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2023-08-06 15:51:05

Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With A Waffle Iron

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Sorry , this is smoking scoop this right on top .

This is definitely wrong .

This is definitely wrong .

Welcome back to chef out of water .

I'm Alexis , a chef who's always up for a challenge .

I've taken to the internet .

You to see what appliance I should make a three course meal with .

Ok , let's see what we have this time .

Waffle Iron .

Ok .

You know , I've never made anything that isn't a waffle in a waffle iron , but I think there's possibilities here .

I think I'm gonna have to get creative .

I feel pretty good about this .

I'd say my confidence level right now is a nine out of 10 question .

Do I get more than one waffle iron ?

Two waffle irons , guys .

This is gonna be great .

OK .

A waffle iron .

I know that like you can use a waff iron to make so many things like a frittata .

Hash Browns .

You know , you can use it to kind of , you know , make things into a waffle shape .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm curious though , if there's anything you can use this for that doesn't look like a waffle .

Looks like someone tried to make mozzarella sticks that feels really ambitious .

Acorn squash lots of eggy things .

I think I may be still scarred from the microwave episode .

I have two of these , no problem confidence level .

And I feel good about this famous last words every time , but I really feel excited .

Oh , this is soft .

After doing some research , I've come up with a plan .

I'm gonna start with dessert , working backwards as I usually do .

And I'm gonna make a chocolate cake waffle .

I'm also gonna make some chocolate with cream , some roasted cherries and kind of layer it all together .

So hopefully , you know , looking at it , you wouldn't think waffle iron .

Ok .

So to get started , I'm going to add all my dry ingredients together .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , I have not been working out in quarantine or ever , you know , doing the old spoon trick to get an accurate measurement .

Some cocoa powder , pinch of salt , salt brings out the sweetness and some baking powder .

It's gonna give it that kind of like puffy cakey quality and just gonna whisk the salt together .

So far , things are going very well .

I mean , confidence level so far .

I mean this is and right got my dry ingredients .

I'm gonna move on to the wet ingredients .

So sugar is actually a wet ingredient , in fact , and some milk , quite a lot of milk .

I haven't made waffles in two years .

See how this goes .

Some vegetable oil , keep it moist .

A little bit of vanilla extract , you know , more flavor .

Does anyone actually measure vanilla extract .

Don't think I ever have two eggs .

Wow .

Big shell Rookie Move .

This is like a comically inappropriate size .

Ok .

There we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , wet ingredients go into the dry ingredients .

You know , usually I have my helper Ion but times have changed .

So it's just me today .

It looks very wet .

Oh gosh .

Will this go in a waffle iron ?

It feels like too wet to do that .

I think I'm gonna add a little more flour but maybe that is the texture of waffles or cake .

I don't know and make it a cake to go in a waffle maker .

Uh Just wanna get this batter really smooth .

I've really just been sitting on the couch so this feels like a real workout .

OK ?

It looks totally fine .

I'm gonna put this to the side .

I'm gonna start whipping some cream getting these heated up .

So at least like a few things can happen at once .

One of them kind of maximum heat and one can go medium heat .

We've been here before , but this requires some whipped cream .

And as always , I don't have a hand mixer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's gonna take a while actually using this small bowl and a big whisk is going much faster .

It's beautiful .

OK , I'm gonna add some sugar .

I'm not tasting as I go and I know I've made this mistake before but I know this is sugar .

I can see it add a little sugar .

I mean this whipped cream looks really pretty .

Oh , no .

Oh , no .

It's so , just a little bit .

I wanted to add some chocolate to my whipped cream and I had an idea that if I put some bars of chocolate in aluminum foil and put it in the waffle iron that it'll melt .

Ok .

This is super hot .

So I assume you can put foil in a waffle iron .

I'm just gonna go with it over here also .

Very hot .

I'm gonna give this a spray and I got a half cup here .

I think that looks good .

Just smooth it out .

If this is a bust .

I have a lot more batter .

So we're , we're OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is not like a traditional Black Forest trifle cake , whatever you wanna call it , but inspired by , you know , oh , there's some chocolate coming out the top .

Ok .

That it totally works .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

OK .

Gotta work quickly .

It's not a ton of chocolate .

But let's see how this goes .

This is the best idea I've ever had .

Amazing .

Wow .

Posh .

Sorry .

This is smoking is smoking .

Typical .

Yeah , I'm gonna put Waffle Master on my resume .

This is amazing up next .

So typically for a black forest cake , you would soak the cherries in like a dark cherry syrup with some cherry liqueur .

I'm not gonna do that .

I just thought I could put some of the cherries like in the waffle iron to kind of like roast them or get them softened and maybe get a little more depth of flavor .

I just gonna put a , actually , I'm gonna put them all down .

I don't know , it's on really high heat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I think these are gonna go pretty quickly and meanwhile , I kind of think this is done .

Ooh .

Ok .

The waffle just ripped a little bit when I was trying to pick it up and it is not cooked yet .

So I think I just need to be patient for a few minutes , but I'm gonna put the waffle in here .

I'm gonna tear it up and then I think I could start layering my trifle .

