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2023-08-07 13:47:49

how I make money as a teenager (quick & easy)

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Hey , guys .

And welcome back to my channel .

So today I'm going to be telling you guys how to make money as a teenager because I did a video on this quite a while ago .

I just don't even know how long ago it was .

I made a video about this nine months ago .

So the reason that I'm making another video on this is because that video is kind of outdated now .

And I have quite a few more ways of making money as a teenager , which I didn't mention in that video .

So if you haven't seen that video yet , maybe check that out once you've finished watching this one .

But most of the tips on here are probably better than that one .

So don't worry if you haven't .

So I've successfully tried most of these methods .

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A few of them , I haven't .

But I know that they definitely work , But these are basically all tried and tested and legit ways .

You can make a lot of money as a teenager .

OK , so method number one , this one I do .

I'm currently doing I've been doing for quite a while , and it is YouTube .

So YouTube is apparently like the most Monetti like social Media platform .

So with YouTube , you can make money through Google AdSense .

So this is like when you see an advert on a video , you probably saw one on this video .

Maybe at the beginning , maybe during the video , I have no idea .

But every time you see an advert on a youtubers video , that means that they are monetized .

And that YouTube has , like placed adverts in their video through Google AdSense , Google AdSense basically pays you .

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I think it's 50% of what the advertisers give YouTube , which I think is pretty good seeing as you don't actually have to , like , communicate with any advertisers or anything , they literally just put the adverts on your video .

They also personalise advert .

If you want to know how much I made from my first YouTube paycheck , I have a video on that .

I'll put it in the cards , but basically you can make money from YouTube .

It does take a lot of hard work , but it is possible .

I never thought it would happen to me .

I was literally just doing YouTube for the fun of it .

I still do it for fun , but It's just great , like having a thing that you get paid for and you really enjoy to do so .

YouTube is definitely a good idea , especially if you have something which you think is worth sharing with the world .

So if I can do it , I think anyone can .

So Method number two .

This one is quite a different amount to what you make from YouTube , probably , and this is selling books on Zip it .

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This doesn't have to be specifically through zi it , but I recently tried this and selling books on Zip .

It is so easy .

Of course , it's not sponsored .

Wish it was , but all you have to do is just scan the like bar codes on the back of books , and it just comes up with a price .

Instantly .

You package them up , put on a like collect plus label and send them off .

So I sold nine books and I got £5.71 for all of them , which I think is quite good .

Seeing ads is not really another way to get paid from selling old books .

It's either that or you probably give them to a charity shop or like give them to a member of your family .

I don't know what you guys do with your books , so I just think this is a really good and quick way to get money .

So if you want to try this , maybe ask your parents or other family members if they have any books which they don't want anymore , or clear out someone's bookshelves .

Clear out your own bookshelves .

If you have one .

I don't know .

Just find a load of books , scan the bar code and there you go .

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Method Number three is selling things , so this is quite a broad one .

But I mean selling stuff on Etsy , selling stuff on Depot , selling stuff on Red Bubble .

I think red Bubble is a really good one because you don't actually have to make things yourself .

All you have to do is like put graphics like digital graphics , and then they can print it on anything like they do it themselves , like stickers is a really good one .

I have a load of stickers on my water bottle .

Some of them are from red as far as Etsy .

With this one , you do have to make the things yourself , although you can sell like digital things you can make like planners like digital planners or like hourly schedules and stuff , and sell them on Etsy .

That can be a really good thing if you're good at making those sorts of like planners .

But if you want to make stuff like facial masks or t-shirts or jewellery , then you do have to make them yourselves for Etsy .

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Or if you just want to do something for a little bit of time just to make some extra cash and you don't want to make a whole like business , you can just sell stuff on depop like this necklace , which I'm wearing right here .

I bought it on Depot .

It is just like a beaded necklace .

I'll put this shop here , which I got it from .

I really love it , and I wear it all the time , But you can make stuff like beard , necklaces , bags .

I don't know .

I don't know what people make t-shirts clothes I know and sell them on depop , and it's not like Etsy .

Etsy is very like structured , whereas Depop is more just like do your own thing .

So if you want something more casual , then definitely go for depop .

