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2023-08-06 16:15:41

My Entire Simple Shoe Collection 2022

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one hour later .

Now I do love my shoes , and I do have a bit of an addiction when it comes to buying them .

I think I've got about 20 pairs to show you in this video , and that's after me selling a load that I never wore .

Now there's definitely no need for you to own that many pairs of shoes , and I didn't realise I had that many before filming this video , so I don't think it's normal .

It's definitely not normal .

I have built up my collection over a number of years , though , so that's one of the reasons I have so many also talking about fashion .

It's my job , so I have more stuff than you really need .

So do keep that in mind .

The shoes I go for these days are all timeless .

They're all quite simple , so they're really easy to style .

And , yeah , I definitely have a style that I like , and you'll see that in this video .

Anyway .

Let's not waste any more time .

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I'm starting to waffle now , and we've got a lot to get through .

If you like this video at any point , please do leave it a like and Now that's all out of the way .

Let's get into the shoes .

So let's start off with the sneaker that I wear the most .

And it's my current favourite sneaker .

And if you followed the channel for a while , you probably already know what it is .

But it's the Converse Chuck Taylor , 70 now .

I currently own these in the black colour way and in the natural colour way .

And I used to own them in the low top versions , too .

But I never wore them , so I sold them .

I definitely prefer the high tops in this shoe .

Anyway , I'm a UK size nine , and I pick these up in a half size down , so I picked them up in an 8.5 .

The Converse website suggests that you go down half a size as well , and I'm not going to argue with them .

I do agree with them now just to let you know the first wear in these is brutal .

Every time I get a new pair , my heels are shredded in them and yeah , after that , they're fine .

But just be prepared .

Just be Just be prepared for that .

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Now These shoes do run quite narrow , but I found going true to size made no difference in the width .

It just made them a bit longer , and I did actually own them in my true size a few years ago .

And what I found is the end , because it was a bit too long .

It started to curl up a bit , and it ruined the aesthetic of the shoe .

But as I always say , try them on for yourself and see how you get on with them Next up .

We've got my van skate high now .

I've always been a massive fan of vans , and I've always had a pair in my rotation .

And just like Converse , they're a very simple shoe , and some people might think they're a bit too basic .

But not for me .

The more basic , the better I say now .

It had been quite a while since I bought a pair of skate highs until I bought this pair more recently , and I'm absolutely loving them at the moment .

They definitely give off a look to the Chuck seventies , but they're slightly more chunky and I'd say slightly more casual .

It's also worth mentioning that these are wider than the converse .

So if you do find Converse too narrow for you , try a pair of these out .

But like the Converse , these are a timeless classic .

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The black colour way means I can wear them all year round , and I'm so glad to have a pair in my rotation .

But as I always do with my vans , I always go true to size and they fit me perfectly .

So as we're already talking about vans , I'm going to show you my pairs of authentic now vans .

Authentic are probably my favourite of the low top models , and I don't think there's been a time where I haven't had a pair in my rotation .

Maybe when I was like five , but apart from that and I currently own a pair of the LX version in the black colour way and also a regular pair in the cream colour way .

Now I wear the black pair all year round , but the cream pair I only wear in the summer because that canvas would get filthy if I wore them in the winter .

But like most vans , these will go with pretty much anything , and I feel you can easily dress them up and down .

I also wear these as my lifting shoes in the gym .

At the moment , they're not the best lifting shoes out there , but they look good and they do the job , so they're a very versatile sneaker .

Next up , we've got the Reebok Club C 85 STV .

Now I don't really know what the TV stands for .

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I'm assuming it's television .

But why ?

If you know why , let us know in the comments , please .

Anyway , these sneakers are really comfortable and they're perfect in the warmer weather .

But I haven't really been wearing them that much recently .

And come to think of it recently , I haven't really been wearing white sneakers .

On the whole , I've definitely been wearing darker colours .

More so That's probably the reason why .

But as these are a timeless classic and I still do love them , it doesn't really matter .

I might wear them next year .

Or if not , maybe the year after that .

They're never going to go out of style .

I went through to size in these , and they fit me like a dream .

I'm not sure how a dream is supposed to fit , but basically they fit me perfectly moving on next .

We're going to move on to my very small ADI collection , and these two pairs are very similar .