000 .

the cherries are letting a ton of juice out but they look great .

You know , they're kind of like saucy little broken down .

Oh , the waffle still looks good .

Oh , it feels cooked through .

It still has some good springs .

It smells incredible .

I'll do a layer at the bottom .

No telling disguise in the waffle .

Realize I'm putting like a hot waffle in just maybe not the best idea .

And a layer of this like chocolate whipped cream and some cherries .

Oh , those are some syrupy cherries .

This looks so good .

It is totally unrecognizable .

Maybe not a good way , but that's ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , having a moment to myself .

Wow .

Honestly a shame that no one else could have this .

This is so good and then some cherries .

Ok .

It looks kind of crazy .

Oh , it's tripping down the side .

Oh God .

What have I done ?

Should I dump the syrup on it ?

The answer is no .

Ok .

I think the hardest part about this , that it kind of looks like a disaster .

Oh my God .

It's kind of like a sticky mess right now .

But it also looks pretty good .

I'm gonna move on to the next course .

My trifle is in the fridge , so I'm gonna move on to my appetizer course , I'm gonna make an Okonomiyaki , which is like a Japanese savory pancake .

It's got cabbage and egg .

You can also add other vegetables , but I'm gonna keep it pretty simple .

I've never made Okonomiyaki before and I really , really , I really , really love it .

It's going to be in the shape of a waffle , but it gets covered with sauce and bonito flakes and more scallions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I think it'll look kind of like this pile of stuff rather than a waffle .

OK ?

To get started going back to my flour good pinch of salt and my eggs .

And I'm just gonna add it right to the flour and stir it all together .

It kind of looks like the beginning of cripes .

So I'm just gonna use green cabbage and scallions for my Noaki filling and I just want to cut it really thinly so that it's kind of like more of an even pancake .

And you're not like I'm gonna try mixing in this cabbage before I add the scallions just because this is gonna take a lot more work and if this doesn't work out , you know , it's easier to start over .

This feels this is , this is definitely wrong , this is definitely wrong .

Maybe I'll put this in and see if this works and save the scallions .

Ok ?

I'm gonna clean up , gonna clean up and then , uh , sort the situation out .

Waffle iron is heating up .

I don't know why I chose to make something that I've never made before .

So therefore I cannot verify if it's correct or not .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just gonna , I'm just gonna scoop this right on top like I guess flatten it out a little .

This is like , OK , Noaki is so good and I feel like so far I'm not really selling it .

It gets OK .

Noaki sauce on top .

So I've got some oyster sauce , ketchup and Worcestershire .

W Shire sauce .

Worcestershire do that .

Stir it all together .

I mean , it has the right look .

Let's hope this works .

Check in time .

Ok ?

I think I know that this is wrong .

This is not happening .

So I'm gonna start over .

Ok .

So I think my previous Okonomiyaki was too thick .

I think there's too much flour , not enough eggs .

So I'm upping the eggs , taking down flour , a lot of salt , going from one cup to a half cup .

This already feels better , just lighter , you know .

Ok , cabbage and I feel confident .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I think I will add some scallions that feels good for now .

Spray this down so it's ready to go and again , use my hands .

Oh , this feels so much better .

So I think it's supposed to be like just more like lightly held together with the egg rather than whatever I did last time .

Don't do that at home .

Ok , cool .

I'm gonna clean up and hopefully by the time I get back this will be ready .

Ok .

This one smells right looking way more , right ?

OK .

I'm gonna cut the rest of the scallions .

Hopefully this will be done soon .

My confidence took a little hit there .

I'm like simmering at a seven right now .

Ok .

There's some raw eggs still on the side , but it's almost there .

So I've got some nori that I'm just gonna use some scissors to slice up .

I've got my Okonomiyaki sauce , Qy mayonnaise and bonito flakes .

So all of that's gonna go right on top just like cut it into thin little strips still feels thick .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But I wonder if that's just kind of like inevitable with the waffle iron shape just getting pressed up , you know , to create that like classic shape .

So I'm gonna go with it .

It's fine if it's terrible .

I'm the one eating it .

OK .

Does it look better on the side ?

Yes .

Oh my God .

OK .

Gorgeous .

OK .

I gonna go .

So you kind of go like back and forth .

Oh God .

I'm so sorry to everyone who actually knows how to make this and the ky nana and then bonita flakes , dried cured fish and you just kind of put these on in a pile on top .

They're pretty pungent .

So if you're not into fish , you might not like them .

Some of these like little sliced nori and then I'm just gonna add some scallions .

I feel pretty proud of myself because this does not look like a waffle .

Noaki done .

I'm gonna move on to my last course .

So for my last course , I'm going to make black garlic butter rubbed cod with some grilled scallions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , I really think no one's gonna know that this was made in a waffle iron , you know .

Well , you all know , but uh it could fool someone .

So black garlic is just fermented garlic and the cloves , they're really easy to peel .

Unlike , you know , regular garlic , they just get kind of like soft , they just kind of melt away .

So I'm just gonna get a few cloves to mash them into a paste and add them to butter .

Easy enough .

Look how soft they are .

They just kind of press right under the pressure .

