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2023-08-07 14:16:48

ARITZIA TIE-FRONT PANT 🎀 _ Aritzia outfits & How to tie a bow on pants (2 ways)

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Hello , everyone and welcome back to my channel .

It's Rachel today .

I'll be sharing with you ways to style my favorite or pants of all time , the tie , front pants .

So I have three pairs of tie , front pants to style today and everything that I'm styling it with today are gonna be Oriti pieces to give you guys Inspo for your mixing and matching Oritz clothes .

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Let me know which outfit was your favorite .

And let me know how you guys styled gla the tie frame here , Azia tie , front pants are literally the most versatile pants ever .

They are a classic pair of dress pant with a removal tie so you can wear it with the tie and without the tie .

And there's different ways you can tie the tie and that's why I love how versatile a piece is goes so well with so many different outfits .

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So I'm gonna be showing you the ways that I wear these pants .

Majority of the time I wear these pants to work because they are dress pants , but you can also definitely wear them casually and I've definitely worn them before even when I was in school .

So definitely a great investment piece .

I have three pairs of tie , front pants as well as one pair of tie , front shorts .

I got my first pair back when they were called the Glat pair and I believe they changed the fit a little bit , but it's more or less still the same And you'll see that when I try them on , basically , still fit exactly the same on me .

So for reference , I'm 53 and about 100 and £15 .

I say I'm 100 and £15 in all my videos .

But um when I weigh myself , I'm actually around like 100 and £12 .

But now since I just eat dinner and I'm filming 10 and 100 and £15 I buy all of my tie , front pants and tie frame shorts in the size four and they fit me perfectly .

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Um The sizing is a little bit , I wouldn't say it's completely consistent across the years because I did buy these throughout the years and I found that that uh one of the pairs that I bought , um it fits a little bit smaller than some other pairs , but overall the sizing isn't too off like I still fit into a size four because some of them are a little bit more snuggie than the others .

So without further ado let's get started .

So right now I'm styling it with the tie front blouse .

Yeah , I know .

It sounds a little bit weird styling the tie front pants with the tie front blouse , but it totally works because I just don't leave the tie on one of them .

So , for example , right now I am wearing the tie front blouse without tying the tie at the bottom .

So I basically I just with the , I have the tie at the bottom , but I just tuck it in to the pants so that it looks like a regular blouse .

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So another way you can change out this outfit with the same items is to remove the tie from the tie , front pants and then tie the tie , front flowers , the pants work really well and they look really nice without the tie hat as well because it's just a classic pair of dress pants .

Right now , I'm selling this pair with the I call this sweater by Wolf .

That sweater kind of looks like a backwards plunge friend card .

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So this is the second pair of tie front pants that I bought .

It's in the same Japanese crate fabric as the original pair .

But I got this when they changed the name from Gela Pant to the tie , front pant .

And to me , the fit seems exactly the same .

I can't really tell a difference even though they say that they changed it a little bit .

Also in a size four I'm pairing this with the Murphy long sleeve blouse .

This is my go-to outfit when I don't know what to wear that day because this outfit is so simple .

I just throw on a blouse and throw on a pair of pants .

There's no need to iron .

See either of these because they don't wrinkle .

So this is a very effortless look , the look I will wear when I have no idea what I want to wear that thing .

Now , I'm pairing this with the Wilfred high end sweater .

So this is a crop sweater and these are high waisted pants .

I think this goes really well together as a casual outfit .

Obviously , I don't wear this to work , but this is an example of how you can wear a pair of dress pants and make it casual .

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This is the last pair of the Thai Fit pants that I have to show you guys .

These ones are my most recent pair , but they are not in the Japanese crate fabric .

This fabric is um in the Visco , what's it called ?

Visco ?

Visco ?

I don't know what it's called , but on the website , the name of these pants are called the tie front check pants instead of tie front pants , I guess because of the check pattern .

But this fabric is thicker than the regular Japanese Crepe , but it's not as thick as their wool version .

So I tried their wool versions before in store and I found that they were a little bit itchy and they're a little bit thick .

So I decided to go with the these because I think these will be great all season rounds because it's not that thick , but it's also not that thin .

So I can wear these in the Canadian winters .

So right now I'm pairing it with the baton cow net casal .

So this is an outfit that I will wear to work .

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And if I just throw on a cardigan or a blazer , it's another fun way to wear .

This is to pair it with the plunge red cardigan .

And I love this look because again , it's a crop sweater with a high waisted pants .

So another example of how you can wear a dress pants casually , but to show you guys how I tie my tie frame pants , I like my tie to be very much to the side and not , you know , straight sticking up .

So this is how I would tie it .

So I'm gonna put the longer side over the shorter side and then takes the longer side around and I like my tie to sit dye E and only I don't like sometimes in the , on the models or in stores they'll tie it like this .

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Um But I don't really like how it looks like .

I don't even know how they do it .

But my favorite way to tie it is like this so that the tie sits diagonally and that one side is longer than the other .

So this is my favorite way to tie the tie for pant .

Another way that you could tie the tie for a pant is to make a bow .

And for this , you'll need both sides to be the same length and then loop it around like how you would and then like how you loop it around , like how you would normally .

And then yeah , it's Thai get like a regular bo this is , this is pretty much , this is pretty much how I used to wear it when I first got these pants before I knew how to do the one sided tie .

Um but I don't wear it like this anymore .

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I really like this and I love one sided tie , but you can totally wear it like this and , and I feel like it gives you a really different look because for work and stuff , I like to have tie in the front and then like this , it just looks a little bit more , you know , look .

So another great thing about these tie frame pants is that it's machine washable , at least in the Japanese crate fabric as well as the Czech pattern fabric .

Um not so much , but I don't have that one for that reason , but these are so great because they are machine washable and they don't wrinkle at all .

You can also throw them at these in the dryer .

You don't have to line dry them .

I've had this pair for about three years now .

And I literally machine wash these on normal cycle , throw them in the dryer , normal cycle with all the heat and everything .

And they still are look completely new .

There's no pills at all .

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Literally looks like you can grab these off the rack at a and yeah , completely new .

Super impressed with these .

Um my first pair I paid full price for these .

I be they're still the same price today , but I don't regret it at all because they've held up so well and I still wear them today .

A really great piece to wear , to work as well as casual .

So again , thank you so much for watching this .

I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys got inspiration on how to wear , tie , front pants or dress pants and these ari pieces .

Let me know which outfit was your favorite in the comments down below .

And please give me a like on this video and subscribe to my channel for more styling content .

See you in my next video .

Bye bye .


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