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2023-08-07 14:19:17

How To Tie A Double Four-In-Hand _ Tie A Tie

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Right guys today , I'm gonna be showing you how to tie my favorite tie knot .

The double foreign hand .

Now a double foreign hand is exactly like your simple and classic foreign hand knot , except it's got one extra loop around , which means you have to start with the wide end of the tie a lot longer than the narrow end .

So step one is to cross the wide end over the narrow end and bring the wide end behind and wrap it around .

Now , as you make this first loop , it's important that you keep your finger inside of the wrap .

Next , you're gonna bring the wide end behind one more time and then wrap it around again .

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Now , the coolest thing about this tie not in my opinion is when you see people wearing it , you can actually see the double wrap and the way you achieve this effect is when you bring the tie over for the second time , you leave a little bit of the first wrap showing next , you're gonna bring the wide end up and over and then while you're holding the two loops that you've made thread the tie through , I always like to keep it straight as I pull it through because that helps make a great simple .

So tighten the knot , adjust it .

And that is how it's done .

Now , one thing that I like to do with the double four in hand is to take the narrow end and give it a little tug .

So it peeks out from behind the wide end .

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I like how that kind of offsets the pattern a little bit and it gives a tie a little bit of a unique look and different texture in a way .

So this is a great knot .

And one of the reasons I really love it is because I have a shorter torso .

So a lot of ties end up being really long on me .

So the fact that we're making the extra loop around it kind of shortens the tie and it's great for people like me with a shorter torso .

It makes the ties look much more proportional .

It's a great knot for that .

Plus it just looks really , really cool .

So very simple .

That's how to do it .

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