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2023-08-09 10:28:42

My Family Recipe For Chicken Fried Steak Feat. My Mom

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But isn't a potato , a vegetable .

Two things .

Most people don't make this correctly .

And I don't usually have guests in here , but I need the help of a true southerner who taught me how to make this mom , please .

Hi , we're gonna show you .

Ok .

So chicken fried steak .

It's a , it's a southern thing that people don't mess with .

It's like the whole , you don't mess with pigs .

Alexa .

Not right now .

There's a , there's a tried and true method .

Where did you get that from ?

This grandmother ?

This is like a pass down thing .

This is like from my grandma to my mom to me .

I'm ready .

So let's do this , shall we ?

Ok .

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So as per my mom's instructions , you should start with four Tenderized cube steaks about 1 to £1.5 total .

You should have your butcher do this for you .

An eight by eight baking dish enough whole milk or buttermilk to cover your cube stakes , nestle them in there and let them soak at room temperature for about 15 to 20 minutes or overnight in the refrigerator .

That'll help tenderize and add a nice subtle flavor .

Then you're gonna need two sleeves or 258 g of saltine crackers .

Pretty much the only good use for these .

Put those brothers in a bag , close the bag and make sure to push the air out unless you want a nice little cracker explosion go everywhere .

It's just , it's not nice .

And then using a rolling pin coarsely crush them , they should look like uh like that .

We're not looking for saltine powder right now .

Place that are into a baking dish or a shallow half hotel pan along with the unit of measurement that my mom likes to use , which would be three handfuls or 255 g of all purpose flour because you know how Josh loves the grams .

Not and it's not a drug thing .

All right .

Stop making those jokes that you're gonna add a generous amount of salt somewhere around 2 to 3 tablespoons or 40 g and a generous amount of fresh cracked black pepper mix all that together until thoroughly combined .

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And you've got your dredge now in a deep 12 inch cast iron skillet or something like that , you're gonna fill it with a wheel until it's about one inch high .

Please use oil that is suitable for frying .

Then just heat that over medium high heat until it begins to shimmer .

Now , in the meantime , while that's heating , take your meat out of the milk , let it drain a little bit .

Place it in your dredge cover it with the dredge and then firmly press you wanna aggressively get this in there .

It really makes you get in every nook and cranny .

So it soaks it all up and , well , that's actually it , there's no bread or anything else .

I was , I was confused too , but this is her thing and it work .

Then just rinse repeat until all of your cobe sticks are breaded and we're ready to fry .

Now , once that oil is nice and hot and shimmer , gonna carefully lower those bad boys dropping them away from yourself into the hot oil and need to get a fry super fast anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes per side or until quit .

Golden Brown .

Give them a little flip .

Look at the crispy .

If you let them go too long , they will get super dry .

So they don't need to be medium rare .

But yeah , brought them in batches and as they finish , place them on a baking sheet fitted with a wire rack to drip dry and rinse and repeat with the rest .

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Now , once all your chicken fried steak is actually chicken fried , we gotta make our cream gravy , which is a pinnacle piece .

Now , look back in the day when times were tough , they might not have had the money for extra oil .

So if your oil isn't burned , you can pour out just enough to leave about half a cup behind .

You can also substitute just half a cup of butter .

To that half cup of oil or butter heat that over medium heat until nice and hot , you're gonna add two thirds of a cup or 100 g of all purpose flour , give it a good mix and just mix and mix and mix .

Now , once that flour just starts to get brown , about two minutes , you're gonna stir in one cup or 235 mL of whole milk and you're just gonna continue to heat that over medium heat , stirring continuously until it begins to thicken .

Now , look , it's going to keep thickening and thickening , keep heating , thickening , adding a little splash of milk here and there until it reaches this consistency .

If it's too thick and gluey , add more milk , it should be nice and thick but not so thick that you can't pour it off a spoon then just season to taste with salt and pepper and we're ready to plate up .

Traditionally , this will be served with mashed potatoes .

Make sure to spoon a nice little trough in there for your gravy , followed by your chicken fried steak .

Potentially some green beans if you have any hit the steak with gravy , hit the mashed potatoes with gravy , finish with fresh cracked black pepper .

And that's the darn thing , brother .

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This is like my childhood right here .

Boy , listen carefully .

OK .

This is how I did it when I was a kid .

