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Alright guys .

So if we're gonna be doing a sneaker cleaning video , it's only right that I give you guys the real deal .

Ok ?

We gotta put these cleaners to the test .

These sneakers right here are not dirty enough .

So I'm gonna be putting these on right now and stepping in this right here .

All right , let's do it .

Boom .

The fear of God .

You know this is what I'm gonna put myself through for you guys .

All right .

You know I just hope it doesn't soak through the uh sneaker .

Oh , ok , let's get it dirty .

Oh here we go .

Here we go .

Here we go .

You guys wanted the action .

How's that looking , Gabe ?

How's that looking ?

Oh man .

Ok .

All right .

I think these are good .

Oh man .

It pains me to even walk through that .

The air max one's next .

This one really hurts .

Oh .

Oh my foot got stuck .

Ok .

I'm out , I'm out , I'm out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think it's soaked through the foot .

Ok ?

Shout out to the camera man's girlfriend .

These are actually her sneakers .

She uh volunteered these sneakers for today's video .

Actually I didn't even tell her I just took it you didn't even tell her .

Alright guys .

So I think we got them dirty enough .

Let's put these sneaker cleaners to the test .

I'm not gonna lie .

That was pretty tense but I hope you guys appreciate me going above and beyond to see if these cleaners really work .

Let's get started .

So before we get into this video man , I just wanna let you guys know that I have absolutely no affiliation with any of these sneaker cleaners .

I'm not sponsored by any of them .

I just wanted to let you guys know this .

So I'm gonna give you guys my 100% unbiased opinion while I'm cleaning these sneakers .

All right , let's get into the first cleaner .

All right guys .

So we got a pair of air max ones right here , you know , pretty hard to clean , especially with the mesh and everything .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And the first cleaner we're gonna be reviewing is the crete here .

So if you're watching this video right now , uh , you know , more than likely you've heard of crete , you know , they endorse a lot of youtubers .

They're always at the sneaker cons and whatnot .

And this is their like basically standard cleaner .

All of the cleaners I'm gonna be reviewing are more of like they , you know , standard packages , not their advanced ones .

You know , I wanted to keep everything on a level playing field .

So this is like crept protects , basic travel kit right here .

All right .

So it comes with a nice little , uh , I think a microfiber cloth , I see , you know , pretty soft .

I think it is a micro fiber .

We got the uh solution right here and then we also have their uh brush .

So the brush is , I would say not too soft and not too uh hard .

Actually , it's , it's a nice middle point .

All right .

So for the directions we got , got a dunk brush into a bowl of warm water at a generous amount of cleaning A K when they say generous , that's A K buy another bottle soon .

All right .

So we got uh you know , brush in pretty standard .

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Alright , let's go .

All right .

So the air max ones man , I'm not gonna lie .

This one kind of hurts to get these dirty but you know , I wanna just go that extra mile for you guys and get them really dirty to see if these cleaners work .

Alright , dunking it in some warm water and then it says add a generous amount .

So I'm gonna put a o if you look at it , it's actually hold on .

Is it thick ?

Oh , it's pretty watery actually .

All right , let's get her going .

So right off the bat , the set is really fresh , kind of like a , you know , I'm no set expert but kind of like a Guava Passion Fruit .

You know , I was gonna say pineapple , I'm not quite sure kind of like Hawaii brush is easy to use .

All right .

Here's the tricky part on the mesh .

Gotta put a lot of water on this part , man .

The scent alone will make you wanna uh , clean some sneakers .

Smells that good .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we just scrubbed down the sneaker .

I'm gonna wipe it down with this towel right here and then we're gonna give it one more wipe with the uh microfiber towel that they uh provided me just really hard to clean because you almost got like soak it or I don't really know one like scrub down on this mesh part isn't gonna , you know , clean it right away .

I understand that , but I just wanted to see what it would do in a quick scrub down .

It's looking pretty clean .

I'm not gonna lie .

Boom .

All right .

So we just wipe down the uh air max ones with the CRE protect right here .

I'm not gonna lie the mid whatever crete is putting in their uh solution .

The Mitzel is icy white right now .

I don't remember the Mitzel being this clean since I originally got the sneakers as far as the mesh goes , you know , it would have had , have been , you know , something ultra , you know , crazy to uh clean this mesh right here .

But I think as far as the mid soul goes , ease of use , great smell , you know , even on the side sway part , it did a great job .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna have to give the crete care package a solid 8.5 out of 10 .

