Now the way I do my bow ties , I like them to look just a tiny bit messy .

If you can see that there .

The reason being is because when you tend to look at er when I tend to see a perfect looking bow tie most most of the time , that tends to be a pre tied one .

So I like to have that feeling of having a nice self tie bow tie .

I want people to know that I can tie a tyre .

Um , you know , But , um , it's a little insecure , like , Don't worry , guys .

I'm not even gonna deny it .

I want people to know I can tie a bow tie .

So , um so Yeah , so I like to tie my bow tie .

I like it to be a little bit imperfect , and I think that's the beauty of it .

It's always gonna be a tiny bit different , so don't get too bogged down in the intricacies of trying to make it absolutely perfect .

Thanks for watching .

We hope you found it informative .

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Instagram , Pinterest , twitter , LinkedIn , tumbler , tumblr .

Um , and just the Internet search more and will Will will come up .

So yeah , again .

Thanks for Thanks for watching guys remember , Always be We are here today to talk to you about black Tide .

No , of the racist , the former .

Yeah , I know , I know , I know .

But then I realised I couldn't remember which one .

I said that at school .

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Um , I never usually had a problem getting things into holes , but this is a Yeah , Yeah .

Oh , that's not making the cut .

That's not making the cut anyway .

So what I've done is I've got it through the hole successfully .

I stopped laughing


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