Actually , I always use the gravy boat as the dipping spot well , you really always outdo yourself with this one .

It tastes exactly like when I was a kid .

This is a really unique crust .

You have to have a saltine cracker .

You do .

Yes , I was , my mama would be proud you .

She would definitely be proud of this .

Now , of course , I think that my mom's recipe takes the cake here , but I have to do my own rendition .

She can serve with a 2.5 to £3 boneless chuck roast pat that bad boy dry season and generously with salt and pepper on both sides .

He had a 6 to 7 quart Dutch oven 2.5 tablespoons of high heat oil over medium high heat and seared chuck roast on all sides until brown and crispy .

About 2 to 3 minutes each side .

Pull it out , add a little more oil in the pan , turn the heat down to medium and then add one chopped yellow onion .

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Two celery ribs also coarsely chopped and one coarsely chopped carrot season that with salt and pepper to taste and sauteed just until it begins to soften .

Then you're gonna add 1 750 mL bottle of red wine .

Bring that up to a simmer and once it begins to simmer , you're gonna add one bundle of rosemary .

You chuck roast back to the pan along with its juices , cover it with a lid and place it in an oven set to 3 25 °F or 100 and 60 °C for 2 to 3 hours or until super tender .

Carefully re with the to an eight by eight baking pan top it with the exact same size baking pan and weigh it down with cans and place it in the refrigerator to flatten and cool .

I would recommend at least 24 hours .

So it's totally flatt and chilled .

And once that's done , you can cut this into cubes or slices , actually cut this in one big sort of like thick Snickers bar shape .

We're gonna bread this Katz style .

So we have our three tier breading system here .

First , you're gonna toss it in all purpose flour .

Then in one beaten egg , the egg is beaten , I mean , not like , don't beat it up but you , you know what I mean ?

And then finally in pink crumbs aggressively pressing .

So it's coated all on every little crevice .

Then you're gonna heat a medium sized pan , fill with a buttered inch of oil just like before .

Over medium high heat .

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Yes .

Exact same procedure .

And then gonna fry it on all sides until golden brown , crispy and hot on the inside .

And , well , that's it .

Now for the sauce instead of doing a modified cream gravy , I decided to totally change it to a spicy garlicky gas streak .

Now , this is actually a modified version from a restaurant I used to work at which , by the way , they're doing delivery all these great places they please make to support your local restaurant .

Sorry , off my soapbox .

Anyway , in a medium size sauce pan , you're gonna add half a cup or 100 g of granulated sugar and half a cup or 120 mL of rice vinegar .

Bring that up over medium high heat to a rapid boil and you're going to boil that just until it reaches a Ruy consistency .

Watch because this will overdue and turn into a brick .

If you let it now let that cool slightly and then do that .

You're gonna add 1 to 2 Fresno chilies , finely sliced , three cloves of garlic .

Also finely sliced the zest of one Mayer lemon and fresh ground black pepper .

Two taste for one .

This stuff looks beautiful but it also tastes beautiful and I plate this bad boy up .

I did a little carrot salad , my crispy beef and then I topped my beef with my sweet gas streak .

A little bit of flaky salt cut into it and enjoy .

I think it looks cool .

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But I still , I , I know for a fact that it's not going to compare because it's just so different .

It's really delicious .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Mom mom , that nice crispy coating is just delightful with that tender meat .

It doesn't matter .

My mom won .

Ok .

Pizza Hut may not be able to win , but my mom does .

All right .

But do you wanna know what else ?

My mom wins or I can I shit my nails .

What ?

All right guys .

And that is , it broke my nose .

Um , here , come here .

So we made , we made chicken fried steak .

I broke my nose with blood sauce .

I think that's a , that could be a fun little piece of quizzes .

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I think we did a pretty good job .

I think that my mom's method is better no matter what I do .

I , I can always put in my own fancy ways of doing things , but the original ways it's just too nostalgic .

So this is the first time that I've had a guest in my actual living quarters .

Naturally made sense to have my mom come and do it .

So everybody give a nice round of blogs to my mom because she deserves it .

She's the greatest .

If anybody says anything , I will find you and I'll bring my boating knife and I'll remove all of your limbs one by one anyway , with all that said , if you enjoyed this video or you learn something , leave a like , subscribe and I will see you next time .


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