If you guys look at the comparison right now , you can definitely see there is a difference .

And I think if we let this uh mesh part soak a little bit longer , it will be effective for 8.5 out of 10 .

That's what I'm giving the C prep protect here .

Let's move on to the second cleaner .

Next cleaner up man , we got Reuven a lot of people would consider this Creps main competitor .

You know , a lot of youtubers also endorse this brand right here .

Really similar actually to the uh , crete , you get a microfiber cloth , you get a bottle of solution and then you also get a brush .

So when it comes to rejuvenator , I did a uh sneaker cleaning video like I would say four or five years ago and I gave them a uh , 4.5 out of 10 , I think because the brush was garbage .

The brush had bristles coming out all over the place when I was cleaning my sneakers and whatnot .

But yeah , let's see if they , you know , improve the brush .

Hold on , let me look at the brush right now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So right off the bat , let me try to , uh pull some out , right .

They got a nice tight locked in there into the wood .

So not even one bristle actually is coming out .

That's something to look out for when we are cleaning the sneakers .

We got my beloved Air , Nike fear of God's right here .

One of my favorite sneakers , hopefully re souvenir can get these clean .

All right .

So we gotta do the smell test .

I don't know if the , uh , crete is still lingering as far as the scent goes , but there is no scent to the rejuvenator .

Ok .

Pretty interesting .

Maybe it'll come out as we're cleaning .

So , one thing that's kind of interesting is they say apply a small amount .

Crete was saying apply a generous amount .

So they're trying to save you a little bit of money .

All right , let's get to work still .

No scent , still .

No scent .

As far as foaminess , it doesn't seem like it foams up a ton .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I would have preferred if there was a scent actually .

But I can see for a lot of people they don't want a scent , they want to keep it kind of neutral as far as bristles go , none have actually came out the brush , which is nice .

One thing I noticed too is the brush is a little bit harder .

So it feels like it is really getting all that dirt off the surface of the sneaker .

And as far as rejuvenator goes , I know they have a ton of products out there .

You know , they have the whole , uh , laundry kit .

This is just their basic system .

So keep that in mind .

All right .

So we got the fear of God all brushed up right here .

We're gonna dip this in some water , wipe it down a little bit and then we'll use the rejuvenator , microfiber towel .

You can see all the dirt coming off on the micro fiber to even the ink of the uh color of the fear of God is coming off .

So I'm not too sure if the tow is too strong or what ?

Boom .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we got the Nike Air Fear of God's right here after a quick wipe down with the rejuvenator package .

All things considered my score for the rejuvenator , you know , they did improve on their brush , you know , no scent there .

I would have liked a little bit of a scent .

Foys was lacking a little bit .

I'm gonna have to go and give Reuven a solid eight out of 10 .

You know , I would have liked a nice pack for the traveling and whatnot .

But yeah , eight out of 10 is not bad .

I'm curious to see how the cleaner will do on different surfaces and whatnot .

But let me know what you guys use as far as rejuvenator goes .

I know a lot of people use their products .

I'm curious to see what else is worth using from them .

So down in the comments below , let me know what other , uh products you guys use from them and I'll check them out .

But yeah , as far as their basic goes , eight out of 10 , let's move on to the third cleaner .

All right .

So next sneaker man , we got the white on white rock .

We're white and white Rockefeller Air Force ones right here and we're gonna be reviewing the Jason Mark Premium shoe cleaner right here .

So this is kind of like the benchmark for a lot of shoe cleaners .

So I haven't used this product in a while .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's see how it does with these Air Force ones .

As far as packaging goes , I've always really liked the packaging looks really clean .

All right .

So the brush I did read the brush is a uh biodegradable brush .

So it is pretty soft .

So right now as I'm kind of playing around with the bristles , a bunch of like , I don't know if you guys can see it , but a bunch of like dust and stuff is coming out .

I don't know what that is , but it is pretty soft .

I kind of like the harder bristles like the rejuvenator one .

So let's see how the softer one does comes with a ton of uh solution right here .

Four ounces .

And one thing I remember that I like from Jason Mark is how it smells .

Just open up .

The bottle smells like uh basically like those um stripe uh bubble gum that they used to sell .

I don't even know if they sell them anymore .

But the stripe bubble gum , that's exactly what it smells like .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So as far as instruction goes for Jason Mark , it says dip brush into a bowl of water and add the solution to the water .