You can put this on roast chicken vegetables .

I mean , honestly , pretty much anything you could add it to a vinaigrette .

It looks like incredible flavor there .

Oh , the butter is the hot room temperature .

OK ?

I think this is nothing that a waffle iron can't melt .

So it's probably gonna get pretty hot , but I'm just gonna let it go for a sec , grab some scallions .

I'm just gonna trim the tops of the scallions .

I wanna leave them whole so they can kind of be like draped around the fish and just gonna douse them in some olive oil .

And I think for these , I'm gonna do it on high .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I like to broil whole scallions .

So they get like , really just like crispy and I mean , almost burnt .

So I kind of think the same thing could happen in the waffle iron .

These are a little big for the waffle iron , but I think I can just move them down when they start to get charred .

That looks ridiculous .

Ok .

Back to the butter .

Oh You can hear them start to sizzle .

I feel very grateful for two waffle irons right now .

Oh , yeah , I realize this doesn't look very appetizing , but the flavor is gonna be so good .

I gonna add a little pepper salt , amazing color starting .

It's a good start .

I feel pretty good right now .

I mean , we'll see how the fish cooks but everything is working out .

I feel like the , the result of that .

Ok .

Noaki really like boosted my confidence .

There's still some butter chunks here , but actually I'm just gonna let it sit moving on to the fish .

So I've got some beautiful black cod here .

This is way too big for a waffle iron .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm just gonna cut this and I'm gonna rub the black garlic butter directly on it again .

I know this doesn't look super appealing but the flavor is what we're after .

I thought Black Cod would be a good fish to use because it's thinner .

It's pretty delicate .

You don't want it to cook through .

So it's not gonna have to be in there for too long .

I mean , I've never put Black Cod in a waffle iron , so I really don't know .

But that's what I assume I'm just gonna add some olive oil and just gonna wrap it up .

This is , this is weird .

OK , here we go .

These scallions are really sizzling now .

Oh , wow .

I can , I just not load them down if I was making this on the stove ?

Mm , maybe 5 to 7 minutes .

Not too long .

Um You know , you wanted to just like flake away with your fork .

Black co is so delicate and such like a sweet fish that you really don't want to overcook it .

Oh , I forgot I wanted to do a charred lemon too .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Back with the lemon thought it'd be nice to char the lemons just to get , you know , a little more flavor .

OK .

I think these are good to take off and I'm gonna add some salt actually .

I mean , this is , can I serve this as the meal ?

Just plate of scallions and the lemons just gonna put them right down .

I feel like that'll work again .

The fish is going , I'm just gonna turn it around so that it cooks evenly .

I don't really have a backup plan if this fish doesn't work .

So it actually might end up being just scallions but both confidence level tang .

I haven't said that in a long time .

It smells amazing .

Oh , it's because it's leaking out .

Can I just take a peek ?

It's perfect .

It's like flaking without doing anything .

I mean , I don't own a waffle iron , but if I did , I might be using it to make fish .

This is insane .

Ok .

This is fish .

Wow .

This is so delicate .

Oh my God .

It might even break apart .

Oh my God .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , it might even be overcooked .

I'm shocked to say that .

So I'm just gonna kind of like arrange the scallions around and you know , for everyone wondering why I didn't trim these .

They're totally edible .

Whenever I make scallions , I leave the roots on .

Wow .

Ok .

Let's check these lemons .

I kind of think because of the shape of the waffle iron .

This is like as good as they're gonna get , but there is some color .

Ok , black garlic butter cod with scallions made in a waffle iron .

And I'm feeling pretty jazzed .

I've gotta be honest , like level 10 confidence all the way through .

I'm so excited about this .

I feel really proud of myself .

I feel like I've come a long way .

I think I'm gonna dig right into the Okonomiyaki looks cooked .

Hm .

It's quite good .

It doesn't taste exactly like it's a little thicker .

I think I could have put a little less batter in there .

But the flavor is like amazing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think , you know , one out of 10 , I'd give this name .

Ok .

Moving on to the black cod .

The fish is already flat in apart .

That's shocking .

This is really , really good .

Putting myself in someone else's shoes .

I would never guess this was made on a waffle iron .

This is so cool .

I feel so proud of myself .

I love it .

You know , I think the fish is overcooked by maybe a minute , but it's still really delicate melts in your mouth .

8.5 .

I'm so sad that I can't share this food with anyone .

I have to tell you , I've been waiting for this all day .

This is a crazy big bite , but I've got some of the waffle , some of the chocolate whipped cream , the cherries .

It's just amazing .

The waffle consistency all teared up , like becomes the perfect vessel for the cream to get soft .

But actually still has enough structure and cherries are just , you know , they cut kind of roasted .

They're kind of like falling apart in your mouth .

They're delicious .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This might be one of my most successful meals yet .

Really , I'm like , sorry , one more bite .

Overall , I couldn't be happier .

This is incredible .

This was so fun .

Waffle iron .

I had a good feeling about this , but honestly , I surpassed my own expectations .

I think this is one of my best meals today .

Let me know in the comments , which one of these dishes you'd like to try .

I'll see you next time .


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