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2023-08-06 15:53:20

How to Make One-Ingredient Puff Pastry Waffles _ Eat the Trend

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Growing up , one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast were waffles .

I loved them from the Waffle House .

My step mom used to make really , really good waffles .

And now as a vegan , I have figured out how to make amazing waffles that are just as good as the ones that I used to eat as a child .

So I'm gonna show you how to make this today .

They're easy .

They're super , super delicious .

And while you're cooking them , they make your apartment or your house smell amazing .

So there are three things that I need to vegan in this waffle recipe .

First of all , you've got the egg , you also have the buttermilk and you have your butter .

So for the egg , I always use flax seed , ground flax seed meal .

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When you add a little bit of water to it , it turns into a gelatinous sort of putty that is reminiscent of an egg and it will work just like an egg works just as well in these waffles .

So I did one tablespoon of flax seed ground up to two tablespoons of water , add that to the bowl , stir it up and after a few minutes .

It's gonna get nice and gelatinous just like we want it .

That's gonna be our vegan egg .

The second thing we need to vegan is our buttermilk .

So , what I like to use for that is non dairy milk .

Today , I'm using soy milk .

Just plain , nothing added to it , soy milk .

And here's the secret ingredient , apple cider vinegar .

So when you add apple cider vinegar or even white vinegar to any sort of non dairy milk , it helps to curdle it a little bit .

So it's reminiscent of buttermilk .

So I'm just gonna add a teaspoon of my apple Cider vinegar to a cup and a half of one .

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So milk pour that into your bowl with the flax egg , give it a stir and then you can add the last of your wet treats the butter .

Now , as you know , I'm not using dairy butter , I'm actually gonna use the vegan butter from a brand called Earth Balance .

Now this comes solid just like dairy butter looks the same .

Um So I melted it over just , you know , a little double boiler because I don't use my microwave .

So it's nice and melty and this will work just like dairy butter .

You pour that right into your milk as well .

And the last little liquid ingredient I'm gonna add is two teaspoons of vanilla extract .

So now that , that's all in there , I'm gonna just set it aside and move on to my dry ingredients .

So for my dry ingredients .

I'm gonna be using some white flour .

This is just an unbleached all purpose flour .

So here I've got a little mixture of dry ingredients .

I got some sea salt , baking powder and baking soda .

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That's gonna go right into my bowl with the flour and last but not least sugar .

I'm gonna pour that right in there too .

So now we just need to blend this all up , take your whisk and blend it , stir it well to combine all those ingredients together .

So here's a little tip about vegan baking when you use baking soda and or baking powder in your dry ingredients and you use vinegar , apple cider or white vinegar in your wet ingredients .

When you combine those two before you , you know , stick it in the oven or turn into waffles , they start to react with each other and that helps for your baked good .

What it might be to rise and to get more fluffy and light and all the things you want .

You want in like a nice pastry , adding my wet ingredients to my dry .

You are just gonna stir it and to make sure it's combined .

Be careful that you don't over stir it .

Your batter should stay clumpy at the end .


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