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2023-08-06 16:00:33

How to Tie a Tie - THE TABLE KNOT _ Easy Trick to Tie a Tie on a Table

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Yeah , this video was brought to you by my nicety dot com because with a coat and tie , anyone becomes civilized at minus different is great with our risk free guarantee .

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There's not a better place to buy a tie .

Hi , my name is Ben and I'm excited to be here today to teach you how to tie two more ties .

And that's in commemoration of our millionth view on our other video , our first video on how to tie a double wins or not .

So if you haven't seen it , you can click on this link right here .

But um so we've had a million views in , in commemoration of that .

I'm making this video to teach you how to tie two ties .

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The second one is this this neck tie .

It's a pretty good looking knot .

I'll show you how to put a dimple in it .

I actually tied it without even putting the necktie over my head .

So I'll teach you that trick .

The first necktie , I want to show you the the first necktie trick I want to show you is actually a product that we sell from my nice tie .

So forgive me for the shameless plug , but I'm gonna show you how to get your tie on your neck and out the door within two seconds .

So , so the first way I'm gonna teach you how to tie a tie actually only takes two seconds because it's a zipper tie .

If you've never heard of a zipper tie before , there's actually this zipper piece , plastic piece holding the knot in and a zipper that runs down the back of the necktie .

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They're , they're , I'm telling you every person that wears a tie needs at least one zipper tie .

Pop up your color on zipper zipper , throw it over your neck something up and put it back down .

Perfect knot every time it's the perfect length .

Every time .

It's the perfect gift for this Christmas and every tie wearing person should have at least one zipper tie in their wardrobe .

It makes it all right .

Let's get teaching to this trick .

So basically the first step is to just take your necktie like regular and kind of estimate how long you want it .

So put your thumb in it like that , I'm just hanging the neck tie down .

I like it just a little bit above my belt buckle .

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So you got your neck tie and your thumb like this .

I want you to just lay it with the long end going away from the hand .

You are just holding the neck tie with , then you take this end of the necktie with your opposite hand , the one that wasn't holding the tide and you flip it under and create a loop like so it's pretty simple .

Let me give you a better look at this .

Then you take the other end and he created a loop the opposite way .

So you're gonna have two loops .

Both go the opposite way .

Then you take the hand that was holding your neck tie .

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Remember you turn it upside down and put your two fingers through the hole and grab it and then twist your arm because upside down the other way .

So it's upside down that way , twist it .

So its upside down .

You got this top hole and the bottom hole , you just stick your two fingers that you were holding this bottom home with up through the top hole , right .

So , and then you take this in , put it between your two fingers and then slide it through .

Think about the good , I don't know , somewhere close to the bottom of the tie and grab both of them right here .

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And the difficult part is to get the knot to look right in the end .

So you just kind of twist it , pull it , you'll feel it tighten up at that point .

What I do is I just loosen up this part .

I throw it over my neck and kind of shape it the trick to , yeah , having a good looking knot is just as , as you're pulling it tighter , you're shaping it like a neck tie .

So you're pulling a little bit on both ends and pull the fat end down .

Pull these edges out .

You can see that a dimple just kind of formed on its own as I was pulling the neck tie down .

If it doesn't , you want a dimple and it doesn't form as you're tying it , you just kind of stick your finger right there and just kind of pinch it and pull it tight like that .

There's nothing more to dimple than that .

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Sometimes the back of the neck tie gets a little bit folded and weird looking .

It doesn't really matter because the front of the neck tie can still look great even though the back looks a bit weird , but you just kind of shape it into the shape of a triangle , just kind of mold it .

And it's that simple .

We hope you found this video helpful for a special discount , use the promo code youtube at checkout at my nicety dot com and please take a second to tell us what you thought of the video by sharing comments and rating it on youtube .

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Also , if you haven't seen our other videos , check out the best video online to tie a double wins or not .


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