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2023-08-07 14:04:46

Easy Chicken Biryani in 5 simple steps!

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Hey there , I'm richer and this is my food story .

And today I'm going to show you how to make chicken biryani at home .

I've broken this down into five really simple steps .

So that when you make this at home , you have the perfect chicken biryani .

Our first step is to make crispy brown onions .

We've taken about two large onions and slice them thinly and we're going to fry them in oil slowly so that you get really nice brown onions like these step .

Number two is to marinate our chicken for this biryani .

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So we start by taking some yogurt tomato puree oil , ginger garlic paste , red chili powder , garam , masala salt and the fried onions that we made earlier mix this together really well .

So that everything is combined .

What I like to do for this recipe is to only use chicken thighs and drumsticks because parts like breasts tend to actually dry out when you're making chicken biryani mix this up .

Well , so that each piece of chicken is dunked nicely in that marinade and you can marinate this overnight in the refrigerator or marinate it for at least two hours to get the best flavor in your biryani step .

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Number three , in this recipe is to make boiled rice , which basically means that we're going to cook the rice till it's about 70% done .

So in a pot of boiling water , add whole spices along with salt and basmati rice , boil this rice for exactly five minutes because that's the right amount of time you need to cook this rice till it's about 70% done .

Drain the rice in a colander along with all the whole spices that were there in the pot and set this aside while the rice is boiling soak a few strands of saffron in some warm milk .

This is what adds that beautiful color and flavor to chicken biryani .

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Step number four is when we start cooking our chicken place the chicken on medium high heat in a heavy bottomed pot and cook it for about 7 to 8 minutes till it starts changing color .

The final step in our recipe is to start layering the biryani .

And the first layer after the chicken is the crispy fried onions that we made earlier .

The next layer are mint and coriander leaves .

Our next and almost final layer is to add the rice on top .

This is when you'll see that the 70% done rice will actually cook and steam with the chicken in the pot .

Just make sure that you spread the rice around so that it's nice and even we're almost done guys .

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Now we just need to add the saffron milk that we made earlier and finish everything off with a tablespoon or two of key cover this and cook this on a low flame for 20 minutes .

And there we go .

Our chicken biryani is almost ready and just look at that perfectly cooked rice .

My favorite part is to add more crispy onions on top if I can make this chicken biryani at home .

So can you chicken biryani in five really easy steps .


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