But at the time of buying them both , I couldn't work out which pair I like best and I still don't know .

So I had to pick up both .

But the first pair I picked up were the samba , and the second pair I picked up are the handball specials .

Now .

I mainly wear these .

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If I'm just popping out to get some milk or to the supermarket .

I don't know why , but they make an excellent grocery shopping shoe .

I also think they look good with a fuller length trouser .

I don't wear fuller length trousers that much , but if I do , then I do wear a pair of these now .

I went through to sizing in these , and they fit me perfectly .

But just a word of warning .

The Sabres .

When I first got them , they shredded up my heel .

I'm not sure if it's just the way I'm walking , Why I'm experiencing so much heel shred .

But if you experience that , too , do let me know in the comments .

So the next pair of sneakers I've got is the acne studio Ballow Sneaker .

Now , before I bought these , I was actually looking at buying a pair of van slip ons , and I saw these the sale , and I thought they'd be nice for a change .

Now these are actually my first pair of shoes from acne studios , and they are very simple , but that's why I like them .

I think these retail for just over £200 which is a lot for a slip on sneaker , but I was lucky enough to get these for 40% off .

Now , I normally only wear slip on sneakers in the summer .

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But as these are black , I think I can easily wear them in the autumn and winter , too .

So I'm going to wear them in the autumn and winter , too .

Why not now ?

Even though they're a very casual sneaker , you could easily dress these up , and I'd happily wear them for an evening out or to dinner or something like that .

Not a smart dinner , but more of a casual dinner Now .

When I first bought these , I bought them in my true size , and they did fit me .

But because they're a slip on sneaker I was worried that they'd stretch a bit and no longer fit , So I did size down the size eight .

Do still fit me , but they are a little bit snug now .

I haven't had these long , and I've only worn them a handful of times .

So going down a .

Was I right to do that ?

Only time will tell next .

We've got a sneaker that I absolutely love , but I don't wear these days , and it's the Nike Air Max 90 .

Now the only reason I don't wear these shoes is because I don't think they suit my style , even though I do love them .

I used to always do this with sneakers because I love the look of them so much , and I appreciate them so much .

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I used to buy a load of pairs that I knew wouldn't suit me , but I just kind of wanted them Now .

I have stopped doing this nowadays , and my bank balance is thankful for it , and I wouldn't recommend you do the same either .

Anyway , this was a custom pair that I made myself using Nike ID , and they were supposed to be all in the same sale colour way But when I got them , some parts were more yellowish , and at the time I was really disappointed by this .

But I suppose it's made them more unique , and I kind of like that about them .

Now it has kind of put me off using Nike ID in the future , but maybe I was just unlucky .

But if you had similar problems , do let me know Now I know I should sell these because I don't wear them .

But because I design them , they're kind of a bit special to me , so I don't want to let them go , but they are very comfortable .

I pick them up in my true size and they fit like a glove .

Next up , we move on to an old favourite of mine , my common projects collection .

So I've got a black pair and a white pair of the Achilles low and a white pair of the bee ball lows .

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I remember picking up my first pair of these about five or six years ago , and they were the only sneakers I wore .

But these days I don't wear them at all , Although they would suit my current style .

I think I'm a little bit bored of the clean , white , minimal sneaker .

Even though I like things to be simple and basic because they're easier to style .

I just think I overdid it a bit .

But even though Roseanne's video tears these shoes apart literally , I always found they held up really well for me now , along with a few others off this list , I will be selling these , but I just haven't got round to it yet .

We not long ago moved house , so it's been quite busy .

But yeah , I'll get on it soon .

So the next sneaker I've got are my gats from Mason Marella .

So I've probably had these for over a year now and they've never left the house .

Basically , I picked these up in a size 43 and I should have picked them up in a size 42 .

So why didn't I exchange them for another size ?

You ask Good question .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , when I first got them , I was so excited to show them off that I wore them in a recent pickups video for this channel .

And even though I only wore them on the carpet where I was spending my foot , they got some really small creases in them , so I couldn't send them back .

But even though I was gutted at the time , it's not the end of the world .

These sneakers hold their value really well , so I will sell them and I'll make a decent chunk of my money back for them .

Next up .

We've got my running shoes and it's the Nike React .

Infinity two .

