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2023-08-06 15:28:40

How to Learn and Speak English Fluently - English Class for Beginners

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If you ask any fine English communicator that how can I work upon my English speaking skills ?

What are the pieces of advice they give you ?

Number one , learn a lot of a lot of vocabularies .

Second or work on your pronunciation .

Third , watch a lot of native speakers or try talking to people who know how to speak in English language and by and large speak a lot .

Well , all of these advice come true , but only and only when we know that how to get started , where to get started .

So the problem with the people is of course , the people I'm talking about , how are the beginner , how and where to get started .

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So I will tell you today the steps to become better English communicator before I talk about the steps that you have to follow or steps that you have to literally consider before considering to become good English communicator .

You gotta find out where you stand , which means what is your current understanding of English language ?

Do you understand native English speaker now ?

Well , do you understand that the speaker from your own country when they speak in English language or do you get everything or there are certain words that , you know , elude you , whatever it is , just find that out .

If you find that I understand the words they speak .

It's just that I don't understand how do they structure it or I'm not really sure where do they get these content from ?

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Because even if I know it's really , really , really difficult for me to express them in words , well , whatever the level is , wherever you stand these four steps that I want to talk about will certainly help you figure out who you are , where you are and how you have to further for your English speaking journey .

Well , step number one , if you are a beginner , which means you do not understand English words even .

And I'm not talking with the words like I and you , I'm talking about verbs , I'm talking about verbs , I'm talking about adjectives , right ?

So if you don't understand most of the verbs and adjectives and verbs , which means if someone else , what unparallel art .

So you don't understand unparallel .

If somebody tells you that what a majestic approach you don't understand approach , you don't understand majestic .

These are the words still , what I'm saying is not from the basic level yet .

There are so many basic words that you don't understand .

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Let's get started from the level number one , which means no grammar learning yet .

You ought to just stick around with English words .

And for that , it's very , very simple , very , very easy start listening to the people who speak in English language .

You know , on a daily basis .

Now , don't think about the structuring .

They have user grammar , they have user style , they have the pronunciation .

They are , I mean , the way they are uttering the word , you just have to focus on the words they spoke .

Did you understand them ?

Just for your understanding ?

If we just speak words , people understand .

What are we talking about here with me is Joseph .

Now let's test where he stands , right ?

So drink water , I need water .

He got it .

Class time .

Are we talking about class time ?

Yes .

Public speaking stadium , public talking about politic .

Absolutely .

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That's right .

He got it .

Well , if you understand the words around and you can decipher the meaning out of it , you are not a beginner , but you are a step ahead .

Now , we can certainly talk about grammatical English here .

We're gonna learn tenses , models and how to talk about daily routine , how to talk about past events and all these things don't bother .

Still don't try to speak it correctly fluently .

Just now hang in there , learn the grammar rules , learn how grammar structures , the sentences .

All right , like I need to go out , I need water .

All these multiple sentences .

You don't just start understanding , you start speaking it up , which means all the phrasal sentences you can get started practicing in this step .

Now , we can say that you are at intermediate level , which means you start speaking in English language .

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Of course , a lot of grammatical mistakes are still happening , but that's pretty fine .

They are going to vanish very , very soon .

So what we do in this step is we watch a lot of native English speakers .

It doesn't matter whether you understand it completely or not .

Well , you just have to watch , listen , repeat , listen , watch , repeat whatsoever where you understand just a little lot of Native English speakers think about the phrases , how they have been literally using in the context and try speaking it off .

Which means this is the phase where you can learn to impersonate as well .

Well , be an actor , who knows if you stand at this position , which means your goal is not really small , your goal is bigger and you're going to hit it just now .

Well , the fourth step I call it advanced learning .

Now , what happens here , here you speak , which means you speak your heart out .

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But what will you speak until unless you have better thought process at the same time , knowledge without knowledge , who knows how to speak .

So now comes into existence , reading , reading , reading , reading a lot of reading .

Like a lot of people would ask me how quickly you think about some of the topics and how do you do that ?

It's very simple .

I read a lot if you cannot read directly the novel or the newspaper .

Well , pretty fine .

Let's get started .

With the articles , there are thousands and thousands .

I mean , zillion gazillions of articles on internet start reading any random article .

And you would see that the habit of reading is developing in the moment you can literally pay attention to reading for half an to one hour .

Your job is done .

You read you imbibe the knowledge and then you speak it to the people .

This is how it goes until less you listen to other people .

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You read others opinions , you read different books , you don't speak anything new , you only practice and speak what you knew .

So when you read , you know new things , you speak it off , you articulate well and this is where actual practice of pronunciation also into existence .

There we go .

So we talked about four different steps .

The first two steps were for the beginner , which means the first one , understand different words , basic vocabulary , second , deep knowledge .

Well , functional grammar , even if you don't go deep and deeper into grammar , that's pretty fine .

You just need to know functional grammar to structure right sentence .

Then step number third , we talk about what .

Listening , watching , listening , which means a lot of native English listening practice .

And the fourth step .

Well , that's the final step where we talk about a lot of speaking practice by reading , reading , reading and no replacement for reading .

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I promise you .

If you just follow these four steps that I talked about , there isn't anything in this world that can stop you from speaking fantastic English .


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