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Right .

So what you're gonna need is some tide , some bleach .

I'm using a Labrador kind .

You use whatever kind doesn't really matter .

And of course , you're gonna need a bowl .

So put the bleach inside the bowl , you're just using enough bleach to submerge laces .

You don't have to use a whole bunch after the bleach .

I went ahead and put some water in there just to dilute the bleach a bit .

I don't really think this process is necessary .

You don't really have to do this step , but I did it anyway .

And then you're gonna drop the laces in there and make sure they're submerged .

Like I said , so you just wanna make sure they're all the way in the bleach .

They're not really peeking out any , they're just completely submerged .

And this is what you should get some dirty lasers and some bleach .

So basically make sure they sit in the bleach for about 15 minutes before jumping into the next step after you've sat for about 15 minutes .

That's when you wanna take them over to your sink and you're gonna start the scrubbing and washing process .

So right now you're just rubbing them together in your hands , almost like you're washing your hands and scrubbing them between your knuckles and you're not using any water at this point .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just the bleach and the laces after that , that's when you want to take them to the water and try to wash as much bleach off the laces as possible while still scrubbing and , you know , rubbing them together and everything .

So you kinda wanna be really thorough at this point .

You want to use hot water , cold water and all that together .

All right .

So after that , I went ahead and got some tide .

I put the tide on the laces and once again , I started rubbing and scrubbing them together just to get as much bleach and , you know , just get them as crispy clean as possible and actually pretty , it worked really well .

So I'm still using the water and everything at this point .

I'm just making sure they're really , really after that , you got yourself some pretty much clean white laces .

Um After this , you just go ahead and ring them out with a towel or you could do like I did and let them sit in the sun .

But that's pretty much it guys .

That's how , that's how you get your crispy white laces .

Um Thanks for watching this video .

I'll see you in the next piece .


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