Now it's probably time that I got a new pair of running shoes , but these have held up quite well .

They have developed a bit of a squeak in them , so you can hear me coming .

But apart from that , they're all right .

I went through the size in these and they do fit me perfectly , and they've got quite a generous toe box .

So when you're running , your foot isn't rubbing against the sides , which is really nice .

But not much to say about these .

They are a pair of running shoes .

They're very comfortable .

I think they've actually released the three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The third version of these .

So , yeah , I might check those out for my next pair , but yeah , let's move on .

So now we're moving into my shoes and the first pair are my Clark's Wallabies now .

I don't really wear shoes .

I'm definitely more of a sneaker person .

But I do love a Clark's Wallaby Now .

When I was picking a pair of these up , I wasn't sure whether to get the Maple pair or the black pair .

But I thought I'd be able to wear the black pair a lot more .

I'd be able to wear them year round .

So I picked up the black pair and I'm really glad I did .

I sized down a full size in these and they fit me perfectly and they're surprisingly comfortable from the shape of them .

I didn't think they'd be that comfortable , but they are .

I tend to wear these if I want to smarten myself up a bit , but I don't want to go full on smart .

But you could just as easily wear them casually .

So next we move on to my loafer collection and I've got three pairs from GH Bass and one pair from a collaboration between Arquette and Moha pronounce that wrong , but we'll crack on now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I actually got all of these pairs of shoes through campaigns I did over on Instagram , apart from the black pair from GH bass and I've had these shoes for years now , but I'm finding myself wearing them less and less these days .

As I said , if I'm going for a casual look , then I'll wear sneakers .

And if I'm going for something a little bit smarter , then I tend to wear my Clark's Wallabies .

But saying that a pair of loafers will always come in handy and I'm sure , further down the line I'll appreciate having them now .

I always say If you don't wear something , get rid of it .

But when it comes to formal shoes , I don't always do that .

I think it's always a good idea to have some options in your wardrobe with formal footwear .

You never know when you might need a pair , so even though I don't wear them now , I'm sure there's going to be a time or an occasion where I will need them .

Maybe not four pairs , but definitely one .

And like I do with most of my formal footwear , I size down a full size in all of these shoes and they fit me well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So next we move on to a pair of my smartest shoes and a pair of shoes that will probably only feature in this video and probably never on Instagram because I don't wear Oxford shoes unless I'm wearing a suit and I don't wear suits often .

But this pair are a leather pair of Oxfords from low key .

But in my opinion , every man should own a smart pair of Oxford shoes .

You never know when you might need them .

They're great for weddings , for funerals , sadly , but yeah , if you get a decent pair , they'll last you a lifetime .

And as I already mentioned with my dress shoes , I normally size down a full size , and that's what I did with these , and they fit me perfectly .

So next we move on to my boots and it's this pair from Viron .

Now .

I picked this pair up last winter , and I think they're a great looking boot and they're made of apple leather rather than leather .

So they are quite soft and they are very comfortable .

I don't think they even needed a break in period , and my heels were very thankful for that .

No shredded heels with these , but I think Veron boots are going to be very popular this year .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm seeing more and more people in them , and with these I size down a full size and they fit me perfectly .

But they've got a great sizing guide on their website , so do check that out if you want to buy a pair .

I'm not much of a boot person , but when it's really cold outside and I need a pair of boots , these are the pair that I wear .

Next we move on to my sandals and it's my Birkenstock Arizona .

Now I only really wear these on holiday or around the house .

I've never really been one for wearing sandals as an everyday casual shoe .

But , yeah , I'm a little bit bored of seeing Birkenstocks these days , but they do definitely have their place .

And I definitely prefer the look of these over a thong flip flop .

So on holiday , if I'm going out and it's really hot , I will wear a pair of these Anyway .

Everyone knows Birkin stocks by now , and I know a lot of people go true to size with these , but I find sizing down fits me a lot better .

So those are all the shoes that I currently own and I know a lot of them look quite similar to one another , but I have a style that I like .

And at least I know I'm going to wear them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But let me know what your favourite pair wear down in the comments and let me know which pairs you own .

If you like this video , please do Leave it a like If you're new here , don't forget to hit .

Subscribe and I will see you all next week .

Thank you so much for watching everyone see you later .


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