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2023-08-08 06:54:37

Rice Cooker Fried Chicken Biryani - Chicken 65 Biryani in Rice Cooker - Instant Lunch Box Recipe

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With every bite .

Mm .

We all love fried chicken chicken 65 and we all love biryani when you want to cook these things .

Some people get a little bit worried but cooking in a rice cooker is the easiest way of doing any of these recipes .

We're going to use rice cooker to make the biryani and we're going to fry the chicken and this is going to be like a fried chicken .

65 kind of biryani .

Hello , welcome back to another session with your wash chef .

And today we're going to learn how to make this fried chicken 65 kind of biryani .

So first add some little bit of ginger and garlic and crush it .

I always love fresh ginger garlic paste in a lot of my cooking because that's going to make it very , very flavor .

That's fine .

In this .

We're going to add all the biryani ingredients , mint chopped coriander .

Finally chop green chili in this , in this , we're going to add some spices .

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So here the bay leaf cinnamon star cardamom glove and a little bit of Jira all the flavoring that we love in a biryani , maybe one black cardamom and mace in this , we're going to add rice just soak the rice for like 15 minutes and add two rice cooker .

Now , spread the rice on top of these nice herbs and masal in this , we're going to add water for two cups of rice .

We need to add four cups of water and this is four cups of water .

But I'm going to remove one cup of water away because I'm going to add yogurt one cup .

Now , in this water , add salt in such a way , this water is like sea salt water always taste the water .

It will be like sea salt water .

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Now , in this , add the water , just little bit of oil will make this nice and perfect .

Put this in the rice cooker , switch it on once this is all ready .

When you just mix it , it will look perfect .

It'll taste perfect , better than any restaurant Biryani .

You know , I've got less than one cup of yogurt , add some salt in this .

We're going to add the Biryani masala , mix this yogurt and this masala together .

You can also add one or two tablespoon of butter .

Make sure you add some butter .

Your biryani will be super perfect .

When the rice absorb most of the moisture , we're going to pour this on the top moisture will go down , the yogurt thing will be there .

The fried chicken will put on top and you will have a fantastic Biryani chicken pieces .

I've already put it in the salt water .

I don't have to worry .

They will come out excellent .

We add a little bit of ginger garlic paste , some chili powder , pinch of garam masala .

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You know the spices you don't need to add too much .

A little bit of chopped curry leaf pepper powder .

Yes , that will give a very nice aroma .

Some coriander powder .

A little bit of cumin seed powder .

Mix all of this along with some salt , salt is already there .

So be a little careful and add a little less in this .

Add little bit of corn , flour , little bit of , but do not add too much .

And if you add too much , they'll all start sticking to each other .

If they start sticking to each other , you may have to add a little oil and mix it .

Well , this is all ready to go into a frying pan .

Most of the moisture is almost observed here .

The rice is still really raw .

So the moisture from the yogurt will go inside and will this rice .

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So one cup of additional moisture in the form of yogurt , just leave the center on the edges , pour it in the center , just add some saffron color also and put the lid on .

I have this oil ready and the chicken pieces are ready to go into the oil .

You have to cook these chicken pieces till almost 95% done or you , you can cook it 100% done by the time these chicken pieces are fried in the next 67 minutes , the rice also will be getting ready .

All we need to do is put these pieces in there .

Look at these chicken pieces , they are fried for , you know , 67 minutes .

And that should be good enough .

Even if you remove the lid , nothing is going to happen .

Just take these chicken pieces put on top .

You are awesome .

Biryani is getting ready .

Look at them , the rice cooker is still on .

It's still cooking .

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All I'm doing is taking these chicken pieces , putting on top , these chicken pieces will get cooked by steam and we haven't added onions .

I deliberately did not add onions because when the oil is frying , I can fry these onions a little bit and add on top of it in a few minutes .

We have the entire onions also ready know when you fry the onions , they get nice sweet flavor .

Still the rice cooker is not off , just Sprinkle this everything .

When the rice cooker in another few minutes , it will be off .

Then we're going to let it sit like that for another four or five minutes .

Then we're going to mix and serve for this Great Biryani .

I'm just going to make a pineapple .

Rita add a little bit of salt , not too much , a little bit of chili powder and mix this along with pieces of pineapple .

Just let these pinea soak in this yogurt .

You all know the yogurt and the pineapple are a great combination .

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A lot of curries are made with them ready .

It tripped off .

We're going to wait for another four minutes and we're going to serve the Biryani .

The biryani , everything is ready .

All you do is just turn .

Look at how carefully I'm doing , you know , don't mess it up too much .

Look at the way the rice is nice and perfect .

Put the lid on and after 34 minutes we're going to serve it .

You know , the chicken pieces are also perfect .

When the rice , when you do the rice cooker , look at the way beautiful grainy .

The rice is who I need to pull out some nice chicken pieces to show you very beautiful .

The yogurt , the biryani masala , everything is mixed well , so let's enjoy it .

Have a look at this awesome Biryani , nice fried chicken , 65 kind of biryani .

I'm looking for that .

Ah , yeah , here is a big piece .

This is what I love and the rice also so perfect when it's biryani , nothing else matter .

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So the first , the aromatic basmati rice with this .

Uh-huh .

Mm .

For a lot of people who are not very confident with Biryani , they can try this fried chicken biryani and the chicken nicely fried .

Hm .

The chicken is just amazing in the mouth .

Hm .

Difference .

Excellent chicken , nice biryani .

And of course you got pineapple right now .

Even on a pizza .

Excellent pineapple pieces will be awesome .

I'm going to enjoy a bit .

This , hm .

Keep cooking and enjoy best of the best food with every bite .

Mm .

Just too good .

Keep saying whatever and enjoy great food .

War magic with chef money .


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