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2023-08-06 16:21:19

The Best Way To Butter Your Homemade Popcorn

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And here's another joint tape issue .

This is where a butt joint crosses a recess joint .

And first of all , they didn't coat it wide enough because again , they could get away with it with popcorn ceilings .

Uh Normally most all , I'd say at least 80% of all , but joints need to be split out and coated about 22 to 36 inches wide .

Plus you see how it stopped short , that's from coating it with a mud box , a flat box which is a tool I cover in another video .

And when you do that , you have to pull up kind of short of the other joint and they never finished crossing it off .

And I believe it just hit , it probably showed a little bit , but they got away with murder when they did the popcorn ceiling .

Now , here's an example of Pandora's Box .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It might be better than this , but it might not be .

So the whole point of all these images is just to make you aware that don't expect to be able to just scrape it and paint it 99% of the time .

It's gonna look pretty lousy .

So plan on doing it right .

Watch our video on how to scrape it , sand it prep it and texture it and you'll get a nice looking job .

Ok ?

I hope that helped you out .

I hope that helped get rid of that , that false information out there that you can just scrape it and paint it .

Now , you can see why .

So if that helps you out , give us a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe all that good stuff and check out our our description links for other good information .

We also give away some free guides and such on our website .

But until then we'll catch you on the next video .

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Put your lid on , make sure your container has a lid .

It has to have a lid and then just lightly shake your popcorn around .

You got try all different directions , rotating it up and down , just lightly shake it around what you want .

You want that bag to not just stay in one spot but move around to other spots .

Don't shake too hard or all you'll have is crumbs when you're done .

Um You'll wanna do this for about , oh , I don't know .

A minute or so .

30 seconds just enough to get all your popcorn coated there .

Don't shake too hard and do nice and light , like I said , all kinds of directions here .

So the more room you have , the more it's gonna move around , the better it's gonna coat your popcorn .

So maybe you want to do like half at a time or something .

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And the , that open it up , you can see basically all the butter is out of my bag now .

And I don't know if you can see in the light there , but every single kernel is uh layered with a little bit of butter and not one of them is broken .

They're all still put together just every little piece is still there .

Anyway .

Thanks for watching .


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