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2023-08-09 09:58:34

The Best Method To Clean Air Jordan 4 Black Military

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What's popping ?

What's up youtube ?

Welcome back to the channel .

My name is Robert A K A pretty boy , Rob and I'll be hanging out with you for today's episode of Shoot Care Academy .

We got the most highly requested sneaker of 2022 .

I'm talking about these black military forces as you see it looking like these things are in the military .

World War two has happened to this sneaker , but we are gonna bring it back to life using our signature shoe cleaning kit .

But all that being said , there's not much left to it but to do it .

So let's hop straight into this episode of Shoot Care Academy .

As mentioned , we are using our signature shoe cleaning kit that does come with all three of our signature brushes , your soft medium and stiff , plus your shoe trees , laundry bags , towel the solution .

Of course , we are also gonna be using our dry rack combo plus our cleaning mat .

All these products are available at dot com as well as all your shoe care needs .

Make sure you guys hang out for the end of the video because I'm gonna slide in the exclusive promo code but we can't get started with this pre cleaning .

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Let's go ahead and just get this left shoe set this aside and start with our right shoe first , things first , I'm gonna go ahead and remove these shoelaces so I can insert our adjustable shoe tree .

Here I go .

Alright .

Our laces are removed right now .

We can go ahead and insert our adjustable shoe tree .

The shoe tree will adjust up to a size 13 .

This shoe right here is a size 9.5 .

So I am just gonna go ahead and guessimate , but it may be the fourth hole back .

Now , I could insert it like .

So as you see that toe box rises up , now , we can apply as much pressure as we need to .

During this cleaning process , the shore will also keep the form and integrity while it's in the washer .

But right now again , we can go ahead and get started with our pretreatment .

He's gonna start with our soft bristle brush and really dry brush , keep all this loose dirt and grime off all the sneaker .

So I'm gonna get to that right now right there it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're pretty much done using this soft bristle brush to dry brush , most of this loose dirt and debris off .

However , we do have some trapped in mud still on this leather .

But what it really did was help out with this suede section .

It got most of that off .

So right now we are just gonna start using our soft bristle brush one more time , but first we got to just get some solution in our bowl of water .

So , here we go .

Yeah .

Yeah .

All right .

There it is .

That's gonna do it for our soft bristle brush .

It's definitely did the job .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm really happy with what it did for the pretreatment .

However , just using our towel to pat dry and see exactly what we're working with before we move on to our medium bristle brush .

All right , that is gonna wrap it up for our medium bristle brush right now .

We're gonna grab our stiff bristle brush and take care of this out .

So , so I'm gonna hop on that right now .

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That is it for our stiff bristle brush right now .

I'm just drying off these OLS and overall , I am extremely happy with how this shoe cleaned up .

At the beginning of this video .

I told you guys , we are going to be using our signature shoe cleaning kit .

So if you own this sneaker at home and it's not too dirty , you can definitely stop at this step .

However , like I said , we want the best possible results .

That's why we are going to put it through the laundry system .

Really , it's going to be the only way to flush out these trapped in stains in the stitching as well as this sock liner .

So I'm gonna go ahead and set that shoe aside .

We are going to put it in the washer but before I do that , I just got to take care of these laces .

Alrighty , awesome .

Our shoes and shoe laces are all cleaned up right now .

We're just gonna go ahead and grab our sneaker laundry bag and place them in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One common question we get is does our sneaker laundry bag hold two shoes ?

Yes , it will hold two sneakers up to a size 12.5 .

We only clean one shoe again for that before and after purpose .

But you guys can wash two shoes , laces as well .

Gonna place these inside this pouch , gonna grab our Snicker laundry detergent place these in the washing machine with cold water and I'll be back like I never left .

All right , ladies and gentlemen , we are back .

We did go and let this shoe 100% dry and I am extremely happy with these results .

I mean that leather , it's cleaning condition , the stitching .

We got that flushed out as well as the sock liner .

Last thing is this suede .

It did clean up nice .

However , there are a little deeper stains and it's crunchy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we are just gonna pay closer attention to detail and take care of that suede right now using our dry suede kit and our brass bristle brush .

First things first , I am seeing this small stain that's a little darker in this area .

So we're gonna grab our sued eraser and just touch up that area right now .

All right .

That is gonna wrap it up for our dry suede kit .

Honestly , it did the job .

The suede is getting a lot softer , however , we want it to be 100% buttery soft .

So that is the reason why we grabbed our brass bristle brush .

I'm just gonna lightly brush this sued just to get it again .

Even more softer .

So , here I go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Damn .

Now that some sexy suede , right ?

That is gonna wrap it up for our suede treatment on these military fours right now .

Last thing left is really just go ahead and get them laced up .

So here we go .

There it is .

That's gonna do it .

That's gonna wrap things up for today's episode of Shoe Care Academy on these black military forces .

I mean they were looking horrendous , but we brought the shoe back to life using our signature shoe cleaning kit as well as a couple other products in our dry suede arsenal overall .

This is a 10 out of 10 cleaning and this shoe right here .

It is a 10 out of 10 .

And to me , it has to be the hottest four that released in 2022 .

If you agree , let me know down in the comments .

If not , I wanna know from y'all .

What is your favorite Jordan for that drop this year ?

With all that being said , I appreciate y'all rocking with us .

Don't forget to like , comment , subscribe my name is pretty boy , Rob .

I'm about to bounce peace out girl scouts .


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