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2023-08-07 14:21:46

HOW to Hard Reset iPhone 4_4S [Works in 2021]

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Yo , what's up guys ?

How's it going ?

Uh Today , I'm gonna show you guys two ways on how to factor reset your iphone four .

Now , the first way is pretty easy .

All you have to do is go to settings .

Now , from here , you wanna go scroll down to general , then you want to scroll all the way down to reset .

And from here you want to choose , erase all content and settings , choose , erase any era .

Again , your phone is factory resetting .

This should take around 5 to 10 minutes to fully complete .

Now , from here just let the bar load up all the way .

Ok ?

Now , after the 5 to 10 minutes , this one will pop up and from here you can unlock your phone like if you got a brand new out of the box .

Now the second one , how to factory reset your iphone four is with your computer .

It could either be Mac or PC as long as you have itunes downloaded .

So right now my itunes is open , I'm gonna connect my USB to my computer .

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Now , I want to turn off the phone , click on the power button and slide it all the way through .

Now , for me , just let the phone fully turn off .

All you want to do is hold the home button and connect the charger at the same exact time and keep on holding the um the home button .

So let's start right now .

Hold and keep on holding it until you see the itunes logo .

Now , you can let go .

Ok ?

From here you want to click on restore and you wanna click on restore and update .

Want to click next .

Agree .

Now for me , you gotta let it load up all the way through .

Now , after a minute , the loading bar will start to begin and it's also gonna start to begin on the iphone as well .

Just wait the 5 to 10 minutes and you should be set to go .

Ok ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So after 15 minutes , this screen will finally pop up , press continue and now you can set up your iphone .

Like if you got a brand new out of the box , comparing the first way to the second way .

The first way was way faster .

It factory reset this phone in five minutes or less .

And the second way using your computer , it took around roughly 13 to 15 minutes to factory set with no update .

So if you're gonna fact your reset this phone , make sure to do it with the phone settings instead of the computer .

But yeah , guys , this was two ways on how to fact your reset your iphone four .

If this video helped you out , make sure to like and subscribe and I'll catch you guys on the next video .

Peace out .


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