Ok .

So we got the bowl of water right here .

Right .

It's a little different here .

Let's see if we could bring Rockefeller back .

Foaminess is good as far as the brush goes .

Seems pretty , you know , gliding across the leather .

I do like that .

All the solution is in this bowl right here .

That's kind of different than the other cleaners we have used .

But what happens when you keep dipping the brush back and you're basically dipping it into dirty solution .

01 thing I noticed is , uh , the Jason Mark does not come with the uh microfiber towel .

The Foys is crazy and something about , I don't know if they put like oil in this or what not , but it does glide really well across the surface of the sneaker .

It is really easy to clean .

All right .

Damn .

They're about to break a sweat over here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

I say we dip uh the towel in a little bit of clean water and wipe down the sneaker .

Let's see if we could bring the Rockefellers back .

Boom .

All right .

So for the Rockefeller Air Force one and the Jason Mark colla , I'm gonna have to go and say we brought the Rockefeller team back .

These are not bad at all .

So with the Jason Mark , what I really liked about it is the amount that they give you .

I kind of like to use a different system .

You put the product in with water instead of putting it all over the brush .

One thing I also really like about the Jason Mark solution is the scent .

It smells really good .

Something I'll never get tired of it doesn't come with the , uh , travel case like the , so that's , you know , I got to dock off some points for that .

It doesn't have a towel , but I would say the towel is kind of useless when it comes to shoe cleaners because you're not gonna use a towel and then go wash it and then go bring it back to your shoe cleaners .

You were just gonna go find dirty towel , in my opinion .

So as far as not having a towel , I'm not gonna deduct points for that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All things considered .

I like the , I like the scent .

It did a pretty good job .

Jason Mark is one of the cleaners I use , uh , throughout the years , I'm gonna have to go and give Jason Mark a solid nine out of 10 .

I really like what they're doing .

It just feels like a really polished product that they are offering .

And I think that's why they've been so successful throughout the years .

Their product does do a really great job .

All right .

So let's move on to the next cleaner .

We got two more .

All right .

So this , uh , next cleaner right here , man , this is the oldest cleaner on the list .

A lot of people swear by this cleaner online .

It has a ton reviews a lot of people really like it .

We are looking at the pink miracle shoe cleaner , the original shoe cleaner since 1985 made in USA .

All right , so you can tell this is old school man .

So we just got a standard Ziploc bag right here .

Brush , no branding on the brush .

Very old school .

Let's see the directions we got .

Uh so same with the first two cleaners .

You're gonna wet the brush first .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright , so there isn't much of a scent .

So we got these vans right here .

These are uh Gabe's girlfriend's vans that he just grabbed from his house .

So Christina , if the uh pink miracle does not come through , I owe you another pair of vans .

All right , let's get started .

I'm kind of iffy .

I'm not gonna lie .

It's kind of making these white and white vans just look like a uh whole new color way .

Moco with a white stripe .

I will acknowledge we gave the uh pink miracle the toughest task to clean these um canvas vans .

You can't name your uh cleaner pink miracle and not come through with a miracle , not looking too promising .

I'm not gonna lie , Gabe .

You see this over here .

What size is Christina Wear ?

I think I owe her another pair of vans .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know what I will consider is how they're doing on the mid because we gave the other cleaners more mid jobs and not you know , real material jobs .

So I will keep that in mind .

Right .

We gave it a good , uh , scrub down , swipe these things down does not come with a towel .

Oh , my goodness gracious .

Yeah .

Uh , bro , they sell a pair of vans this color .

We just basically did a diy customization on Christina's vans .

This is insane .

Right .

With the pink miracle .

I had high hopes for the oldest shoe cleaner on today's list , but even on the mid so I didn't even really do a good job .

Like look at this , it's still pretty dirty .

Foss was not kicking in smell was horrendous .

I'm pretty surprised this cleaner even has good reviews are so for the of it , I'm gonna have to go and give them a solid six out of 10 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , it did clean a little bit .

But as far as factoring in the mid soul , it didn't even do a great job on that .

I do not recommend the pink miracle shoe cleaner do not waste your time .

So last but not least not a lot of people know about this cleaner right here on youtube .

But if you look on like the forums and whatnot .

A lot of people know about this .

We are looking at shoe a new , they basically like disinfect your sneaker .

