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2023-08-08 12:49:39

Quilty - Tying a Quilt—Quilting How-to

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Yeah .

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Quilty .

Remember this quilt ?

It's almost done on today's episode .

We're going to show you one method for finishing it .

Join us tying a quilt is a way to join the sandwich , the backing , the batting and the top of your quilt to join those pieces together and to finish your quilt and it's totally good in a pinch .

And we're gonna show you how to do it today .

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Ultimately , we hope that you will try a little machine quilting or , um , even hand quilting or send your quilt to a long armor to finish .

But sometimes you tie a quilt and that's totally cool .

And so we're going to show you how to do it today .

Um , the first step , uh , is to get your completed quilt top , um , basted and , and put together with the sandwich in a secure way .

Um So before me , I have a little quilt top that we did .

You might remember it from an earlier episode of Quilty .

This is the stripper quilt that we did with Shana a few months ago .

And we had all these scraps and we put them together in these long strips and it's kind of the perfect size for a baby quilt .

I mean , this is a sassy baby , not like any baby quilt you've ever seen before , but it's a quilty baby quilt .

And so we're gonna , we're gonna tie it .

I'm gonna show you how to do a little tie on a quilt with this .

So the first thing you do is put it down , uh , on top of the batting and the backing .

So let's take a look down here .

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The first , uh , uh , layer that goes down is your backing fabric and you secure it on a really , um , flat surface with tape .

I like to use like a duct tape or a masking tape .

You can do this on the floor .

You can do it on a huge card table .

It depends on the size of your quilt .

But I've chosen , um , to piece the back of this quilt .

Actually , I used some black that was in the quilt somewhere or something that was similar and a piece of black that I had and I pieced it all together so that it was a little bit bigger , a few inches bigger around than the quilt top itself .

Ok .

On all sides , you tape that down onto your table and I'd secure it , like definitely one in each corner , one on the sides .

Make sure it's not gonna budge anywhere .

You don't have to pull it really tough , but just lay it down , make it secure , then comes your batting and this is a really nice soft natural batting that I use .

And that needs to also be cut bigger than on , on all sides than your , than your quilt top .

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Uh You know , at least an inch and a half , maybe a little bit more , just enough to be able to fold over to trim and fold over for your binding later .

And then your quilt top goes on top and then you base it .

And we've done this once on quilty before when we were showing how to prepare uh a piece of , of quilting for machine quilting and for hand quilting .

But , um , we're gonna do it one more time here as we show you because this is the same process when you tie a quilt .

These are basting pins .

When you get all your layers down on your flat surface , you need to secure them with basting pins .

That's actually a regular safety pin .

But that's a good thing to show you that's a regular safety pin .

And this is a special quilters basting pin .

And we've talked about this before , but that has a bend in it and the reason why that's awesome is because when you're putting your pin through , just do it right here .

When you're putting your pin through , it's got this angle .

You want to go through all three layers and bring it up and that bent pin is awesome for that .

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So that is a very good supply to have in your quilting tool kit .

So you put those pins down in your , in your quilt top .

And the rule is it kind of varies .

But usually if there's about a fist width distance between your pin , like in any direction , your basting pin , like I could probably use one right about there .

So I'd put one in there .

You make sure you go through all your layers , you don't want to miss a layer and you get those put in , OK ?

And then you can take your tape off and you're , you know , you're secure .

OK ?

Um And then to tie your quilt , you don't use regular thread , don't use quilting thread .

So to thread this .

So this is a , um I found this thread on the clearance bin uh at the uh at the craft store .

It's like a poly blend .

It's variated .

I thought that would be good for uh for this quilt kind of pinky and cute , but it's got that scrappy look to it .

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So you cut a piece of this thread , um , you know , a piece that long enough to work with and the needle that you would use to tie .

This quilt is gonna be different from just a regular small needle .

Obviously , it's thicker thread .

You're gonna want a better needle .

I'm gonna lay it down right here .

This is , um , I think this is a basting needle .

You could use , uh , a tapestry needle or a wool applique needle .

Anything that's bigger , it's got a little heft to , it is gonna be a good choice for you .

Sometimes it can be hard to thread the guy because the , the yarn and you can use yarn , you can use , uh , embroidery floss .

Uh , you can use pearl cotton .

Anything that's got some , um , some weight to it will be fine , but that can be hard to thread through that needle .

So a little trick is to take a piece of thread , just regular quilting like sewing thread that you would put in your sewing machine and make a loop .

Ok ?

Just a little tiny loop .

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We'll get a close up of it and thread that loop through your needle .

Do this .

Do you wanna know something really gross ?

This is a tip .

This is a tip .

I'm gonna do it .

I'm gonna do it grease on your nose .

This is some , one of the first things I ever learned about quilting .

I know .

I can't believe I'm doing this on camera .

But the fact of the matter is is that the grease on your nose helps make a point that will get , see .

It's , it's gonna work .

It's kind of waxy .

And quilters have used bees wax in the past to make their thread thicker .

See , I got it .

Um , but that's , that's like a tip .

I mean , it worked right .

I couldn't get it threaded and then just use a little bit of , you know , grease off your nose and he'll do it anyway .

So , once you have your loop threaded through your needle just like that , I'm gonna put it down on this , this area too .

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See , I've got this loop through my thread then just run your floss or your Yeah , whatever your yarn that you're using is through that .

It's like you're making your own needle threader and then pull the loop true through just like that because it's really hard .

I mean , if it's hard enough to get that little piece of thread through this needle , it's really hard to get the yarn through .

But see , does that make sense ?

A little loop thing ?

Little loop trick ?

OK .

So once you have your yarn ready to go , you're ready to tie .

So I'm gonna go back into this little blue area because it's easy to see .

And you're going to go down through all four , all three of your layers and then come back up not too far away .

You don't want to take a big bite of fabric .

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This is probably plenty and you pull through , you have to tug it a little bit , but you have to be gentle because you don't want to be tearing anything and I'd leave , you know , few inches and I go back down through .

You really want this to be secure .

I'd come back down once and come back up one more time .

Right about where you went , where you took your 2nd , 2nd stitch here .

So you're coming back through , you just want to make it a little , little extra secure , especially if it's a baby quilt .

You want it to be very secure .

Ok ?

And then you can tie it off .

Now some people will use a surgeon's knot .

It's a different kind of knot .

I just do a regular square knot .

I think it's ok .

It works for me .

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It's worked for a lot of quilts in the past and then trim it off and about every , everywhere you have a pin , I would say double that amount of ties .

Just make sure you're getting a very secure .

Um a , a very , you want to make sure all your layers are securely tied .

So that's how you do it .

It's pretty self explanatory , but sometimes it's nice to see that prep , work done and now that you have the nose grease tip , you're set for life .

So um tie a quilt if , if you , if you like it's a , it's a fast way to finish it for more tips on quilting .

If you're a rookie quilter or an experienced one , we've got lots of information for you and we love sharing it with you .

So , join us on Facebook and Twitter and we'll see you next time .

Bye .

Quilty is brought to you by a pqs handcrafted quilting machines .

RFLRF Italian thread perfectly suited for all your quilting projects .

Baby Lock .

For the love of sewing .

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Guilty .


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