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2023-08-07 14:21:18

Where To Put Your Hands When You Kiss A Girl

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I know sometimes it can be really awkward when you first kiss a girl .

Even if you've kissed a lot of women in your life , that first kiss when you're kissing a girl for the very first time , you and her , it can be weird .

It can be awkward .

This is the first time you guys are really breaking the sexual touch barrier .

Ok ?

You and her .

So what are you supposed to do with your hands ?

I know that sounds like a funny thing like , well , don't you just put them around her ?

Well , maybe you do , but if you don't know this video is gonna teach you exactly what to do .

So you're gonna know exactly what to do every single time when you kiss a girl and especially for the first time .

And then once you've learned this and you know what to do , you can repeat it every time you can prevent awkwardness and when it's not awkward and she sees that you are super comfortable with her , that you're super comfortable with women .

There is going to be a massive attraction boost here .

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Women want to know that you are comfortable with other women and especially with her .

So what you want to do is you want to make sure that you're putting your hands and your arms where it makes sense in the progression .

So , what I've come up with here is basically this three level progression , knowing exactly where to put your hands every single time that you kiss a girl , whether you're kissing her for the first time or you're escalating further .

So let me explain .

So where do you put your hands when you are first kissing her ?

Meaning this is the first time you guys have ever kissed ever .

Where is the safest place to put your hands ?

Well , when you go for the kiss , you guys are gonna be close to each other .

Obviously , you're not gonna be bending over too much .

So you're gonna be pretty close to each other like your bodies will be close to each other , maybe you're sitting down , but your bodies will be close to each other .

The best place to put your hands are on her hips .

OK ?

I'm gonna be very specific here , not her butt because that could be inappropriate .

OK ?

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But on her hips , this is the perfect place to put them .

It makes sense .

It's gonna make her feel comfortable .

It's gonna be better than doing nothing with your hands and it's gonna be not as intense if you put them somewhere else , which I'll explain in a second .

But the first thing you're gonna do when you first kiss a girl is you're gonna put your hands on her hips .

Be careful here , don't grab her hips really hard .

You're basically gonna be just resting your hands .

You're gonna be resting your hands on her hips as if , instead of letting your hands fall , her hips are kind of catching your fall with your hands .

You're sort of resting them on her hips .

OK ?

This is a great place when you are again kissing for the very first time .

So that's level two .

But what if it's getting a little bit more hot and heavy or maybe you guys have already kissed before ?

Well , at this point , I wouldn't put your hands on her hips .

I would put your hands more around her .

So this is for a second kiss and beyond , maybe again , it's getting more passion inside of the kiss .

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So what you wanna do is you're gonna put your hands a little bit more around her , but you're gonna be holding her lower back .

OK ?

So again , not her butt and not around the middle or top of her back .

That's gonna be strange .

You wanna put your hands around her lower back ?

So it's almost as if you're now hugging her .

OK ?

So your hands go low and her hands go high .

I don't know how it came this way , but the more masculine sort of dominant way of holding a woman is where her hands go over yours .

OK ?

So her hands will go probably around your neck and up above your shoulders and yours are gonna go lower and they're gonna be around her back level three .

This is when it gets not more advanced , but it gets where you guys are way more into each other or you guys are way more comfortable with each other where the passion is growing .

This could be before you guys are going to the bedroom .

This could be where you guys have been making out for quite a while .

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But basically the place where you can put your hands and I'm gonna be very careful when I say this because I don't want you to do this for too long .

But I they can be on her face or in the back of her head again .

Very careful here .

You're not gonna be necessarily holding the back of her head or holding her face like this .

But in the moment when you guys are getting a little bit more hot and heavy , you guys been kissing for a while , you can tell she's into it because she's becoming more closer to you .

She's speeding up the kissing a little bit .

What you can do is you can gently take your hand and just put it where you're kind of cupping her ear and your thumb right here is on her cheek .

So you're holding her head and you're going for the kids .

It's just a , a way more intimate and sensual kind of hold .

And then that can be also where you're grabbing the back of her head .

And when I say grab , I don't mean pressure , grab , like you're grabbing the back of her head , but you're just kind of softly , gently putting your hand on the back for head and you only do it for a little bit .

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You're only gonna to put your hand in her face for a little bit .

And then after that kind of level three , you can go back to level two when your arms are around her lower back .

So again to rephrase here , level one for the first kiss when you guys are just starting , just focus on your hands on her hips and that's it .

OK ?

Level two , it's getting a little bit more passionate .

Those hands could lock and go around her back on the lower back .

And then if you guys are getting even more intimate , more sensual , you can even the touching your face a little bit , hand on her face , hand on the back of her head as you guys are kissing .

Here's how you can practice this and actually implement this the next time you're kissing a girl , just practice the waist part .

OK ?

The other stuff is easy , but I just want to make it less awkward , more comfortable , more appropriate when you guys are kissing for the first time .

So the next time you kiss a girl , just be very aware of where you're gonna be putting your hands , which will be her waist .

That's the one I want you to practice because that is the one that's gonna be most important .

That's the biggest jump from .

I don't know where to put my hands at all .

I'm not sure what to do with these things .

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Hey , Trip Kramer here from trip advice dot com , you're gonna find yourself sometimes in a situation where you just get traction from a girl so quickly .

This means that you're probably out in a social scenario , meaning at a bar , at a club , at a party or something like that and you're talking to a girl and it's just going well , very fast .

She's very into you and you can tell within just a few minutes how into she is , she's giving you great eye contact .

She's talking to you .

She's helping you continue the conversation .

She's facing you when you guys are talking to each other .

Ok .

So you're gonna come across a time when that's gonna happen .

But you're only gonna come across that .

If you're talking to enough women and approaching enough women , if you're not , then you'll probably rarely get to see this chance .

Now , if you get this chance , you have an opportunity to kiss her very quickly .

Now , here's the thing .

Do you have to kiss a girl in five minutes ?


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