There's even something in the solution that uh prevents this coloring that even comes with like a spray for like the inside of your sneakers , which is really interesting and it is actually the cheapest package on the entire list .

So it comes with this spray that you could put in this bottle and spray in the sneaker , which is crazy .

All right .

So it does come with the microfiber towel .

Ok .

So we got a brush , bristles are sharp .

So we got the uh microfiber cloth .

So so far I like what they're doing , you know , cheapest per ounce on the list .

Huge bottle right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the direction , say thoroughly wet scrub brush ply on you .

Ok .

So we got the brush right here .

Brush is a lot bigger than the other ones .

Oh , I thought it was gonna be like a , uh , water solution .

It's actually like a , uh , lotion kind of .

I ain't looking a little weird but , uh , we'll work with it , we'll work with it .

So we got the shoe on .

The brushes is much different than the other cleaners we have used .

Am I supposed to apply any water or wet brush ?

All right .

All right .

Let's get started .

No sense .

These old school brands don't really like a nice scent brush feels really nice .

Foaming action is terrible .

How are you supposed to clean the entire sneaker if there's not any foaming action , man , I , you know , I had high expectations .

Let's give him a fair shot though .

Let's give him a fair shot .

You know , I'm really gonna try to clean thoroughly .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , man , I , I gotta stop here .

I gotta stop here .

Let's wipe down .

Boom .

Ok .

So for the shoe , a new , I would say after wiping down the sneaker , I'm pleasantly surprised .

But as far as , you know , the whole cleaning process , the cleaning process is not that , uh , pleasant because it doesn't foam .

It doesn't get all over the place , you know , aesthetically , the sauce looks a little weird and what not .

But yeah , as far as cleaning goes , it didn't do a bad job of cleaning the sneakers actually .

So with all things considered when it comes to the shoe , a new , you know , the whole cleaning process , ease of everything , the brush , the foam in action , the lack of scent .

I'm gonna have to give shoe a new , a solid seven out of 10 .

There are some things that they can step it up on .

There's no way I was gonna give them a lower grade than that pink stuff we just used .

But yeah , I would like to try this again on some other surfaces and see how it does .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It says it works really well with leather stuff because it does condition leather .

So I would say if you are willing to try some different sneaker cleaners out there , this might not be a bad shot , but all right .

A seven out of 10 for All right .

So we just went over five cleaners as a little bit of a bonus round right here .

We got the old school Kiwi Whitener brush .

Right here .

This is old school .

They used to sell this at like payless and stuff .

All right .

And this is supposed to get the toughest and I mean , toughest surfaces white .

It basically like paint it on , kind of .

So we have the mesh on the air max ones that we had a little bit of trouble with earlier .

Let's see if the Kiwi Whitener is the solution .

So directions say shoes must be dry and clean , shake well , and just ply on .

All right , let's go .

Oh Yo , they're not lying when it is basically a paint brush .

So it's not actually cleaning your sneakers .

It's just putting white like sauce on your sneaker .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I would say it does a decent job for specific surfaces that cannot get that uh dirt out .

What I really like about it is it evens out all the coloring on the mesh .

So you don't have like one , you know , like blob or brown or whatnot .

It just evens it all out with the solution right here .

So , you know , I would be careful with this .

I wouldn't put it on like your premium premium sneakers .

But if you are looking to get some of your sneakers whiter , I would recommend this .

Let's try it on the vans real quick real quickly .

Ok .

So we got the vans right here .

Let's see how it does on the vans .

Maybe we don't got to buy a pair of uh new vans for Christina you see , I mean , you see , it's basically like a diy paint job with this like foam brush right here is my conclusion with the kiwi brush .

I wouldn't do it on your premium sneakers and sneakers you actually care about .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you were looking to get , you know , maybe like your sneakers white for a festival and you just don't wanna rock , you know , brown dirty sneakers .

I would go with this .

There's a time and place for the Kiwi Whitener but yeah , there we have it for the bonus round .

All right guys , I pretty much wraps it up for the top , top five sneaker cleaners out right now .

Review .

Alright , let me know down in the comments below what you guys currently use to clean your sneakers and uh let me know if you guys also have any questions , I'll be sure to answer them if you guys are not up to the channel , make sure you guys hit that sub button for more sneaker content .

Make sure you guys hit that like button on the video as well .

It'll really help me out and that's pretty much it , man .

Thank you guys for checking out the video and until next time I'm out .


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