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2023-08-09 10:22:12

Easy Chicken Xacuti _ How to make Chicken Xacuti _ Goan Chicken Curry Recipe with Coconut _ सागोती

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Hey there .

This is via from Pata cake .

The channel that's about baking and much , much more .

Here's where you'll find quick and tasty recipes for new cooks and those with less time to spend in the kitchen .

OK .

Then let's get cracking with today's recipe .

Welcome .

Chicken Shakti is one of the most popular gon chicken curries .

It's cooked all over goa with minor variations in the recipe .

What's common though is the aromatic curry made from roasted coconut and local spices .

But in this video , I'll show you how I make chicken shati .

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So let's get started right here at Pata Cake to prepare Chicken Shakti .

We'll need chicken curry cuts with bones , garlic , ginger grated coconut onions , Kashmiri chilies bay leaves , green cardamom pods , peppercorns , coriander seeds , cumin cloves , cinnamon star rice chili powder , tamarin extract , coconut milk , grated nut , milk salt , peta oil and some chopped coriander .

And for marinating the chicken , we need ginger garlic paste , salt turmeric powder and lime juice .

Before we start cooking today's flavorful Chicken Shakti , we have to marinate the chicken and prepare the Shakti Masala .

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Now ginger garlic paste is one of the ingredients of the marinade and so we'll begin by preparing this .

Here .

I have 18 cloves of garlic and this is a thick four inch piece of ginger .

I'll crush these to prepare the ginger garlic paste .

Then we'll use half of it to marinate the chicken and use the other half .

Later on , here's the mix of crushed ginger and garlic that I just made .

And like I had told you , we'll only use half of it to marinate the chicken .

This is 900 g of curry cuts with boots .

I've already rinsed these twice with water and then drain them to these chicken pieces .

We'll add one teaspoon of salt , three quarters of a teaspoon of turmeric powder .

Half of the crushed ginger and garlic and two teaspoons of sour lime juice .

Let's mix all of this .

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Well , so that every piece of chicken is coated with the marinade .

Let's cover the bone and let the chicken marinate for around 30 minutes .

Now , let's start preparing the Shakti Masala by roasting the different ingredients .

I'll drizzle a few drops of oil on this hot non-stick pan and then add the ingredients to it .

One by one .

I'll begin by adding three Kashmiri chilies , two bay leaves , four pots of green cardamom , four cloves out of the eight I have here and 21 inch cinnamon sticks .

We'll use the star , the remaining four cloves and the remaining two sticks of cinnamon as whole spices in the curry .

Next , we'll add in two tablespoons of coriander seeds and two teaspoons of cum .

We need to roast all of this on medium heat for around 3 to 4 minutes till we can smell the aroma of the roasted spices .

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We are using Kashmiri chilies because they give a nice bright color to the curry .

But you could use other varieties of dried chilies instead if you want to , I'm using less chilies because I want to be able to make the curry only just as spicy as I want it by adjusting the taste with chili powder later on .

Ok .

This is done .

So let's transfer all of this to a plate .

I'll now add a little oil to the pan less than half a teaspoon .

I thinly sliced a medium size onion and will roast this on medium heat till it starts browning earlier .

I had forgotten to roast these pepper corns along with the other spices .

So let's roast these 10 pepper corns .

Now these two are done .

So we'll transfer them to the same plate .

This is half a cup of grated coconut .

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I have not added any oil to the pan because we have to dry , roast this on medium heat .

We have to roast it till it gets lightly brown at the same time , taking care to see that it doesn't get burned .

Ok .

This has browned nicely .

So I'll turn off the heat and transfer it to the same plate as before .

After all of these have cooled for a few minutes .

I'll grind them in my mixer grinder using as much water as I need to make a smooth paste .

Here's the Shakti Masala I made with the roasted ingredients .

I needed to add around three quarters of a cup of water to grind this that done .

Let's start preparing our chicken .

Shakti .

I already have around four tablespoons of oil heating in my pressure pan to this .

I'll add the whole spices I had set aside earlier and salty them for a minute .

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I'll now throw in the two medium size onions that I had chopped into small pieces .

Let's fry these on medium high heat till they brown .

That should take around 4 to 5 minutes .

Next .

Let's add in the remaining ginger garlic paste and fry it for just a few seconds .

It's now time to add the marinated chicken pieces to the hot oil .

We'll fry them on medium high heat for around 10 minutes .

Stirring and turning the pieces every minute or so .

After cooking the chicken for 10 minutes , we'll stir in the Shakti Masala .

I'll now cover the pressure pan with the lid .

We don't have to lock the lid or put the vent weight or whistle on it as yet .

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Let's now reduce the heat to medium and let the chicken cook in its own juices for around 8 to 10 minutes .

It's been 10 minutes already .

So I'll take off the lid from the pressure pan and give the chicken a stir .

Let's add in the rinsings of the grinder jar in which I had ground the Shakti Masala and around a quarter cup of water .

After stirring everything again , I'll taste the curry to see if it needs any more salt and also check how much chili powder needs to be added .

I think it could do with half a teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of regular chili powder .

Now , I cannot tolerate fiery hot curries .

And so I'm making my chicken Shakti moderately spicy .

I guess most people would be ok with adding around two teaspoons of chili powder .

But add how much you want to .

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According to your taste , let's add another quarter cup of water and stir everything again .

I'll now increase the heat to high , fix the lid of the pressure pan , put the bent weight in place and pressure cook the chicken for five minutes .

Just to let you know without a pressure pan or pressure cooker , the chicken could take another 30 minutes or so to cook .

Now , after the whistle goes off the first time , I'll reduce the heat to medium and let the chicken cook under pressure for five minutes .

After that , I'll turn off the heat .

Wait for around 5 to 6 minutes for the pressure inside the pan to reduce and then take the lid off .

Our chicken curry looks and smells really good , but we are not done as yet .

We still have to add some key ingredients .

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But first , it could do with a little water around a quarter cup .

And now I lied in three tablespoons of tamarind extract that I got from a small sour lime size ball of tamarind and one and a quarter cups of coconut milk to speed things up .

I used coconut milk powder .

I prepared the coconut milk by dispersing five tablespoons of the powder in warm water .

You could use coconut milk extracted from half a cup of freshly grated coconut .

Instead , here's the box from which I use the coconut milk powder .

I'll stir the curry and taste it one more time .

At this stage , you could check if it needs more of the tamarind extract or coconut milk or salt .

Our curry tastes great as it is no adjustments needed .

So I'll turn on the heat and bring the curry to a boil .

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And here comes the finishing touch , half a teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg rather than roasting the nutmeg with the other spices .

I prefer adding it at the end like this .

Now , all our fragrant chicken chau needs is a simple garnish of chopped coriander and it's done a final useful tip for you always prepare your chicken chau at least 2 to 3 hours before you need to serve it .

To let the chicken absorb all the flavors of the spices or better still prepare it the previous evening .

Because like most meat dishes , the classic go chicken shati too tastes even better the next day .

Hope you enjoyed today's video and do stop by again for yet another quick and tasty recipe .

Till then , take care , happy cooking .


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