I think this is number four .

the fourth thing that you can do this is also involving depop or eBay , and this is reselling clothes so you can buy a lot of clothes in bulk and then resell them separately for more .

I haven't personally done this before , but my sister has , and it's worked pretty well for her , as far as I'm sure .

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I think she just bought a whole like bulk order stuff from PLT .

Someone was selling PLT items on Depop , and she just bought them all and Reseed them separately for more money .

So I think this is quite a quick and easy way .

If you're good at selling stuff on depop or eBay , take pictures , upload them , send the stuff off and there you have some profit .

But as far as I'm sure this is quite an easy method .

Number five is pet sitting .

OK , I know this might be a little bit difficult at the moment because of Corona , but also a lot of people are going on like staycation holidays .

So if you know any , like neighbours or family members who live near you who are going on holiday soon or if they're not even going on holiday soon , you can just offer as long as they have pets .

I think that's what I meant to say .

I think this it's quite easy money .

I have pets sat before for my neighbours , and it's not that difficult , depending on what type of pets they have .

I know like if they have dogs that is more high maintenance .

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You have to , like , walk them every day .

But if they have cats or even like fish or something , then that is definitely an easy one .

It's a pretty quick way of making some money , So this is one which I mentioned in my last videos .

But this is a really good way of making money , which I've continued to do since I made that video , and it is selling old things on eBay .

If you don't know what eBay is , it's like an online marketplace where you can sell your own things , buy other people's things you can bid , you can do all sorts , so it's basically a great place to sell anything old that you have that you don't want anymore .

I do this and I've made quite a lot of money from this because depending on the price of the thing , you can make quite a good revenue .

I did mention this in the last video .

A lot of people seem to think that I meant only expensive stuff , and quite a few people were like I don't have expensive stuff .

Am I supposed to make money from selling stuff ?

You don't have to sell expensive stuff .

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OK , I sold a Mamma Mia vinyl and I sold it for £3.20 .

Not great , but I still made money from it .

I also sold a cheerleading bow hanger for £1.90 .

I'm still making money from it , but it's not a lot .

It's not a really expensive item , so you can just sell a a lot of cheap stuff and still make money .

For example , I sold a builder bear for £2.38 .

I sold a paper file for £0.99 and I sold a duffel bag for £4.20 .

You can literally sell anything as long as it's at the right price .

If stuff isn't selling , that probably means you're selling it for too high , and you have to know your price .

But eBay does have recommended prices .

So if you just want to go for the price that they recommend , then I'm sure it will do well .

So if you have anything which you think might be worth it , just do a huge room .

Clear out , clear out everything in your room , and I'm sure you'll find at least a few things which are worth selling .

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And also , if they're not worth selling , don't throw them away .

You can always give stuff to charity .

Selling is not the only option .

I can't even remember which number we're on at the moment , but the next method is surveys .

I used to do this .

I used to use an app called Zap surveys , I think , and if you have a lot of spare time , this can be a really easy way to make a bit of money .

You can just sit down in front of the TV in front of YouTube in front of watching this video even , and you can do some quick little surveys .

You just have to download a survey app on your phone .

I think there's lots of them , but I personally used that surveys , and then they give you surveys which you can do .

You see the longer ones you make more money from , and then to have to answer a load of questions .

It's nothing like personal .

I think most of them are for , like , marketing or brands or stuff like that .

And then most of these apps have , like , a minimum threshold or something where you can actually take out the money .

I think , to zap surveys .

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It's like £10 or $10 or something over my whole time of like taking surveys .

I think it was a couple of months .

I made , like , $12 which obviously is not a lot , but I literally did nothing .

I sat home and answered questions .

So what can you expect ?

You're not gonna make hundreds of pounds or dollars from doing surveys , but you can make money from it .

I never thought it was a legit way to make money , but it actually is .

So if you just want to do something which is really low effort and is definitely the way for you , So I hope this helped you guys out .

If it did , let me know in the comments .

Also , remember to just be patient .

You can't always make money .

It's super fast .

It took me quite a while to start making like , proper money .

So try to remember that .

And I wish you guys luck in your entrepreneur money making .

So don't forget to , like , subscribe for more videos like this .

Bye .


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