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2023-08-08 12:51:53

The Resurrection Knot - How to tie a tie

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You guys Lynnwood here and today I am going to show you how to do the resurrection .

Not so stay tuned and thumbs up if you like it .

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In the meantime , I'm gonna go ahead and move a bit closer so you can have a better look .

All right .

So this is the resurrection knot .

Uh I went ahead and decided to name it this because I feel like it looks like the Trinity knot .

Uh Very much so , but then it looks like the Trinity knot and then some and then some and you know , it just made me think death , burial resurrection .

It made me think of my Lord and Savior and I felt like it would be a perfect knot for uh Resurrection Sunday , also known in the secular world as Easter .

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And um I just really felt like it would be a appropriate for that day .

So that's where the name Resurrection Knot came from .

Um It's something of a , a hungry knott .

So I will say make sure that you are uh keeping that in mind .

If you're a taller gentleman , you'll probably need a vest or a longer tie .

And yeah , it's , it's a little bit difficult , just a little bit .

It's not as bad as my aperture knot though .

So , uh yeah , we'll go ahead and dive right in and we'll get started .

I have my blade , which is the large end on my right side here .

I have my tail on the left side .

And for those of you who are wondering , I have the image flipped .

So when I say my right , it will also be your right .

When I say my left , it's also your left .

So it's actually mirrored .

It makes it easier for some people to follow .

Ok .

So we're gonna start out just by taking our tie and we're going to section off on our side here and create our power crease .

We do .

So just by placing your finger in the middle and squeezing from the outside , it creates your crease there .

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I have the blade position just beneath my belly button and from there , I'm gonna go ahead and pull into the center .

Now , I'm gonna go ahead and cross over with the tail or the thin end .

I'm gonna wrap around underneath up through the center just like .

So now I'm gonna go ahead and bring it back to my left side .

We're gonna wrap around that underneath portion around the back .

And now I'm just gonna go ahead and bring my tail up through this loop and underneath my collar here .

So easy , step up and through underneath , just do it all together and then when you pull , it'll automatically be right where you need it for right now .

I'm gonna leave this a little bit loose .

Now , I'm gonna take my tail and I'm going to bring it up through this loop here underneath the collar again .

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So you can see here we have a uh what looks like a standard Trinity knot with significantly less steps .

Um And I'm just gonna go ahead now and start tightening things up because I need as much fabric as possible .

So I want this part to be really nice and snug .

So I'm just tightening everything up a bit .

All right .

I'm sorry , y'all , I told you up and over earlier it's actually gonna be under just like .

So .

Ok , so with the remainder of my tail here , I'm gonna go ahead and fold it in half .

And typically I would tell you guys to make sure the smooth side faces out .

I'm not going to do that .

I'm actually going to tell you guys to make sure that your ends are facing outward .

So from here , we're going to go ahead and fold that baby in half .

I'm going to insert right into this loop here .

So we're just bringing it right on down through there , pull it directly through .

And while I'm doing that , I'm gonna go ahead and ensure that it stays folded here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So it's not as much work in postproduction .

All right .

Now , from here , I'm gonna go ahead and wrap around the back , making sure to still keep it folded in half .

I'm going to do the same thing here .

I'm taking it underneath both of those there .

So it's gonna come completely under .

We'll go ahead and wrap it around here .

I'm just like , so I will tell you guys this not catches a ton of attention .

I absolutely love it and so do quite a few of you .

I got quite a few comments on it .

I've had people begging me to do it for weeks and I've been holding it out just for Resurrection Sunday .

I'm sorry , you guys , I know you probably thought I was a jerk for it , but I still love you .

Hopefully , you still love me too .

Um If you hate me for it , it's fine .

You can tell me in the comments below .

I don't mind .

OK .

So now we've got that .

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I'm gonna just go ahead and pull a little bit more snug because like I said , I need as much fabric as I can to work with and you can see , I don't have much left .

So now I'm gonna go ahead and bring this baby right up underneath all of these .

So it's gonna come right into that loop .

I'm just gonna place my finger in there .

In the meantime , and I'm gonna go ahead and grip the tip of that with my finger and pull right on through there also .

Now I'm not gonna worry about that just yet because I wanna fan these out a bit just to kind of exaggerate the feel .

And the one thing I will say is because this is tied so snugly .

Uh it stays exceptionally well all day long .

I don't have to worry about it trying to become a loose on me or losing its shape , anything like that .

So let me just make sure everything is centered and then we're just gonna tuck that underneath .

Now , you can also bring it up and over .

It just depends on how much space you have to work with .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So from there , I'm gonna go ahead and pull my collar down , making sure everything looks right and I feel like I need a little bit more adjusting right there .

Just tuck some , there we go .

So it just gives that smooth look to it .

And you can see here it gives you this Trinity knot shape uh or like almost like a Turk's head knot very .

It looks like there's a lot more fabric in there than there is , but I absolutely love it .

Um , as always , you can tighten just by pushing your knot up and pulling down with the large end or the blade you adjust there .

000 , there we go .

Ok .

And I am sitting right now right about my belt line .

So , uh , for me , I don't need a vest for this one , but you may , it depends on your height just so , you know , I'm 5 ft seven and I have a 15 inch neck .

So yeah , I don't have a ton to work with there .

So things to keep in mind as always , let me know what you think in the comment box below .

Thanks so much for watching and God bless your fancy now and Happy Resurrection Sunday .

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God bless bye bye .


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