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2023-08-07 14:26:55

Cleaning the dirtiest Panda Dunk LOW

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Hello and welcome to a sneaker cleaning video .

My name is Claris .

I'm one of the sneaker care experts here at CREPT .

Protect .

And I'm gonna be teaching you how to clean your pads , dunked using the crept protect cure kit .

Within this kit , you have your premium brush you here micro fibre to and carry case with inbuilt water tray .

And we are going to be cleaning the panda dunks today , arguably one of Nike's most popular shoes of the year .

As you can see , they're pretty dirty , so watch them get transformed .

So in this video , we're going to be cleaning the left shoe .

So I'm gonna pop this 1 to 1 side .

First things first , take your premium brush and give the shoe a good dust over .

You'll see straight away that this is lifting off all the big bits of surface dirt .

So it means cleaning is gonna be a lot easier .

You can even do the so if you need to .

So the soft bristles of this brush helps get between the little gaps lifting off any big , hard bits of debris .

So when you're cleaning , you've got minimal dirt sitting on the shoe .

Now your shoes are nice and brushed off .

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We can get some water , take your carry case and use the tray that's inside .

We'd always recommend using lukewarm water because it works best .

So now we've got our water ready to go .

Let's unlace the shoe quickly , and then we can start scrubbing .

Now your shoes on laced Pop the laces to one side , and we'll sort those out later .

We always recommend starting with the sole of your shoe and work your way up the shoe .

That way we can get heavy dirt off first and then keep cleaning through .

Grab your brush , dip your brush in the water , give it a little shake off and then five drops of cleaner solution straight onto the wet brush , and then you can begin scrubbing so you'll see your shoe firming up nicely .

A good top tip is .

Follow the shape of the shoe so you can get between all the little gaps , lifting out any dirt that might be stuck .

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Once that's all nice and firmed up .

We could just wipe it down .

So grab your microfiber cloth and start from the bottom and wipe upwards looking pretty good .

So far , So once you've finished on the sole , you can move on to the mid sole again , dip the brush into the water , add your cleaning solution and you're good to go .

Yeah , follow around the mid .

So scrubbing all the way around in circular motions , this helps get into the stitching and all the tiny little grooves around the bottom .

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Yeah , and then exactly the same , we'll just give it a little wipe over something that might help you when you're cleaning .

If you've got smaller , harder to reach areas , especially around the top of the sole , where it meets the upper of the shoe .

What you can do is grab your towel , dip your finger in the water , a drop of cure straight onto the wet part of the towel and just run your finger along the edge .

You can apply a little bit of pressure , and it helps lift off anything that's stuck in the way .

Perfect .

I think that looks good so we can move on to the upper now .

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Feel free to change out the water whenever you need to .

It can get dirty if your shoes are particularly dirty , so just keep changing if and when you need to .

So now on to the upper again , Grab your brush into the water and a couple of drops straight on .

I would always recommend starting at the front of the shoe and working your way backwards .

That way you can see what has been cleaned and what still needs to be cleaned .

So grab your brush and start scrubbing and exactly the same on the other side .

We'll give it right down to see if we need to do any more .

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I can still see there's a couple of dirty areas , so I'm just going to repeat that process again to get some more dirt out .

Of course , yeah , some areas , especially along the edges , and the stitching where the material beats you , can always add a little bit more pressure .

Where it's soft .

Bristle is not going to do any damage to the shoe , so you can scrub a little bit harder to help lift those harder to get dirt off and exactly what we did with the mid So as well .

You can just grab your towel and repeat the exact same thing along the edges again .

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So I think I've managed to get quite a lot of that dirt off .

So let's give it a wipe over , and we can move on to the next step .

So now your shoe is looking pretty clean .

Make sure your table is nice and clean as well .

Grab another cloth and just give it a wipe over .

As you can see , the tongue is still pretty dirty .

This is exactly the same process as you would with the uppers of the shoe , but we'll just need a little bit more water because it's a softer , more absorbent material .

So now the upper of your shoe is nice and clean .

We can move on to the tongue exactly the same as always .

Water cleaning solution .

Blow shake off and scrub .

Sometimes use your hand to rest against the tongue , so there's a bit of pressure and that will help you get further into the material lifting out the dirt .

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So while the foam is working its way through the tongue , let's quickly do the sock liner and the inside so you guys can have fresh shoes on the inside and the outside .

Start from the top and work your way down .

If you have your shoe at this angle like this , you can scrub along the inside and the lining of the shoe to get all the way down and across the top as well .

Same as the tongue .

You can always use your hand to hold against the shoe to apply a bit of pressure and just keep scrubbing round .

So the same with the tongue .

We'll just leave that soaking in for a couple of minutes to really work its way through , and then we'll just give it a wipe down .

Sometimes the stitching on the shoe also gets quite stained .

You'll see the Nike across the back here is looking a little bit brown .

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What we can do is exactly the same .

Just give it a little scrub over and leave it to soak in .

While the cure is working its way through the softer areas .

Let's give the shoe one more good foam up , and then we can leave it to dry .

So now we're nice and foamed up .

We'll give it a final wipe down and see where we're at .

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OK , so the shoe is looking pretty clean , but the towel is looking a bit dirty .

What you can do is just whack these in a normal wash with your towels , and it'll be ready to go for next time .

So while we wait for this to dry , we'll move on to the laces .

Grab your lace , pop it into your bowl of water , get that fully wet , grab your cleaning solution a couple of drops straight onto the lace and just rub it through , similar to as if you were washing your hands .

And that will help rinse out all of the dirt that's trapped inside the laces .

It will foam up nicely and you can see the dirt coming out .

So pop your laces back into the water , and then we can just pull it out and run it through the towel .

If it's any white laces or something , that's got a bit of a heavier dirt mark on the shoe , you can always just use the brush and scrub over , and that will help get out any of those tougher marks .

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By doing this with a towel , you're helping to clean and dry at the same time .

So once that's done , we'll just leave these to dry as well with the pair of shoes perfect .

So now you can see the shoes are nice and clean and then look at at the difference .

Even the soles will come up massively and nice , bright white tongues again .

And remember the areas that we're having trouble on across the heels , with the stitching much brighter now , what you might find sometimes when you're cleaning your shoes is that some areas might need a little bit more work .

By all means .

Keep going over some areas with the cure kit .

As we showed you earlier in the video , that was us cleaning your pan of looks .

That was us cleaning the panda dunks .

Let us know in the comments below what shoes you want to see next time .


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