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2023-08-07 14:15:33

How to Tie a Necktie Balthus Knot

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Hey guys , I'm gonna show you the bless knot today .

I'm wearing a bless knot right now .

Uh I think it's the knot that Hannibal is wearing in the show .

Hannibal .

People have asked me on Twitter , what knot is Hannibal wearing ?

It's enormous .

Well , I think it's the because it's pretty much the biggest knot you can tie and here it is .

Now , in addition , if you stand up a little bit , you can see that it is incredibly short right now .

This I'm kind of wearing it like a bib .

I wanna , I can't stand too far back .

So yeah , look at , look at this .

Uh that's you don't have to tie it this way , but you kind of do need to , to make the knot so big because you want to capture as much of the fat part of the tie as you can in here .

Uh So yeah , I mean , a vest will be required or a jacket to kind of frame this up .

But up here it looks really cool .

This is just enormous .

So let's learn how to tie it .

Let me just untie it first so you can just kind of get a feel for how many moves it is .

And then of course , I'll go in depth on how to tie it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So don't be afraid .

All right , you'll notice first that the seam side is out and that's true .

This is as always my video is mirrored .

So this is my right side .

Here's my left side , this is the seam side .

So , ok , now as when you adjust it , if you want to wear this knot properly , you'll probably want to be about like here with little end because of how much fabric it's gonna eat up .

But if you do it this way , you're gonna capture so much of the narrow part of the tie in the knot , the knot itself won't actually look that big .

You wanna lops side it a little bit so your little ends down more so you , your tie is gonna be way too short to wear normally without a vest , but at least the knot is gonna be really fat , which is kind of the look you're going for .

So here we go , bottom , top , big end under the , underneath , the little end , you go over the top and then to the right .

OK .

Here we go .

Now I'm gonna go over the top again and then this end to the left .

So you're gonna come up this side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I'm gonna go through the top again and then once again to the right three times .

All right .

Now you got a really big fat like stumpy triangle here .

Now you're gonna go and make your knot and then just loop on through it .

So , like I said , this is way too short to wear without any kind of uh a vest .

But with a vest , this is something really cool .

I think it's a really cool effect .

It , it really focuses on the how , you know , it really just makes you look at this powerful front .

So here we go , you know , vest that off and look at that .

That looks awesome .

Right joke .

Look at that .

But yeah , it's a cool night .

You gotta just kind of be careful how you wear it and it's gonna look really neat .

And I think that's what Hannibal wears and that guy is looking really dapper in that show .

So follow along dress for success .

Thanks a lot .


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