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2023-08-09 09:55:15

Saturn Knot With NO bulk under the collar _ How to tie a tie 2019

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Hey , you guys Lynn , we're here and today I'm going to be showing you how to tie the Saturn knot , which is a lovely knot .

That is nice and simple looking .

It's not going to attract too much attention , but it will still catch people's eye .

I love it for all sorts of events and I feel like it's excellent for all sorts of things .

I've worn this one to interviews and everything and it's always gone off without a hit .

Let's dive right in .

I've already got my tie over the collar and that collar is flipped up now , just so , you know , I'm going to flip this video for your viewing pleasure .

So that means that my right is also on your right and my left is also on your left .

So as you're watching , it'll be like tying the tie in a mirror .

Uh If you're right handed , if you're left handed , I apologize .

Um I don't have a left handed version .

I don't know if I should start doing like left and right handed versions or if it would even get a ton of views .

So let me know down below if you think I should do that .

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But anyway , uh so we're going to go ahead and begin and I'm going to have my uh tie sitting just above the belt line because I'm not gonna be doing a ton of adjusting afterwards .

So I'm going to begin by placing my finger in the middle of the tie .

Now , I'm touching my collar bone right now just in case anyone needed the reference .

I'm going to go ahead and take my middle finger and my thumb place on the outside to the tie and we're just going to go ahead and pinch in , that'll create this divot in the middle , which is what helps out with creating the power crease .

So from there , slide your index finger out and you'll notice that crease stays in there .

Now , this crease is what takes a tie from nice to stellar .

What we're going to do is go ahead and pull that baby to the center right to where that middle button is .

I'm going to go ahead and wrap around the back of the tie like so , and they will pull up and through the center from the back .

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All right .

So we took it over around behind the back and up and through the center from the back from there .

We're gonna go ahead and pull over to the left hand side and I'm going to wrap around the back like this here .

Once you've done this step , you're gonna come over here to the right hand side and we're going to just bring it up and through the middle , from the front .

So , so far this is what you should have and your tail should be on the left hand side right now .

I'm going to take the tail , which is a thin end and wrap it around the front .

Like so and right now it's beginning to look kind of like a standard tie knot , right ?

Well , there's gonna be a slight variation here in a minute , obviously , because this is not a standard knot .

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Um From there , we're going to go ahead and pull it around it back up and through the center .

So now I have a pretty substantial size here , nice and full .

And what I'm going to do here is I'm just gonna go ahead and just give it a slight hope before you wrap around .

So you guys can see instead of me just wrapping it around like this here , I'm going to give it a very slight poke .

So we're just going to take it , turn it at an ever so slight angle and just lightly poke there .

You guys see that super simple technique .

I don't know what I was thinking when I first filmed this and I was like , oh , do this , do that anyway .

Um So I , I'm taking it around the back and over to the right side and we're going to bring it up and through the center again .

Now this is where stuff tends to get tricky because before I was tying this to where you wrapped it around here .

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And honestly , if this next step is difficult for you , you could still do that .

But the downside of tucking under the collar here is that you can end up having it pop out later and it shows it just doesn't look as good .

So I'm preferring now to be able to have it somehow behind the tie .

So what I like to do is take my finger , let me see if I can do it from this side .

So you can see better take my finger through just like that .

And I'm going to go ahead and slide underneath both of these layers .

So I don't just want to slide under my loop here .

I want to slide through the actual portion of the knot and my finger should come out of the top right there .

You see it from there .

I'm going to go ahead and insert the tip of the tail right through that space that we just created .

Now , your tie is probably gonna look a little wonky throughout this process , but don't worry , it should stay in the same general shape , see that .

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So from there , I can go ahead and work this baby right on round and then we can just grab the tail from the back to add a little bit more snugness .

Now , the thing that I like about the Saturn knot versus like even a cape knot or anything like that is the smoothness that it puts here .

It really gives a certain dimension to the knot that you would not typically get .

And it just makes it very visually appealing to have this ring around the knot like .

So from there , you're going to go ahead and pull that collar on down and you guys can see that I don't have to do a ton of adjusting , But if you do have to adjust , just grab the bottom of your knot , grab the blade of the tie , which is a large portion and just push the knot up some from there .

You can just give a slight pinch around the base of the knot here and fan that blade out a little bit and it'll hide the tail right behind .

So you don't have the look of a cape behind there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

By the way , if you notice you're not sitting rather low , try looking forward into the mirror instead of looking down while you tie the tie , looking down , make sure you have to put it down to where you can see it under the chin .

And then when you go to adjust your tie ends up way too short , which you guys can see my tie sits right at my belt line .

So I will say if you are taller gentleman , uh you may find that for the specialty knots , you need something that is going to be a bit longer if that is the instance , check out the Corbin collection dot com .

I'll have the links to their website in the description box below .

It's not a sponsored video .

I just think they're a great company and of course , if you haven't seen some of my other videos , be sure to check them out right over here .

Um If you would like to subscribe , you can do so right here .

Until next time you guys take care .

God bless you fancy now .

Bye bye .


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