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2023-08-09 10:12:15

How to make Japanese Golden Chicken Curry -- Japanese home cooking

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Welcome to Kumi Cooks .

You can find this recipe and more at my website Kumm cooks dot co dot UK .

This recipe showed you how to make a Japanese chicken curry using golden brown curry rule .

Here are the ingredients for four servings , one pack of gold and curry .

This has eight pieces in it , but you would only need six for this recipe .

This is the hot type but you can use if you wish 650 g of chicken breast or a thigh .

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If you prefer 100 to 60 g of onion , 300 g of potato , one stick of celery , 300 g of carrots , one centimeter of ginger , two cloves of garlic , one teaspoon of cumming , one teaspoon of coriander , one table spoon of a tomato ketchup , two table spoon of a bit of oil , one teaspoon of soy sauce .

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You would also need the 600 minutes of water and four portions of cooked rice ran to cut the carrots and the celery into one centimeter pieces , pear and cut the potatoes into about two centimeter pieces , pear and half and cut the onions into six pieces .

Each means the ginger and garlic cut the chicken into bite size chunks , heat the oil in a large pan .

Add the ginger garlic , then add the onion and the celery and the stuff for one minute .

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Add the cumin and coriander and the stir for two minutes .

Add to the chicken and the stir for one minute .

Add 600 minutes of water .

Add the carrots , potatoes , soy sauce and automatic catch up .

Bring to the boil and cook for 15 minutes over a medium heat .

Add to the six pieces of curry when the ro had softened , mixed the pan well , simmer for 15 minutes with steady do stir .

Well , to prevent the bottom , sticking your golden chicken curry , it is ready .

The matures if less did a few awards .

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